Japan Geoscience Union Mail News
No.32 Jan. 13, 2009.


1.Prefatory Note

                 by Gaku
Kimura (President of Japan Geoscience Union Inc.)

A Happy New Year!  As I’ve told
you before in the extra Mail News, we Japan Geoscience Union has become
an  Incorporated Association.

On January 9th in 2009, we’ve started
to accept the registration targeting JpGU Meeting 2009.

Please be sure to register again as a
member of Japan Geoscience Union Inc. member.

Our big target this year is to
establish a community to be a part of the earth-science community
together with AGU and EGU in harmony with other Asian earth-science

On behalf of this big goal, we’ve set
up Union Science Board, leading the total system, and other 7 science

We also eagerly aim to expand the
horizons of earth-science related fields and make an energetic

The year 2009 is going to be a year of
a big leap for JpGU.  We wish you to make a member ship
registration both as a group and a person and walk together with us for
a big goal.


2. Procedure for Personal


Firstly please open
our website (

Please select at least
one  among 6 section.

You can select 5
sections at most if you would like us to deliver information for you.

Annual membership fees
are 2,000 yen.  If you’re planning to participate in JpGU Meeting
2009, total sum of participation fees are set to become the same as
those of last year.

You need not pay more
fees than those of last year.

We make a big discount
for individual members in comparison with general participants.

We also are planning
to make a discount for abstract submission fee for electronic journal
which is under discussion now.

We’re eagerly waiting
for you, every earth-science related researchers to make a registration.

Please check our
website for further information.

If you have any
trouble and questions, please do not hesitate to ask directly to our

secretariat in
English. (

3.Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2009 (JpGU
Meeting 2009)


(1) Abstract submission and preliminary registration have started on
January 9th, 2009!

Thank you for
proposing a lot of sessions for JpGU Meeting 2009.

Schedules for JpGU
Meeting 2009 is as follows:

Abstract Submission
: January 9th, Friday in 2009

Abstract Submission
January 30th, Friday at 17:00 JPT (Deadline for preliminary
February 6th, Friday at 12:00 JPT (Deadline for final registration)

Registration Close

April 10th, Friday at 12:00 JPT

JpGU Meeting 2009 :

May 16th, Saturday to 21st, Thursday in 2009 at Makuhari Messe

 Website of JpUG
Meeting 2009:

You can select English
language there.

(2)Exhibitors are

We’re going to prepare
various kinds of exhibition booths on JpGU Meeting 2009.

Please utilize them
for exchanging effective information.

Please check our
and see the details.

They are very popular
every year, so please apply for exhibition booths as soon as possible.

4. From Committees

(1)Educational Affairs Committee

(Your opinions for public comments are widely

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
Technology announced the next "course of study for high school," and
public comments are accepted by January 21st in 2009.

Our committee has made up the public comments as a
representative of JpGU as follows.

Further detailed issues are not shown here.
Please present your comments by yourself or by your
group of researchers.
In addition, we have not mentioned about geography

If geography-related researchers show us comments,
we would like to present them together with ours.  We’re waiting
for your comments.

Plan of Public Comments as JpGU for New Course of

(1)We estimate elimination of restrictions.

(2)We encourage them to present educational
philosophy based on the globalization of educational system.

(3)We ask them to show the relations among
elementary, junior high and high schools about contents and framework in
each subject.

(4)We ask them to make frameworks considering
related contents among various subjects and courses

About "Basic Geoscience"

(1)"Basic Geoscience" is good enough to expand the
classes with plots.

(2)To create "Science Literacy as earthmen," making
basic 4 science subjects compulsory is inevitable.

About "Geoscience"

(1)In comparison with "Basic Geoscience," it’s not
good for lessons with plots, because its contents are too exhaustive.

(2)Including contents of recent earh-science
related issues is preferable.

(3)Environment of earth including material
circulation is not efficiently treated.

Contact: Japan Geoscience Union  secretaria


(2)Japan International Geoscience Olympiad

On December 21st in 2008, the first selection for
the 3rd International Geoscience Olympiad held in Taiwan or the 1st
Japan Geoscience Olympiad was held at 51 venues ( 18 universities and 33
high schools ) in  34 prefectures.

689 students ( 431 boys  and 258 girls ) from
85 high schools have applied and 587 junior and high school students
took examinations.

Examination questions are shown on the following

The result will be announced on February 6th in

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