Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.91 December 10, 2010

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1. "YUME Road map "

2.JpGU Meeting 2011

・Abstract submission and pre-registration start on
January 11, 2011.

・Exhibitors are wanted!

3.Annual due payment for 2011【Important】

4.From committees

・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

5.What’s new


"YUME Road map" to make
earth planetary science related researchers’ dream come true
together with Science Council of Japan started to make the "YUME Road
map" lead by each science section boards.

Please send your comments
from the following website by December 31, Friday. (Only Japanese is
available now.)

Further revision is
planned to be made on March and June, too.
Please see the following URL for details.

We further discuss it at
our meeting as one of Union sessions.

Gaku Kimura, president of Japan Geoscience Union

Masato Nakamura, Planning Committee Member of Japan Geoscience Union


JpGU Meeting 2011
submission and pre-registration start on January 11, 2011!

Thank you for proposing a
lot of sessions for JpGU Meeting 2011.

Recent schedule

 Release of the list
of sessions: December 20, Monday, 2010

 Abstract submission
starts: January 11, Tuesday

 Advance submission
deadline: January 31, Monday at 17:00, 2011 *Attention 1

 Final submission
deadline: February 4, Friday at 12:00, 2011

starts: January 11, Tuesday, 2011

 JpGU Meeting 2011:
May 22,Sunday to 27, Friday, 2011

*Attention 1

Advance abstract
submission fee is adopted only when payment is completed by the due

When we can’t confirm your
payment by January 31, Monday at 17:00 JST, normal fee is automatically

(2)Exhibitors are wanted!

Information for

Application form:

3. Annual due payment for 2011

due payment for 2011 ( from April 2011 to March 2012 ) is available from
January 11 when abstract submission

and pre-registration
start.  Please update and pay the annual due for 2011

If payment of annual
due for 2010 is not completed, member fee is NOT adopted when you make a
JpGU Meeting 2011 registration.

If you pay annual due for
2011 when you make a pre-registration for JpGU Meeting 2011, various
benefits are to be given since that time.

Membership subscription:

4. From Committees

Earth Science Olympiad Committee:

 The preliminary
selection of the 3rd Japan Earth Science Olympiad or International Earth
Science Olympiad held in Italy is going to be held at 50 sites around
Japan on December 19, Sunday.  Record high of 869 high school or
junior high school students are to challenge the written tests.
Participants of last year was 682.  24 students are to be selected
and advance for the final selection called Grand prix Chikyu-Ni-Wakuwaku
held from March 24 to 26, 2011 at Tsukuba City.  Members are to be
announced at the end of January, 2011.

5. What’s New

International Science Symposium

Date: December 13 to 14,

Venue: Aichi University


(2)SPICA Science Workshop

Date: December 16 to 17,

Venue: National
Astronomical Observatory of Japan


(3) The Third
International Conference on Forest Related Traditional Knowledge and
Culture in Asia

Date: December 14 to 15,

Venue: Kanazawa University


(4) 2010 AGU Fall Meeeting

Date: December 13 to 17,

Venue: San Francisco, USA



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