Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.46  
August 20, 2009


To those who have
not finished membership registration Important information about
JpGU web-based system migration


With Japan Geoscience
Union’s web-based system renewal, system transition of present
members is made as follows.


August 31 Present
web-based system is closed.
Around September 1 to 10 Present Personal Data is transferred.
Around September 10 New web-based system starts.

Please note that
data transition is only for present members.

If you are non-members, your ID number are lost.
You can make membership registration after September, but
input items increase a lot under the new web-based system.
We strongly recommend you to finish membership registration by the
end of August.

Present web-based system was adopted about 10 years ago.
In these 10 years, members have increased a lot and JpGU has become
incorporated last December.
With incorporation of JpGU, representatives’ and section presidents’
elections are planned to be conducted near future.
Promoting international cooperation through reinforcement of
international sessions in JpGU Meeting is strongly demanded.
New web-based system is adopted under those circumstances.

Differences between the original and the new are as follows.
1) ID numbers are given to JpGU members
2) Representatives’ and section presidents’ elections are made
3) Not only Japanese but English web system is adopted for
international cooperation.
4) Co-author’s IDs are not inevitable from JpGU Meeting 2010.

We continue to give information of JpGU Meeting 2010 to non-members
for a while after migration to the new web-based system.

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