***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews July Issue
No.356 July 12, 2021***
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| 1. Representatives Election
| 2. Post 2021 Meeting Announcements
| -> Post-meeting Survey Report
| -> Extension of On-demand streaming
| -> Certificates
| -> Public Release of 2021 Meeting Portal Site (Confit)
| 3. Announcement of 2021 OSPA Winners
| 4. Report on Poster Presentation by High School Students at JpGU 2021
| 5. From Committees
| -> Financial Committee
| -> Educational Affairs Committee
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> PEPS Receives Impact Factor (IF2020) = 3.604, 5-Years IF = 3.784
| -> Latest Articles
| 7. What’s new
| -> Applications
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Representatives Election

The term of office of representatives elected in 2020 expires on March
31, 2022, and the next representatives election will be announced
at the beginning of August this year. Only JpGU members who have
paid the membership fee by the day before the public announcement
of the representatives election are eligible to be candidates, to be
nominators, and to vote. To be a JpGU member, approval by the board
of directors is required after the application through online system.
The board meeting will be held on July 28th, and the day before this
board meeting (July 27th 5:00 p.m.(JST)) is the deadline for member-
ship application through online system. Please apply for JpGU member-
ship by this deadline.

#2. Post 2021 Meeting Announcements

(1) Post-meeting Survey Report

We conducted a post-meeting survey from June 8 to 21. We would like
to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who responded to the survey
and gave us valuable feedbacks.

The results of the survey are summarized below.

We will consider your opinions and requests carefully and make use
of them for the next meeting. Thank you.

(2) Extension of On-demand streaming

We have extended the on-demand streaming period of some contents on
the meeting portal site (Confit) from the end of June to the end of July.
Available contents:

[Union Sessions (until July 23)]
-U-08 Advancing SDGs through inclusive partnerships I: Strategic
-U-09 Advancing SDGs through inclusive partnerships II: Engaging with
-U-10 What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? The Ideal and
Reality of Research Evaluation.
-U-11 Diversity and equality – Where do we stand on gender equality
or equity in the geosciences?
-U-14 Current status and issues of the earth education necessary for
living on the changing earth

[Award Ceremony (until July 31)]
On-demand streaming of the award ceremony is available on the meeting
portal site (Confit).
Contents: We are pleased to celebrate the following awards recipients
with their short speeches at the ceremony.
JpGU Fellow, Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize,”
The 4th Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary Science,
Introduction of The Asahiko Taira International Scientific Ocean
Drilling Research Prize recipients.
The ceremony was followed by recognition of the recipients of the
JpGU 30th Anniversary Distinguished Service Certificates.

[Lunchtime Special Lecture]
-Thu. Jun 3, Prof. Hrvoje Tkalčić
*This lecture will be available on the JpGU official YouTube channel
after the streaming on Confit ended.
-Fri. Jun 4, Prof. Yukiko Hirabayashi (until July 23)
-Fri. Jun 4, Prof. Teiji Watanabe
*This lecture will be available on the JpGU official YouTube channel
after the streaming on Confit ended.
-Sat. Jun 5, Prof. Keisuke Koba
*This lecture will be available on the JpGU official YouTube channel
after the streaming on Confit ended.

*On-demand streaming is a service for those who have registered for
the 2021 meeting. You will need to log in to the meeting portal site
(Confit) to view the contents.

(3) Certificates of attendance and presentation

If you would like to request a certificate, please visit the following
website and fill out the form.

Application deadline: August 31, 2021

(4) Public Release of 2021 Meeting Portal Site (Confit)

The 2021 meeting portal site (Confit) will be open to the public after
the viewing period of the meeting contents (abstracts, presentation
materials, etc.) for the meeting participants only.

Browsing period for the meeting participants: until March 31, 2022

After April 1, 2022, the security of Confit will be removed and login
will not be required to view the site. All presentation materials
except for the abstracts will be deleted.

#3. Announcement of 2021 OSPA Winners

It’s a great pleasure to announce that the following 42 students
have been chosen as this year’s Outstanding Student Presentation
Award recipients.
We have received more than 400 entries and 5-10% presentations
of each section were awarded according to our regulation.
Congratulations to all recipients. Winners will receive a certificate
and a commemorative gift at a later date.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the judges
who took time to help us with the judging.

[Space and Planetary Sciences Section (9 winners)]
Satoshi Andoh, Jin Beniyama, Shota Chiba,
Takehiro Fukami, Asuka Hirai, Toshiki Kawai,
Motoyuki Kikukawa, Yuki Nakamura, Koki Yumoto

[Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section (9 winners)]
Michinari Amma, Kenshiro Arie, Falo Devang Falo,
Adamovic Dragana, Megumi Enomoto, KiyoharuHasegawa,
Tomoki Iwakiri, Yuya Kobayashi, Hina Yamanuki

[Human Geosciences Section (4 winners)]
Ayano Aoki, Masahiro Ishizuka, Xiaoxing Wang, Tatsuki Watanabe

[Solid Earth Sciences Section (16 winners)]
Ta-Wei Chang, Fumi Hyodo, Susumu Kawakubo, Sota Niki,
Kohei Nimura, Ayaka Tagami, Naoko Takahashi, Shuhei Tanaka,
Yusuke Tanaka, Shohei Albert Tomita, Fumiya Sakai, Kai Sato,
Shota Satori, Jumpei Sugioka, Kota Suzuki, Lina Yamaya

[Biogeosciences Section (4 winners)]
Karin Nemoto, Ryo Taniguchi, Aki Sakuma, Jumpei Yoshioka

#4. Report on Poster Presentation by High School Students at JpGU 2021

This year, poster presentations by high school students were held in
online format and 77 presentations were delivered.
With cooperation of the JpGU science sections, the presentations
were evaluated and the Publicity and Outreach Committee members
decided the following awards.

(a) Most Outstanding Presentation Award (1 School)
-Consideration of method to increase artificial ruby
(Nirayama Highschool)

(b) Outstanding Presentation Award (3 Schools)
-Weather in Fukuoka Prefecture in the Edo period from the Nakamura
Heizaemon diary (Ikeda Senior High School)
-Estimation of the variation in mechanism in the amount of spring
water in Otomeyama Park, Shinjuku City (Kaijo high school)
-Analysis of visibility around Tachikawa High School(Tokyo Metropolitan
Tachikawa High School)

(c) Incentive Award (11 Schools)
See the URL below for information. (Available in Japanese)

#5. From Committees

(1) Finance committee

Call for Donations to Promote the Advancement of the Online Conference
System – re-post.

JpGU has been seeking donations to promote the advancement of the
online hosting system since this February. Members’ understanding and
support of the purpose of this call would be highly appreciated.
Donations can be made by clicking on the banner in the “News” box on
the left side of the JpGU website (, from
5000 yen and up.
We would like to express our gratitude to all of the JpGU members and
participants for your continued support of JpGU activities, especially
those who participated in the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2021
held in May – June. We feel that we could provide you with
opportunities to present your research and exchange information
reasonably smoothly, despite the concerns about the spread of
infection. We are sure that many of our members and participants have
felt the benefits of holding the meeting online and, on the other
hand, realize the advantages of having it on-site. While we anticipate
the resumption of on-site assemblages in the future, we believe that
it is essential for JpGU to improve by incorporating the positive
aspects of virtual meetings to enhance participants’ satisfaction.

We also accept donations from non-members, corporations, and
voluntary organizations. If you know someone near you who might be
supportive, please help us expand the donation circle by forwarding
our call.

Michio Kawamiya
Chair, Finance committee

(2) Educational Affairs Committee

This notice is about the renewal course for teaching licenses in Japan.

In order to promote Geoscience education, the JpGU is offering
courses for the renewal of teacher’s license (6 hours per course,
with optional content related to subject instruction, etc.). We are
currently accepting applications for five renewal courses on our
website, but the number of applicants is much smaller than expected.
Therefore, we would like to ask all teachers to apply for this course
and let other teachers know about it.

We also like to remind you that those who are not eligible to take the
license renewal course this year will be allowed to attend (for a fee)
only if the number of applicants is not enough.

In addition, if you are a JpGU member and would like to open a class
for the renewal of a teacher’s license, please see the following
materials available on the Education Review Committee website and
apply. If you apply by the end of July, we can start accepting
applications for the course on October 16 and offer the renewal
course after November 16. We are looking forward to your active

URL: (in Japanese)
(in Japanese)

#6. Information from PEPS

(1) PEPS Receives Impact Factor (IF2020) = 3.604, 5-YarsIF = 3.784

We are delighted to announce the 2020 Impact Factor for PEPS has
increased to 3.604 and received its first 5-year Impact Factor of 3.784.
In addition, CiteScore increased from 3.8 to 4.7.
We would like to thank everyone for supporting PEPS and we welcome
your excellent paper submission and your proposal for SPEPS special
issue for the further development of PEPS.

(2) Latest Articles

The following articles were published.
You can download and read interesting articles from the PEPS website

@Yukiko Hirabayashi et al.: Anthropogenic climate change has changed
frequency of past flood during 2010-2013.

@Jun Kameda: Mineralogical and physico-chemical properties of
halloysite-bearing slip surface material from a landslide during the
2018 Eastern Iburi earthquake, Hokkaido.

@Ryuji Asami et al.: Reconstruction of ocean environment time series
since the late nineteenth century using sclerosponge geochemistry in
the northwestern subtropical Pacific.

@WF McDonough, T Yoshizaki: Terrestrial planet compositions controlled
by accretion disk magnetic field.

#7. What’s New

(1) Applications

The 3rd Research Announcement on Earth Observation by JAXA
[Deadline: JUL/27/2021]

Application for Joint Use/Research Program of IPM 2021 (Second Term)
[Deadline: MAR/31/2022]

(2) Career Opportunity

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) is
currently seeking candidates for Research Scientist Position.
[Deadline: JUL/30/2021]

The Recruitment of JAMSTEC Young Research Fellow
[Deadline: AUG/16/2021]

Marine Plastics Research Group, Marine Biodiversity and Environmental
Assessment Research Center (BioEnv), Research Institute for Global
Change (RIGC) Recruitment of Researcher(Ⅱ) AKS21-011
[Deadline: SEPT/7/2021]

Call for a Professor, Earthquake Research Institute, The University
of Tokyo- Seismic activity / structural analysis research field
based on marine seismic observation
[Deadline: OCT/4/2021]

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