Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.66 January 27, 2010

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   1. JpGU Meeting 2010 Information

        ・ Advance Abstract submission

        ・ Pre-registration & Party

        ・ Exhibitors are wanted now!


1. JpGU Meeting 2010 Information

 Website of JpUG Meeting 2010 :

 Flow Chart : How to make Registration for JpGU Meeting:


(1)Advance Abstract Submission (until 29 Jan. 2010 at 17:00 JST)

  Advance Abstract Submissions at reduced rates are to be closed very soon.
  Please be in a hurry to submit your abstracts if you haven’t done it yet.

  Advance Abstract Submission closes on January 29, Friday, at 17:00 JST, 2010.  *
  Final closing for Abstract Submission is February 5, Friday, at 12:00 noon JST, 2010.

 *Advance abstract submission rate is adopted by January 29, Friday at 17:00 JST.
   After that, normal rate is automatically adopted.
   Please be sure to complete payment by the due date.

   Every year, a lot of people flock to our website at the last minute and cause problems.
 Please make abstract submissions as early as possible.

   Advance rate: JPY1,500
   Normal rate: JPY3,000

 Sessions to be held in JpGU Meeting 2010 :

(2)Pre-registration & Party

  Pre-registration closes on April 9, Friday, at 23:59 JST, 2010  **

**From this meeting, JpGU Meeting 2010, Registration for JpGU Meeting can be made through
   our website after pre-registration is closed.
   But normal rate is adopted on April 10. 2010 and after.
   Please be sure to complete credit-card payment by the due date. 

  We plan to have a party during JpGU Meeting 2010. 

   Date: May 26, Wednesday, 2010
   Time: 19:00-20:30
   Venue: Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall        
   Fee: Advance : Regular / teachers / 70 years old or over :JPY4,000
                         graduate and undergraduate students :JPY1,500

          Normal  : Regular / teachers / 70 years old or over :JPY5,000
                       graduate and undergraduate students :JPY2,000


(3)Exhibitors are wanted!
Many kinds of booths for universities and research institutes, scientific societies, science unions,
business enterprises and publishers are set on the 1st floor, 2nd floor central lobby and also at the foyer. Please utilize them for introducing your research activities, advertisements of your equipments,
selling books and exchanging information.
On the university information panel, you can introduce your university and put out information. 
Application are to be closed when spaces are filled.  We’re waiting for your application, as soon as possible. 
Applications are to be closed when booths are filled.
Please note that we adopt first-come, first-served basis from this year, and you can choose your booth number. 

Please see the following website for further information:

Japan Geoscience Union (
4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0032, Japan   
Phone: +81-6914-2080 Fax: +81-3-6914-2088