Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary Science

Masahiro Ikoma


Theoretical studies on the formation process of giant planets and the application to exoplanets

A list of five major papers

Ikoma, M., Nakazawa, K., and Emori, H., Formation of Giant Planets: Dependences on Core Accretion Rate and Grain Opacity. Astrophys. J. 537, 1013-1025, 2000.

Ikoma, M. and Genda, H. Constraints on the Mass of a Habitable Planet with Water of Nebular Origin. Astrophys. J. 648, 696-706, 2006.

Ikoma, M., Guillot, T., Genda, H., Tanigawa, T., and Ida, S., On the Origin of HD149026b. Astrophys. J. 650, 1150-1159, 2006.

Valencia, D., Ikoma, M., Guillot, T., and Nettelmann, N., Composition and Fate of Short-Period Super-Earths: The Case of CoRoT-7b. Astron. Astrophys. 516, A20, 2010.

Ikoma, M. and Hori, Y., In Situ Accretion of Hydrogen-rich Atmospheres on Short-period Super-Earths: Implications for the Kepler-11 Planets. Astrophys. J. 753, 66, 2012.


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