Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.43   July 10, 2009


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Information about Representatives election of Japan Geoscience Union



From Committees

(1) Information Technology System Committee
(2) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee 




Information of Representatives election of Japan Geoscience Union


 Japan Geoscience union
was incorporated last December and the 1st representatives’
election is to be announced soon.
Schedules are as follows.

August 3, Monday, 2009 Official announcement of Representatives election
August 17, Monday, 2009 Start to accept candidates
September 17, Thursday, 2009 Close to accept candidates
October 1, Thursday, 2009 Start to ballot
October 30, Friday, 2009 Close to ballot
November 6, Friday, 2009 Ballot counting and reporting the result

Representatives are elected for 2-year term.
The 1st term starts next April (April in 2010).
The number of representatives is defined to double the number of society
members on the day before the official announcement.
The number of representatives is from 80 to 200.
Even if the number of society members is less than 40, the minimum
number of representatives is 40.

After the election, 30 representatives are to be divided into six
electoral zones, each
with five representatives. The rest of them are to be prorated according
to the number of
regular members divided into six electoral zones.

Every regular member of Japan Geoscience Union can run for the
Representative candidates can apply directly by themselves and other
members can recommend representative candidates with their consents.

Candidates have to file their candidacy to the board of elections till
September 17, 2009.

Necessary information is his or her name, organization he or she belongs
to, more than
two names who recommends him or her as a candidate, his or her electoral
zone and comments or endorsers.
Written consent to accept recommendations is also necessary if he or she
is a candidate recommended by other members.

Comments or endorsers have to be 100 two-byte characters or less.
Electronic voting is introduced this time.
Each regular member can vote for five candidates of his or her electoral
Elected representatives or staffs, together with group society members,
are to elect members of the board, confirm project programs and resolve
various articles concerning the management of this union in the regular
and extraordinary general meetings of members.
General meeting of members is the supreme decision-making body.

We sincerely hope our members will run for the election and vote for
We also hope you, who has not finished membership subscription to the
Japan Geoscience Union and positively become engaged in the management.




From committees

(1)From Information Technology System Committee

Please cooperate with us in updating our database associated with our
system renovation.

We’re now building new database system for the coming representatives’

Please be sure to make a membership registration or update your data on
the following website till July 31, 2009.

Your data will be deleted if you do not finish membership registration
or update your information after this January 10, 2009.

Please be sure to update your membership registration to migrate data
correctly and sommthly.

Personal Data Entry, Membership registration, Information update:

Inquiry on your password:

(2)From Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

The number of participating countries to the 3rd International Earth
Science Olympiad
in Taiwan has increased to 17. ( Announcement by the headquarter )

Members of Team Japan led by Dr. Seiya Ueda, are now training with
special DVDs
and report submission.

They ‘re going to have intensive training from August 19 to 21 in Hakone
and challenge
the International Olympiad from September 14 to 22.

Please drop in on our booth at ‘2009 Summer Science Square’
in National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno from August 4 to 7.


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