***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews January Issue
No.375 12 Jan 2023***
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| 1. 2023 Meeting information
| -> Meeting Outline
| -> Call for Abstract Submissions for JpGU 2023
| -> Fee table [IMPORTANT]
| -> Meeting Registration
| -> Union, Public, Joint and Co-sponsored Session Information
| -> Provisional List of Invited Authors
| -> Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)
| -> Key Dates
| 2. Exhibition at JpGU Meeting
| 3. From Committees
| -> Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool
| 4. Information from PEPS
| -> Call for Papers: SPEPS
| -> Featured Articles
| -> Latest Articles
| 5. From Science Council of Japan
| 6. What’s New
| -> Event Information
| -> Applications
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. 2023 Meeting Information

(1) Meeting Outline

[JpGU Meeting 2023]
Date: Sun, 21 – Fri, 26 May 2023 *for 6 days
Meeting format: Hybrid (on-site + online)
On-site venue: Makuhari Messe Chiba, Japan

*It is possible that we may have to cancel the on-site meeting.
In that case, there will be no on-site poster presentation, but all
oral sessions and online poster sessions will be held online
following the original schedule and program.

(2) Call for Abstract Submissions for JpGU 2023

We are now accepting abstract submissions for JpGU 2023.

Abstract submission opens: 14:00 Wed, 11 JAN 2023
Early submission deadline: 23:59 Thu, 02 FEB
Final submission deadline: 17:00 Thu, 16 FEB

* Early-bird submission rate applies to the submissions paid by the
early deadline at 23:59 JST on Thursday, 02 February. Please note
that standard rate applies automatically after this date.

[To submit your abstract: click “Abstract Submission” tab after
logging in to the JpGU members site and proceed]

[Details on abstract submission are available below]

[2023 Session Information]


We look forward to receiving many abstracts!

(3) Fee table [IMPORTANT]

[Abstract submission fee]
Early-bird submission: 6,600 JPY/abstract *tax included
Standard submission: 8,800 JPY/abstract *tax included

* Please note that abstract fee is not refundable once the payment is

[Registration Fee]
The registration fee will be the same for both on-site and online
registration. (There is no one-day ticket.)

Member discount rate: 25,300 JPY/ Standard rate: 36,300 JPY *Tax incl.

Member discount rate: 12,100 JPY/ Standard rate: 17,600 JPY *Tax incl.

[Important Notes]
– Members discount rates apply also for AGU, AOGS and EGU members.
– Early-bird rate applies to the abstract submission fees that are
paid by the early deadline. Please note that standard rate will
automatically be charged after this deadline.
– Senior (70 or above) rate applies exclusively to JpGU members.
Standard rate applies to AGU, EGU, AOGS members or Meeting
participation ID holders even in this age range.
– Undergraduate students can participate free of charge. (online
registration is required)
– Please be noted that abstract submission fee and registration fee
are not refundable once processed.

(4) Meeting Registration

The meeting registration for the 2023 meeting is scheduled to be
open at 14:00 on Tuesday, 07 March.
Please note that the early registration deadline (11 April) will be
set for presenters to upload their presentation materials such as
e-posters to the meeting portal site (Confit).

The details of the registration procedure are available at

(5) Union, Public, Joint and Co-sponsored Session Information

[Union Sessions]
Some Union sessions have restrictions on submissions. If you wish to
present in a Union session, please make sure to check the “Acceptance
of submission” column of the following link.

U-01 [E] Inclusion in Earth and Planetary Science — SDGs and beyond —
U-02 [E] Remote Sensing Role in Sustainable Development
U-03 [E] Advanced understanding of Quaternary and Anthropocene hydroclimate changes in East Asia
U-04 [E] Environments of the Anthropocene: Natural Diversity and Resilience Perspective
U-05 [E] Geospatial Applications for Natural Resources, Environment and Agriculture
U-06 [E] From outreach to knowledge co-creation: Advancing inclusive community engagement in Geoscience
U-07 [E] What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? Our perceptions of science and society
U-08 [J] Biogeochemistry of CO world
U-09 [J] Contribution of Earth and Planetary Science to IYBSSD2022
U-10 [J] Earth Systems of the Anthropocene: Natural, Urban and Social Environments
U-11 [J] Compound Disasters across Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Geosphere
U-12 [J] Academic Publishing, Open Science and Open Data from Japan

[Public Sessions]
Abstract submissions for Public sessions will be received only from
invited authors. Please refer to the following link for details.

O-01 [J] Earth and Planetary Science Top Seminar
O-02 [J] Everyday Life of JpGU’s Doctors. How to become a scientist?
O-03 [J] Can you survive natural disasters by learning in school?
O-04 [J] 100 Years after the Great Kanto Earthquake. Can Social Evolution Survive the Next Severe Hazard?
O-05 [J] Geoparks and Sustainability
O-06 [J] Poster presentations by senior high school students

[Joint Sessions]
Special page for introduction:

[Co-sponsored Sessions with JpGU Society Members]

(6) Provisional List of Invited Authors

Invited authors are listed on the following webpage.

Please note that this is a tentative list. Final list will be available
after the abstract submission deadline.

(7) Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)

We are preparing to implement the Outstanding Student Presentation
Award at JpGU 2023. We will announce the entry details (how and when
to enter, etc.) as soon as they are determined.

If you are a student who would like to make entry for the award, please
make sure to submit your presentation during the submission period,
as it is a prerequisite that you are the abstract submitter.

(8) Key Dates

Abstract submission opens -> 14:00 Wed, 11 Jan
Early abstract Submission deadline -> 23:59 Thu, 02 Feb
Final abstract Submission deadline -> 17:00 Thu, 16 Feb
Meeting registration opens ———> 14:00 Tue, 07 Mar
Acceptance notification ————> Wed, 22 Mar
Final program release ————–> Fri, 24 Mar
Presenters registration deadline —> Tue, 11 Apr
Abstract PDF release —————> Fri, 12 May

#2. Exhibition at JpGU Meeting

The exhibition will be held as a hybrid of on-site and online.
The application period is scheduled to start in March.

#3. From Committees

(1) Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool

Childcare support during JpGU2023 will be provided in the same manner
as last year. Please refer to last year’s guidelines for reference.

【Call for donations for childcare support】
While the JpGU Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool
provided support for childcare fees outside of regular/daily
childcare-use at the last year’s JpGU Meeting, we plan to resume our
support in providing an on-site childcare room at the JpGU 2023, as
we did before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have the significant
budget shortfall to do so and we need your financial support.
For your donation to be used for a childcare support, please make a
designated donation by filling out the following form.

Form – Designating donation for a specific purpose
(please fill in after payment from the membership page)

Details are available at the “Request for Donations” page below.
JpGU webpage – Request for Donations

Request for Donations

#4. Information from PEPS

(1) Call for Papers : SPEPS
The submission for a new SPEPS (Special call for excellent papers
on hot topics) series has been opened.
“Geophysical Properties and Transport Processes in the Deep Crust
and Mantle”
(Submission deadline: 30 June 2023)
For more information, please check the SPEPS website at:

(2) Featured Articles
We will introduce the featured articles selected by the editor-in-chief
from the papers published in the past.

@Tomoaki Kubo et al.
Back-transformation processes in high-pressure minerals: implications
for planetary collisions and diamond transportation from the deep
This paper reports back-transformation experiments in ringwoodite,
bridgmanite, and lingunite by time resolving in situ X-ray observation
method. These three high pressure phases show different back
transformation mechanisms. Ringwoodite (Mg2SiO4) back-transformed
to olivine by grain-boundary nucleation and growth mechanism, whereas
bridgmanite (MgSiO3) and lingunite (NaAlSi3O8) but first become
amorphous with increasing temperatures before formation of low
pressure phases.

@ Kazuhiko Ishii et al.
A possible mechanism for spontaneous cyclic back-arc spreading.
By constructing a two-dimensional box-type thermal convection model,
the paper showed a possibility that periodic back-arc expansion such
as that seen in the Tonga-Kermadec arc and the Calabria arc is caused
by the interaction between the slab and the upper and lower mantle

(3) Latest Articles
The following articles were published.

@ Hidenobu Takahashi et al.
Tectonic tremors immediately after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
detected by near-trench seafloor seismic observations.

@ Satoshi Ide et al.
Forecasting tectonic tremor activity using a renewal process model.

@ Daisuke Ishimura et al.
Washover deposits related to tsunami and storm surge along the north
coast of the Shimokita Peninsula in northern Japan.

@ Tomoki Tozuka et al.
Simulated decadal variations of surface and subsurface phytoplankton
in the upstream Kuroshio Extension region

@ Koushik Sen et al.
Petrogenetic history and melt inclusion characteristics of mantle
plume-derived ijolites from NE India: implications for multistage
crystallization and occurrence of “nano-calciocarbonatites”.

@ Kai Sato et al.
Numerical estimation of a tsunami source at the flexural area of
Kuril and Japan Trenches in the fifteenth to seventeenth century
based on paleotsunami deposit distributions in northern Japan.

@ Ryota Hino et al.
Assessment of S-net seafloor pressure data quality in view of seafloor

#5. From Science Council of Japan

JpGU acts as liaison with the Science Council of Japan.
Below is the archive of the distributed newsletters from the Science
Council of Japan.


(Available in Japanese)

#6. What’s New

(1) Event Information
*Events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

Lecture and Award Ceremony Commemorating Tokyo Geographical Society
Medal 2022 by Dr. Asahiko Taira
Date: 15 Jan 2023
Place: GAKUSHIKAIKAN, Tokyo, Japan

PERC Int’l symposium on Dust & Parent bodies (IDP2023)
Date: 27 Feb – 01 Mar 2023
Format: Hybrid (Online & Tokyo Skytree Town Campus of CIT)

(2) Applications

Invite application for Joint Use/Research program of IPM 2023 (First term)
[Application deadline: 31 Jan 2023]

(3) Career Opportunity

Research Assistant for Climate Variability Prediction and Application
Research Group, APL, VAiG, JAMSTEC
[Application deadline: 15 JAN 2023]

Associate Professor Position Announcement Department of Earth Resources
Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
[Application deadline: 27 JAN 2023]

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