***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews December Issue
No.386 12 DEC 2023***
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| 1. Foreword by Yukihiro Takahashi, President of JpGU
| 2. 2024 Meeting Information
| -> Meeting Outline
| -> 2024 Session Information
| -> Abstract submission opens on 11 January 2024
| -> About JpGU Membership
| 3. Notification of JpGU Members Website Scheduled Maintenance
| 4. Call for Nominations: 2024 JpGU Fellowship Program
| 5. Call for Nominations: 2024 Japan Geoscience Union International Contribution Award (Deadline Approaching)
| 6. Call for Event Information for the Next Generation Public Relations Mailing List
| 7. [Deadline Approaching] Early Career and Student Community Support Survey (by 31 DEC)
| 8. From Committees
| -> Publicity and Outreach Committee
| 9. Information from PEPS
| -> Notice of APC (Article Publication Charge) Revision
| -> Featured Articles
| -> Latest Articles
| 10. From Science Council of Japan
| 11. What’s New
| -> Event Information
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Foreword by Yukihiro Takahashi, President of JpGU

Now I am at the AGU Fall Meeting venue. Many shops along the streets
of San Francisco are still closed, perhaps due to COVID, and the bustle
of the past seems to have not returned. However, once we enter the
AGU Fall Meeting venue, we are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm.
Especially from the morning of the first day, the aisles of the poster
hall are blocked in many places by the audience. This is a big change
from last year, when even the reduced size venue was sparsely
populated. Talking with a participant from Japan whom I know, he told
me that he is going to attend a business meeting for the first time
in four years for an international project. Such meetings may have
contributed to the lively atmosphere at the convention. I was reminded
once again that the value of being able to discuss in-person and meet
new people is immeasurable. It seems that 90% of the total number
of people scheduled to participate in-person this year is over 20,000.
The world appears to be rapidly returning to a pre-COVID world. On
the other hand, it is also true that politics and society as a whole has
become more divided over the past four years, both nationally and
internationally. Recently, when the AGU, EGU, AOGS, and JpGU meeting
are held, there are much more opportunities for representatives of
these unions to exchange views than in the past, and I feel that
generally friendlier and deeper relationships are being built. On
the other hand, relations between developed countries and emerging/
developing countries may not always be as developed as one would like.
The participation fee for AGU general members is $845 (over 120,000
yen), or $725 (over 100,000 yen) even with the early bird discount.
The cost of attending the conference has skyrocketed compared to the
pre-COVID price. I feel that this financial aspect is not unrelated
to the division and divergence. On the other hand, JpGU has set the
registration fee for general members in the mid 20,000 yen range for
the 2024 Meeting as well, and this is largely due to the dedicated work
of the secretariat staff, of which there are less than 10 people.
However, in order for JpGU not to be separated from the world level,
we believe that it is essential to treat these staff members
appropriately in the future. With this background in mind, I believe
it will be necessary to review the finances of JpGU as a whole. We
ask for the understanding of our members.
I will be at the JpGU booth as much as possible during this AGU
meeting, so if you are attending the AGU, please stop by and give
me your frank opinions, impressions, ideas, etc. directly.

#2. 2024 Meeting Information

(1) Meeting Outline

[JpGU Meeting 2024]
Date: Sun, 26 – Fri, 31 May 2024 *for 6 days
Meeting format: Hybrid (on-site + online)
On-site venue: Makuhari Messe Chiba, Japan (International Conference
Hall & Exhibition Hall 6)

(2) 2024 Session Information

Session descriptions of the 2024 meeting is now available in the
following website.

[2024 Sessions]

The session schedule (date and time) will be released on Tuesday, 19

[Restrictions of abstract submission for Union and Public sessions]
Some Union and Public sessions have abstract submission restrictions.
If you wish to submit your abstract to a Union or Public session,
please make sure to check each link below for details.
**Union Session**
**Public Session**

[Joint Sessions]
The list of joint sessions with our Partner Unions is available at:

[Co-sponsored Sessions with JpGU Society Members]
The list of co-sponsored sessions with JpGU Society Members is
available at:

(3) Abstract submission opens on Thursday, 11 January 2024

We will start accepting abstract submissions on Wednesday, 11 January
2024. We look forward to receiving many attractive abstracts to JpGU
Meeting 2024.

[Key Dates]
Abstract submission period: 14:00 Thu, 11 JAN – 17:00 Thu, 15 FEB 2024 [JST]
Early submission deadline: 23:59 Thu, 01 FEB
Final deadline: 17:00 Thu, 15 FEB

[Abstract Submission Fee]
Early-bird submission: 6,600 JPY/ abstract *tax included
Standard submission: 8,800 JPY/ abstract *tax included

(4) About JpGU Membership

The 2024 fiscal year for members starts on 11 January 2024 (same date
as the beginning of the abstract submission). Please note that those
who newly become a member on or before 10 January will be charged
the annual dues for both FY 2023 and 2024.
Details are available at:

*We only accept credit cards to pay your membership dues, submission
fees, and registration fees. Extra charges will incur if other methods
are requested.

#3. Notification of JpGU Members Website Scheduled Maintenance

Due to the preparation for the meeting registration and abstract
submission, the JpGU members website will temporarily be closed and
all associated services will become inoperable during the following

*0:00 Fri, 22 December 2023 through 13:59 Thu, 11 January 2024 [JST]

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.

#4. Call for Nominations: 2024 JpGU Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program confers fellowship honors upon individuals who
have made contributions to the field of geoscience research in Japan
by making significant discoveries breakthroughs or paradigm shift,
or contributing to the development of Japanese geoscience and the
dissemination of geoscientific knowledge.

Please see the details shown below and send the documents necessary
for the nomination by the deadline.

Application Period:
From noon on Sunday, 10 to noon on Wednesday, 20 December 2023 (JST)
Reference: JpGU Fellowship Recipients List
#5. Call for Nominations: 2024 Japan Geoscience Union International
Contribution Award (Deadline Approaching)

JpGU is now accepting nominations of candidates for the recipient of
Japan Geoscience Union International Contribution Award.
JpGU has established JpGU International Contribution Award to honor
individuals and groups recognized for international activities that
have made significant contributions to the development of the field
of Earth and planetary sciences in Japan including for JpGU,
through the awarding of the International Contribution Award.

Application Period:
From noon on Tuesday, 5 to noon on Friday, 15 December 2023 (JST)

#6. Call for Event Information for the Next Generation Public Relations Mailing List

Publicity and Outreach Committee of JpGU has established a mailing
list (“Next Generation Public Relations Mailing List”) targeting mainly
students (junior high, senior high school and undergraduate students)
for the purpose of distributing information on event information
related to Earth and planetary sciences.

Currently, there are more than 360 registered members, and postings are
aimed around the 20th of each month.
The past postings are available in the following link.


(Link page is available in Japanese)

The submission period is from the 21 of the immediate previous month to the
15 of the month of distribution.

Event information to be posted on this mailing list are accepted
from the following form.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

#7. [Deadline Approaching] Early Career and Student Community Support
Survey (by 31 DEC)

One of the Task teams of the Global Geoscience Societies, of which
JpGU is a voluntary member, is the “Support Early Career and Student
Communities (ECS)” Task Team and has garnered support from 13
geoscience societies in formulation of this survey (enter from URL
below). It will take only 10 minutes to complete. This survey will
remain open through December 2023. The purpose is to help societies
understand the career aspirations or challenges for students and early
career professionals interested in Earth and Space Science. Once the
responses have been collected, they will be shared amongst the global
geosciences societies to help them develop programs, resources, and
tools to ensure ECS can be prepared or excel in their profession.
Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
[Answer Form]

Students and Early Career Professionals in the Geosciences: Take Our Survey (Due Date: December 31st, 2023)

#8. From Committees

(1) Publicity and Outreach Committee

Publicity and Outreach Committee JpGU will hold a winter seminar for
Senior High School students.

Name of Event: 2023 Winter Seminar for Senior High School Students
Date: 13:00-16:00 Thu, 28 December 2023
Event format: Hybrid (online and on-site)
Local Venue: The University of Tokyo
Participation fee: Free of charge (online participation is also open to public)
Lecturers: Prof. Junichi Nakajima, Prof. Makiko Ohtake
(Available in Japanese)

#9. Information from PEPS

(1) Notice of APC (Article Publication Charge) Revision
Thank you for your continued understanding and support for PEPS.
The APC for PEPS is scheduled to be increased in accordance with the
renewal of the publication agreement with SpringerNature starting
next year.
SpringerNature has proposed that the new APC will be applied from
papers accepted next year, but JpGU is requesting that it be applied
from papers submitted next year.
Currently, we are negotiating the details and will inform you as soon
as we have new information on this matter.
We look forward to your continued support for PEPS.

(2) Featured Articles
We will introduce the featured articles selected by the editor-in-
chief from the papers published in the past.

@Norio Shigematsu, You Zhou, Hideki Hyuga, Yu-ichi Yoshizawa,
Masanori Kido:
Fabrication of dense albite aggregates by hot pressing.
In order to understand the phenomena in the middle and upper crust,
it is necessary to measure the physical properties of Na-rich plagioclase.
It is indispensable to make a dense polycrystalline sample for the
measurements. This paper explored a method for fabricating dense
aggregates of Na-rich plagioclase with low porosities, homogeneous
microstructures, the absence of melt, and reasonable sample size using
hot pressing method.

@B. M. Refat Faisal and Yuichi S. Hayakawa:
Geomorphological processes and their connectivity in hillslope,
fluvial, and coastal areas in Bangladesh: A review.
This paper presents a comprehensive review of research findings on
geomorphological processes in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM)
River delta. Bangladesh has a great deal of knowledge on erosion and
sedimentation of landforms from hillslopes to lowlands. However, it
was noted that there is a need for studies on the assessment of vast
areas integrated with upstream areas to explain events such as
sedimentation in the Ganges River floodplain and suspended sediment
retention in the Brahmaputra River Basin.

(3) Latest Articles
The following articles were published.

@Genti Toyokuni, Dapeng Zhao:
Ancient slabs beneath Arctic and surroundings: Izanagi, Farallon, and

@Pu Zhang, Yanbin Lu, Zhe Zhang, Richard Lawrence Edwards et al.:
Improvements in the determination of attogram-sized 231Pa in dissolved
and particulate fractions of seawater via multi-collector inductively
coupled plasma mass spectrometry.

@Yu Morishita, Ryu Sugimoto, Ryosuke Nakamura, Chiaki Tsutsumi et al.:
Nationwide urban ground deformation in Japan for 15 years detected by
ALOS and Sentinel-1.

@Seika Tanji, Masaru Inatsu, Yusuke Harada:
Comparison of the LBM snowdrift model output with the observation results.

@Cian R. Wilson, Peter E. van Keken:
An introductory review of the thermal structure of subduction zones:
II-numerical approach and validation.

#10. From Science Council of Japan

JpGU acts as liaison with the Science Council of Japan.
Below is the archive of the distributed newsletters from the Science
Council of Japan.


(Available in Japanese)

#11. What’s New (Please confirm contents from the associated official website)

(1) Event Information
*Events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

PERC International symposium on Dust & Parent bodies (IDP2024)
Date: 26-28 Feb 2024
Place: Tokyo Skytree Town Campus of Chiba Institute of Technology
(CIT), Tokyo

International Symposium “Submarine caldera volcanoes”
Date: 6-10 Mar 2024
Place: Kobe University Centennial Hall, Kobe, Japan

Date: 7-12 Jul 2024
Place: Keio Plaza Hotel, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

9th Global Energy and Water EXchangesOpen Science Conference

(2) Career Opportunity

San Diego State U-UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Earthquake Science and
Applied Geophysics
[Application deadline: 15 DEC 2023]

Assistant Professor Position (only open to female applicants)
[Application deadline: 18 DEC 2023]

Faculty Recruitment, Engineering, Kyushu University
[Application deadline: 25 DEC 2023]

Recruitment of Researcher, Researcher (II) or Postdoctoral Researcher
at Kochi Institute for Core Sample Research (KOCHI), JAMSTEC
[Application deadline: 25 DEC 2023]

Recruitment of Project Researcher, Project Researcher (II) or
Postdoctoral Researcher at Research Institute for Global Change (RIGC),
[Application deadline: 25 DEC 2023]

Postdoctoral Researcher at Marine Seismology Research Group, Subduction
Dynamics Research Center (SDR), JAMSTEC
[Application deadline: 25 DEC 2023]

The University of Tokyo Faculty Position in Solid Earth Science
[Application deadline: 09 JAN 2024]固体地球科学講座_助教公募_231122.pdf

Faculty position announcement for one assistant professor position
in RIAM, Kyushu University
[Application deadline: 26 JAN 2024]

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