Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.83 September. 10 2010

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Prefatory Note by Dr. Gaku Kimura, president of JpGU

  ・Vigorous Session Proposal is wanted!
 2. Information of JpGU Meeting 2011

・Session proposal has started!

From Committees

・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
     ・Japan International Geography Olympiad Committee
 4. What’s New


. Excerpt from
Prefatory Note by Dr. Gaku Kimura

 Session proposal for
JpGU Meeting 2011 started on September 1, 2010.

More session proposals 
compared with the previous year for International Symposium

as a subset of JpGU
Meeting 2011 are wanted next year to further internationalize JpGU

32 international sessions
were held at JpGU Meeting 2010, among 167 sessions.

We decided to give
favorable treatment for international sessions, such as increasing the
number of

invited lectures to six
for each session.  We also promote putting English description for
normal Japanese sessions,

and increase lunch time

 JpGU Meeting is the
the only one and the biggest earth and planetary science related meeting
in Japan.

We’re really looking
forward for your vigorous session proposals and participation in JpGU
Meeting 2010.


Information of JpGU Meeting 2011

(1) Session proposals are

 Proposal period:
September 1, Wednesday to October 26, Tuesday, 2010

Session are divided into 9
scientific categories shown below.

You have to select and
specify when you make session proposals.

・Public session (previous
Open to the public Session)

・Union Session

・Science sessions

  Space and Planetary
Sciences Session

  Atmospheric, Ocean,
and Environmental Sciences Session

  Human Geosciences

  Solid Earth
Sciences Session


  Education and
Outreach Session (previous General geoscience Session)

and Interdisciplinary Session (previous Joint Session)
For further details, please see the following URL.

 JpGU Meeting 2010:

 Session Proposal:
We’re waiting for your session proposals.
(Request from Committee for International Affairs)
Preferable treatments are given to international sessions. 

Special English programs are given in addition to
normal newspaper type programs.

We hope you to check ‘International Symposium’
when you make session proposals.

From Committees

(2) Japan Earth Science
Olympiad Committee

The third Japan Earth
Science Olympiad primary selection, the 1st selection of the 5th
International Earth Science Olympiad in Italy
started on September 1 and closes on November 15, 2010.
Applications can be made through our website or by post.
Individual application is also available from this selection.
For further details,
please check the following URL. (only in Japanese)

・The 4th international earth
science Olympiad are to be held in Indonesia from September 19 to 28,

at Yogyakarta in
We appreciate your support to Team Japan.

(3) Japan International
Geography Olympiad Committee

 The selections of
Japan International Geography Olympiad for the 3rd Asia Pacific Regional
Geography Olympiad

 to be held in Mexico next year
are to be held on January 22, Saturday, 2011 for Multimedia test as the
1st selection

and on March 13, Sunday
for written tests as the 2nd selection.

Application period is from
October 1 to December 6.

For further details,
please see our website.

The 3rd Asia Pacific
Regional Geography Olympiad is to be held in Mexico in July.

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