Sponsorship program

The Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) has established a sponsorship program and accepts annual contracts for any amount above 30 units at 10,000 yen per unit (excluding tax). Sponsors are offered several benefits by the number of units in three plans: ‘Gold’, ‘Platinum’, and ‘Diamond’. Please consider joining our sponsorship program.

Benefits for Gold Sponsors (30 units)

1. Exhibition on-site and online booths set up at our annual Meeting (free of charge)
Exhibit booths at the Meeting are available free of charge. Other possible benefits include, depending on the year, preferential participation in promotional events (e.g. stamp rally) held in conjunction with the exhibition and the organization of short seminars.

2. Priority booking of exhibits
Priority will be given to bookings for exhibiting at the Meeting.

3. You will receive an exhibitor’s certificate for participation in the Meeting
Exhibitor pass A (Permission to enter all rooms and exhibition area): 2
Exhibitor pass B (Permission to enter only exhibition area): 2

4. Advertisements in Meeting-related media
Sponsors can place their advertisements in the following media developed by JpGU.
  • ・Text advertisements in the Mail News (special issue introducing exhibitors)
  • ・Logo advertisement on the top page of the special Meeting website
  • ・Advertisements on digital signage at the entrance to the Meeting venue

5. Large display of the organization’s name and logo on the JpGU website.
A sponsor page will be set up on our permanent website with the organization’s name and logo in a larger-than-usual size. Sponsors may also link to their websites.

6. Use of optional services
If you are unable to fully utilize the benefits due to an emergency situation, such as the Meeting being held online only, you may use the optional services for the number of units you have invested.*Please see the Appendix at the bottom of the page for more information.

* If you reserve 2 or 3 lots, you will receive Gold Sponsor privileges for 60 or 90 units, respectively.

Platinum Sponsor (120 units) benefits

In addition to the benefits for Gold Sponsors, you will receive the following benefits. Further benefits are under consideration. Please contact us for details.

1. High-priority exhibit reservations
Exhibitors will be given high priority and will be able to reserve a large area for up to 4 booths. When an online booth is set up, you can also exhibit there free of charge.

2. Large display of the organization’s name and logo on the JpGU website
The sponsor’s name and logo will appear on the sponsor page of the JpGU permanent website in a larger size than the Gold Sponsor’s.

3. Full-page JGL ad (subject to change to other benefits)

Benefits of being a Diamond Sponsor (300 units or more)

In addition to the benefits for Platinum Sponsors, you will receive the following benefits. More benefits are under consideration. Please contact us for details.

1. Naming rights for the presentation venue
Naming rights, such as the name of the sponsor in the name of the presentation venue, will be granted.

2. Highest priority exhibit reservation and maximum size listing on the JpGU website
We accept reservations for exhibitors with the highest priority and largest square footage. In addition, the organization’s name and logo will be posted on the JpGU’s permanent website and the name tag at the maximum size.

Sponsors who do not wish to exhibit

We also offer special benefits to sponsors who do not wish to exhibit. We would be happy to discuss the details of the benefits with you.

Sponsor Program: Summary of Benefits for Each Plan

Exhibit booth free of charge
Diamond Platinum Gold
〇(4 lots) 〇(4 lots) 〇(1 lot)

Priority Exhibitor Reservations
Diamond Platinum Gold
〇(highest priority) 〇(high priority)

Participation in the Meeting (admission to research presentation rooms)
Diamond Platinum Gold

Advertisements (Small space for JGL ads, posters at research presentation meetings, etc. are planned)
Diamond Platinum Gold

Logo placement on the website
Diamond Platinum Gold
〇(large) 〇(medium) 〇(small)

Naming rights
Diamond Platinum Gold
× ×

Advertisements (JGL front page ad ) (This is subject to change to other benefits.)
Diamond Platinum Gold


★Optional services
If you cannot take full advantage of the benefits due to an emergency, such as the Meeting being held online only, you may use the following services for the number of units you have invested.

◦ If the Meeting is held but the exhibition is not held for some reason: ■Seminar (1 session, use of lecture hall)7- 20 units
◦Face-to-face gatherings other than at the time of the on-site event: ■Face-to-face events at times other than the Meeting(e.g. winter high school events): 10 units
◦ Online: ■ Online booth: 3 units ■ Online seminar: 5 units/slot
◦Advertisements in JpGU-operated media: ■ JGL ads: 30 units/page
◦Others: ■ Depending on the year, we will consider placing ads on paper cups and the Meeting mobile app. The number of equivalent units will be announced as needed.

★Contract period
◦The term of the sponsorship contract is from the time the sponsorship contract is concluded to the end of the fiscal year in which the academic conference covered by the sponsorship contract is held. For example, in the case of fiscal year 2024, it is as follows.
  • ■ Application period: January 2024 – end of April 2024
  • ■ Sponsorship agreement expiration date: April 2024 to March 2025
  • ■ Renewal application deadline: March 2025
◦Please use the Form below to apply.
◦If you wish to exhibit in a different format than usual, such as a joint exhibition, please contact us in advance.

★ Contact
◦Secretariat of the Japan Geoscience Union
Address: Gakkai Center Bldg. 4F, 2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
◦Inquiry form:https://business.form-mailer.jp/fms/07df1922139225