Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.48   September 1, 2009


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1. Public Announcement
of Representatives’ Election of Corporate Japan Geoscience union
2. Web-Based System Migration of Japan Geoscience union
    (Notice of service pause)



Public Announcement
of Representatives’ Election of Corporate Japan Geoscience union


Now we’re accepting
candidates or recommendation for Representatives’ Election of Japan
Geoscience Union Corporation.

Major roles of
representatives of Japan Geoscience Union Corporation are attendance
to the ordinary staff meetings held once a year, to discuss matters
relating to the management of this union and contribute to the
smooth management of it.
We resend ‘Official Announcement of Representatives’ Election’ and
We eagerly ask you to run for the election or recommend someone
appropriate for the position.
Chair  Gaku Kimura


Election of Corporate Japan Geoscience Union

This election is the first Representative’s Election of Japan
Geoscience Union after becoming an independent corporate entity.

Representatives or staff elected from individual members or regular
members are eligible to become section presidents and executive
board members.
They also are responsible for adopting resolutions, such as election
of board members and confirmation of business plan in the ordinary
and temporary staff meetings together with society members.

Please be active in standing as a candidate and casting your ballots
to fulfill our objectives based on all members’ will.

Specific election system is shown on ‘Representatives’ Election
Operating Procedure’ below.

Please be sure to submit Candidacy Notification Form or
Recommendation Notification Form for Representatives by due date.
For further information, please be sure to see Representatives’
Election Regulations and Minor Regulations.
August 3, 2009
Corporate Japan Geoscience Union
Election Board
Chairman: Mie Ichihara
Members: Masanao Shinohara
Michinari Sunamura
Masahiro Takagi
Shogo Tachibana
Hiroyuki Tsubomoto
‘Representatives’ Election Operating Procedure’
 Voters have to be an individual or regular member of Corporate
Japan Geoscience Union by the deadline, October 30, 2009.
Voters can vote for 5 or less candidates in your electoral zone.

Every individual or regular member as of August 16, 2009 can be a
candidate by him/herself or by recommendation.

Representatives have 2 years in office from next April.

4.Candidacy and so on
There are two ways to become candidates.
One is applying by him/herself and the other is by recommendation by
one or more regular members.
Candidates have to submit Candidacy Notification Form or
Recommendation Notification Form for Representatives by due date.

5.Notification of Candidacy
Please download ‘Candidacy Notification Form or Recommendation
Notification Form for Representatives’ from our website.
Please be sure to send it by mail or bring directly to our office.
Board of Election
Corporate Japan Geoscience Union
4-16 Yayoi 2-chome,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032, Japan

6.Number of representatives
The fixed number of representatives is 80 or more and 200 or less.
The number is the double of that of society members as of August 2,
2009, the day before the official announcement of Representatives’

Numbers of representatives of each electoral zone are shown below.
   Space and Planetary Sciences  14
   Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences   15
   Human Geosciences   11
   Solid Earth   29
   Biogeosciences   8
   General Science   11
   Total   88

7.Time Schedule of Election
Public Announcement of Representatives’ Election  August 3,
Monday, 2009
Start for Accepting Candidates   August 17, Monday, 2009
Close for Accepting Candidates   September 17, 2009
Start for Voting for Representatives’ Election   October
1, Thursday, 2009
Close for Voting for Representatives’ Election   October
30, Friday, 2009
Vote Counting and Returns  November 6, 2009

8.Voting Procedure
 Voting is made on our website.
Every regular member can vote for 5 or less candidates on his or her
electoral zone.



Japan Geoscience
Union Web-Based System Migration
    (Notice of service pause)

We’re now renewing our web-system used for membership subscriptions
and so on.
We are promoting
renewing our web-based system.
Present system was stopped at 23:59 JPT on August 31.

Schedule for switching
to the new web-system is as follows.


August 31 Present
system is adjourned.
Around September 1 to 10 Private Information Data Transition
Around September 10 New web-system starts operating

We’ll inform you again
when the new system starts operating.

We’re very sorry to
give you inconveniences during the period and strongly ask
understanding and corporation.


Personal Data Entry of JpGU members are transferred to the new
web-based system.

Present system is closed August 31, 2009
Personal Data Transition September 1 to 10, 2009  (Service stop
New web-based system starts Around September 10, 2009
Our present web-based system was adopted 10 years ago.



New web-based system is different from the present one
on the
following points.

1) Regular members are given ID numbers.
2) Elections of representatives and section presidents are conducted
by electromagnetic method.
3) Not only Japanese but also English based web-based systems are
adopted this time.
4) Acquisition of IDs of co-authors is not inevitable.
Please confirm that we continue to give information of Japan
Geoscience Union Meeting to non-members after data base transition
for a while.


Japan Geoscience Union
4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0032, Japan   
Phone: +81-6914-2080 Fax: +81-3-6914-2088