Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.92 December 22, 2010

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1. About " Questionnaire on Job category, Age and

2.JpGU Meeting 2011

・List of sessions for JpGU Meeting 2011!

・Abstract submission and pre-registration start on
January 11, 2011!

・Exhibitors are wanted!

3.Annual due payment for 2011【Important】



"Questionnaire on Job
category, Age and Gender"
on Job category, Age and Gender" is to be conducted for JpGU Meeting

Post doctoral fellow
problem is serious among earth planetary science related researchers.

We, however, know little
about it and can’t find out the effective countermeasures.

So, we decided to ask you
to answer the questionnaire when you make JpGU Meeting registration.

This system is completely
free from membership subscription data and we CAN’T figure out who
somebody is.

It consists of 5 to 6
questions and takes about 2 to 4 minutes.

We sincerely appreciate
everyone of JpGU member to cooperate on this questionnaire.
URL for Questionnaire: ID=38861

We further discuss it at
our meeting as one of Union sessions.

Board of directors

Career Supporting Committee

Gender Equality Committee



JpGU Meeting 2011

(1)List of sessions of
JpGU Meeting 2011

 For further details,
see the following URL and click "Session List is on our WEB!"

submission and pre-registration start on January 11, 2011!

Thank you for proposing a
lot of sessions for JpGU Meeting 2011.

Recent schedule

 Release of the list
of sessions: December 20, Monday, 2010

 Abstract submission
starts: January 11, 2011, Tuesday, 2011

 Advance submission
deadline: January 31, Monday at 17:00, 2011 *Attention 1

 Final submission
deadline: February 4, Friday at 12:00, 2011

closes: May 9, Monday, 2011

 JpGU Meeting 2011:
May 22,Sunday to 27, Friday, 2011

*Attention 1

Advance abstract
submission fee is adopted only when payment is completed by the due

When we can’t confirm your
payment by January 31, Monday at 17:00 JST, normal fee is automatically

(3)Exhibitors are wanted!

Information for

Application form:

3. Annual due payment for 2011

due payment for 2011 ( from April 2011 to March 2012 ) is available from
January 11 when abstract submission

and pre-registration
start.  Please update and pay the annual due for 2011

If payment of annual
due for 2010 is not completed, member fee is NOT adopted when you make a
JpGU Meeting 2011 registration.

If you pay annual due for
2011 when you make a pre-registration for JpGU Meeting 2011, various
benefits are to be given since that time.

Membership subscription:

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