Request for Donations

The size of JpGU has been increasing year by year, and the scope of its activities is expanding significantly internationally. These activities of the JpGU have been supported mainly by our members' annual membership fees and conference participation fees. However, if the current situation continues, it will be difficult for JpGU to continue its activities due to a significant shortage of funds to expand the administrative structure and the online supporting system.

Therefore, we request your donation. With the broad support of our members, the general public, and corporations, JpGU will continue to strive to develop a prosperous, safe, and secure society by advancing the field of earth and planetary sciences. We appreciate your understanding of JpGU's philosophy and activities.

Please note that you may specify the purpose of your donation (a nursery room during meetings, student travel expenses, and costs for section activities). If you do not determine a specific purpose for your donation, please leave the use of your donation to us. Your donation will be used effectively for various JpGU projects.

How to make a donation :from JpGU Members
You can donate by credit card from the JpGU Individual Member Site Clicking on the [Paymen] menu.
We ask for a minimum donation of 3,000 per unit. If you wish to specify the purpose of your donation, please let the administration know through the Form.

The administration will send you a payment slip by mail if you want to donate using a payment method other than a credit card.
 Rquest form for payment slip

How to make a donation :from Corporations and nonmembers
Donations from non-member individuals and corporations are welcome. If you are not a member, please apply donation through the form below.
 Donation Application to JpGu from Corporations and nonmembers

Deduction of Donations
As JpGU is certified as a public interest incorporated association, donations to JpGU are tax deductible under Article 78 of the Income Tax Law of Japan, which allows for a tax deduction.