Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.77 May. 10 2010

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 1 JpGU Meeting 2010 Information [Important]


*On the day


*New project “Special Lectures” 

sessions for general citizens

*Union session this year


Important information of JpGU Meeting 2010

(1)Recent Schedule

April 12
Box lunch order is
April  14
Abstract PDF is
released on our website.
By May 15
JpGU Meeting
program and CD-Rom are sent to abstract submitters and
pre-registered participants
*Please confirm that we
don’t send programs and CD Roms abroad.
23-28 May
JpGU Meeting 2010
(Party are held on
May 26, Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:30.)
For detailed information of meetings:

the day

<Pre-registered participants>

JpGU Meeting
secretariat is to send abstract CD-ROMs, programs, name tags
and receipts to the participants who have completed JpGU
Meeting registration by April 9, Friday.

Please be sure
to bring the name tag with you.  Without your name
tags, you can’t enter the meeting site.

*If you don’t
receive these materials, please come to the pre-registration
counter on the day.  The secretariat hands them to you.

secretariat doesn’t send materials overseas.  Please
come to the pre-registration counter and get them.


who haven’t made pre-registration>

can make registration after April 9 and also on-site through
our website by credit card transactions.

secretariat doesn’t automatically issue receipts for the
payments by credit card transactions.

We issue ones
after we confirm the notification of credit card companies.

If you need
receipts in advance, please contact the secretariat by


registration at Makuhari Messe]

can be made using PCs at on-site registration counter, not
registration forms from this meeting.

Payments can
be made by cash or credit card.  Congestion is
anticipated, so please take enough time.

*Please be
sure to keep your ID and password.

through our website]

Pre-registration period is over, but you can still make
registration through the following URL.

*Please be
sure to bring the confirmation email and come to the on-site
registration counter.

Your name tags
are prepared there.



conference ticket

-Regular:13,000JPY Elementary, junior and high school
teacher:7,000JPY, Graduate student/postgraduate:7,000JPY

Non-member (JpGU
Meeting Member) -Regular:20,000JPY Elementary, junior and
high school teacher:13,000JPY, Graduate



Member –
Regular:6,000JPY Elementary, junior and high school
teacher:4,000JPY, Graduate student/postgraduate:4,000JPY

Non-member (JpGU
Meeting Member)- Regular:13,000JPY Elementary, junior and
high school teacher:10,000JPY, Graduate


*It’s not
necessary for undergraduate students or under and aged 70 or
over to pay registration fee.


Membership subscription]

Membership subscription is made at the site on the day.

If you make
JpGU Membership subscription, member rate is adopted for
JpGU Meeting registration.

It’s necessary
to pay annual due. 

Congestion is
anticipated, so please take enough time.

subscription fee]

Regular:2,000JPY, Elementary, junior and high school
teacher:2,000JPY, Graduate student/postgraduate:1,000JPY

students are free of charge.


Please see the
following URL.

<Session and
program information>


modified and cancelled information of our program and
in Japanese)

<To the

about oral and poster presentations and poster layouts and
so on


Please visit
our Meeting TOP PAGE.

schedule (including session schedule)
in Japanese)

*Child care


(only in


Date: May 26,
Wednesday   19:00-20:30

"Central Cafeteria" in front of No.6 Hall at central Mall

number: 150

Fee: Normal  
Regular:5,000JPY  Students:2,000JPY

*Please buy
the ticket at the information desk.

*You can also
buy the party ticket through our website.


New project “Special lecture”
researchers beyond scientific fields make special lectures
during JpGU Meeting from May 24, Monday to 28, Friday during
lunch time at International Conference Hall.

boxes are sold in front of the venue on the days.

May 24, Monday Biogeosciences: Akihiko Yamagishi (Tokyo
University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences)
What is known on the origin of life in relation to geo- and
planetary sciences

May 25, Tuesday Human Geosciences: Tsuyoshi
Nakagawa(Newcastle University)
Disembark and go south-reinstatement of a conventional
approach –

May 26, Wednesday Solid Earth Sciences: Akira Hasegawa
(Tohoku University)
Subduction zone tectonics from the front-line perspective of

May 27, Thursday Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental
Sciences: T. N. Krishnamurti (Florida State Univ.)
Tropical Meterology – Observation and Forecasts –

May 28, Friday Space and Planetary Sciences: Shigeru Ida
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Super Earth

Public sessions for general citizens

Many free
sessions are planned on May 23, Sunday.

can enjoy these events.

feel free to come to come to the site.
O-ED001 Poster presentations by senior high school students


Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science


Union Session this year

Union sessions are the
ones to let all earth science related researchers to know
and discuss the articles common in its society.

Future of Earth and Planetary Science : Big Science Project

Planetary Climate Studies and Venus Orbiter "AKATSUKI"

Program of the Antarctic Syowa MST/IS radar (PANSY)

Geofluid and Dynamics of Subduction Zone

From Committees




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