JpGU Administration
General Assembly of the Representatives is the highest decision-making body consisting of both individual and Society Representatives. There are individual and society Representatives. The former are elected by the members and arranged according to their affiliated Sections. The Board of Directors is elected by the individual Representatives with the responsibility to administer JpGU (see organizational chart). The Chair of the Board (President of JpGU) is elected by mutual vote. The Board establishes various Committees with specific mandates. Each Member is affiliated to one of the five Sciences Section or General Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Section Administration
Each Member is eligible to vote for the Section President from the individual Representatives within his/her affiliation(s). The elected Section President organizes the Science Board (SB). The SB is responsible for proposing a long-term scientific vision, establishes a focus group towards its realization, meeting program planning including soliciting meeting sessions, and promoting academic activities for the Section.

JpGU Science Board
The Union Science Board (USB) is composed of the five Section Presidents, executive members of the Board of Directors and science advisors who can oversee a wide spectrum of Earth and planetary sciences. The USB discusses the five scientific visions from the Sections to mold them a single Union long-term science vision. Some specific themes that inherently encompass more than a single Section such as global environmental issues shall be discussed by focus groups established directly by the USB to promote such scientific activities.

How did JpGU come to be?
JpGU was established in the fall of 2005 to represent all the Societies within Earth and planetary sciences at the time of a major reorganization of the Science Council of Japan. JpGU become incorporated on December 1, 2008 and subsequently was approved as a public interest association.

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