Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.58 November 12, 2009

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 1.  Request for answering questionnaire about
Global Warming






Questionnaire about
Global Warming


 National Institute of Global Environmental Studies and
Kanagawa University is now conducting a survey in the form
of questionnaire about Global Warming as shown below. It’s
really very important for earth-planetary science community
and we have decided to ask for your cooperation.

Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences Section
President, Teruyuki Nakajima
Japan Geoscience Union Chairman Gaku Kimura


To members of Japan Geoscience Union

Please answer the questionnaire about your scientific
knowledge about Global Warming. This survey is conducted by
National Institute for Environmental Studies together with
Kanagawa University as a part of Global Environment Research
Fund ( S-5 ) of Environment Ministry. Please note that your
academic society and other earth planetary science related
societies have agreed to send you this questionnaire. Result
of this questionnaire is used only to get basic knowledge of
what earth planetary science related researches think about
Global Warming. We also think to provide summarized
information to ordinary citizens and raise their awareness
about Global Warming. I know you’re busy but please share
some time for answering the questionnaire.

Deadline : October 31, 2009
How to answer:
Please answer
on the following website. Password is 4100.

・This questionnaire is made up from simple about 10
multiple-choice questions.
・Your names and answers are not
made public.
・Kanagawa University is responsible for the

Reference Data:
・IPCC 4th report about Global Warming is
shown on the following website.
(Only in Japanese)→

・E-mail Debate named “Global Warming: What is the scientific
truth?” is shown on the
following website.→

Kanagawa University Faculty of Human Sciences

Yasuo Matsumoto


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