Learn about & Acknowledge Your Consent
to New Privacy Policy(by Oct 12)

JpGU has revised its Privacy Policy and will become effective on September
3, 2018, from which time JpGU will collect and manage your personal
information under the new Policy. This Policy applies to all Regular and
Associate Members, Participants of 2019 JpGU meeting with IDs, and AGU
Member participants to JpGU meetings.

We ask all of you to acknowledge your consent to the new Privacy Policy by
October 12. Without your consent, JpGU will not be able to provide Member
services and other services that use your personal information from October

In connection to this, Session proposals for the JpGU 2019 Meeting in Chiba
(2019 May 26-30) will be open from September 3 through October 12. This
process is handled through the JpGU 2019 Session Proposal System (2019
SPS), which enables to search for other ID holders' personal information
for smooth and effective registration of Session co-conveners, as has been
the case in previous years.

Because the Session proposal period overlaps with the period to obtain your
consent of the new Privacy Policy, we anticipate that the user of SPS
during the submission period may be able to browse information of those who
are yet to complete the acknowledgment of the Policy. In order to minimize
such occurrences, we ask you who holds a JpGU ID to acknowledge and consent
to the new Privacy Policy by your own self as soon as possible at the URL
link below.


If you have any comments or inquiries, please address them to JpGU Office
using the mail form ( https://business.form-mailer.jp/fms/173daba289725 ).
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