***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews January Issue
No.319 Jan 10, 2019***
<< Contents >>
| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. URL of JpGU Members Page Has Changed
| 3. The JpGU Meeting 2018 Information [Important]
| -> Abstract Submission and Meeting Registration Now Open!
| -> NEW for 2019
| -> Union, Public and Joint Session Information
| -> Invited Authors Info
| -> Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry Started!
| -> Travel Support for Students
| -> Call for Exhibitors
| -> Business Meeting & Student Working Program (part time job)
| -> Important Dates
| 4. Change of Service at Registration Counter Due to the Revision of
| the Installment Sales Act
| 6. From Committees
| ->Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
| ->Educational Affairs Committee
| 7. Information from PEPS
| -> APC (Article Processing Charge) has been changed
| -> Latest Articles
| 8. What’s new
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. URL of JpGU Members Page Has Changed

We’d like to inform that the URL of the Members Page has changed
since January 8, 2019.
Please change the URL on your bookmark if necessary.

New URL:

#3. The JpGU Meeting 2018 Information [Important]
(1) Abstract Submission and Meeting Registration Now Open!

***Final abstract submission deadline: Feb 19 at 5:00pm JST***
Early submission Deadline: Feb 4 at 11:59pm JST

***Submission Fee***
Early submission: 3,240 JPY (tax included)
Standard Submission: 4,320 JPY (tax included)

【Important Note】
-Payment of the submission fee is a required procedure to complete
a submission.
Payment must be completed by Feb 5 at 11:59 pm JST to receive a
discounted rate. Standard fee is charged for payments after the
early deadline.
-Submissions not paid by the final deadline are automatically cancelled.

To submit abstracts, access the following URL and log in with your
JpGU ID and password.

*Also read Regulation on Abstract Submission before submitting*

We are waiting for your submissions!

**Meeting Registration **
Early-bird registration period: Jan 8 to May 8 at 11:59pm JST

To register, access the following URL, log in with your JpGU ID and
password and proceed from “JpGU Meeting” menu.

More information on fees are available at

[Cancellation Policy]
If requested in writings from the designated form and received
by May 8, the refund for the meeting registration fee will be issued.

(2) NEW for 2019

■ Registration fee will be required to Seniors of JpGU members

■ Student Discount Application Deadline [May 8]

■ Limited Service at the Registration Counter due to revision of law

■ Introduction of “Social Media Presentation” – a new presentation style

(3) Union, Public and Joint Session Information

[Union Sessions]

U-01 [E] JpGU-AGU-EGU Great Debate: Impact of research assessment and going forward
U-02 [E] Advancing workplace: progress, challenges and strategies for improvement
U-03 [J] Future of Scientific Publishing in Geosciences
U-04 [J] Capture the fast process in Earth and planetary science
U-05 [J] Large-scale Research Projects: Master Plan 2020 and its beyond
U-06 [J] Japan’s contribution to IUGG celebrating 100th anniversary
U-07 [J] How JpGU will manage environment and disaster from the impacts of
unforeseen geo-hazards
U-08 [J] Opinions and recommendations from meeting participants to the
future of the Japan Geoscience Union  

Some sessions may only accept submission from invited authors.

[Public sessions]

O-01 [J] Exploring Buratamori – How to make science accessible
O-02 [J] Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science
O-03 [J] Poster presentations by senior high school students
O-04 [J] New earth and planetary science education created by hybrid
community between society and JpGU
O-05 [J] English improvement tips for Japanese scientists
O-06 [J] How to cope with intensifyng storm and flood disasters
O-07 [J] Kitchen Earth Science: Let’s stimulate your brain by hands-on
O-08 [J] How to make the image of the earth’s phenomenon to the general
people in the Geopark

[Joint Sessions with Partner Unions]

[Co-Sponsored sessions with Society Members]

(4) Invited Authors Info
Invited authors are listed on
Please note that this is a potential list. Final list will be open
after the abstract submission deadline.

(5) Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA) Entry Started!
The entry for OSPA is now being accepted!
The deadline is Feb 19 at 5:00pm JST.


In order to apply for OSPA, the presenter must be the first author and
submitter of the presentation. (Third party application is not available.)

To apply, log in to with your
JpGU ID and password. Open the “Abstract Submission” tab on the left
side. Click “Outstanding Student Presentation Award” button and follow
the instructions.

[Call for OSPA Judges]
Volunteer judges are an integral part of the judging process of
Please select a section you are judging if you agree to be a volunteer
judge for OSPA during the abstract submission process.
You will be contacted from the representatives of the section later.

(6) Travel Support for Students
JpGU offers financial support for students in order to attend the
2019 meeting.

Eligible applicants:
-Applicant must be a student (high school to graduate school) at the
time of application.
-Applicant must be the first author and the presenter (posters included).
Will be required to provide detailed personal information to JpGU at the
time of application.

Application opens: Jan 8, 2019
Application deadline: Feb 21, 2019
Notification: Mar 13, 2019

(7) Call for Exhibitors
At the JpGU Meeting, the largest meeting of Geoscience in Japan, the
number of exhibitors has been increasing.
Exhibition is very popular with not only exhibitors but also participants.
The number of booths is increased from the last year. Please be a
part of JpGU 2019 Meeting to promote your products, projects and
services, and to expand your communication network.

We welcome exhibitors who bring and announce information on job
searching for students.

We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken, and
right now, half of them have already been taken.

We are waiting for your application.

Details are available at:

(8) Business Meeting & Student Working Program (part time job)
We will start accepting applications after the program schedule is
finalized, around the end of March.

(9) Important Dates

Early Abstract Submission Deadline –> Feb 4 (MON) at 11:59pm JST
Final Abstract Submission Deadline –> Feb 19 (TUE) at 5:00pm JST
Acceptance Notification—————-> Mar 13 (WED)
Final Program ————————-> Mar 14 (THU)
Early Registration Deadline ———–> May 8 (WED) at 11:59pm JST
Abstract PDF Release —————–> May 17 (FRI)

#4. Change of Service at Registration Counter Due to the Revision of
the Installment Sales Act

The change does not affect attendees that complete the meeting
registration prior to the meeting and could bring or display the
e-ticket on the site.

The Revision of the Installment Sales Act has become effective on
June 1, 2018 and according to the Act, the meeting organizer is no
longer allowed to provide PCs or other devices that store credit card
information when proceeding the payment.

Due to this revision, the service we could provide at the registration
counter will be limited as described below at the 2019 meeting.

[Service at the 2019 Registration Counter]
– No PCs are provided for on-site registration and/or to print e-ticket.
>> Please bring your own device if not able to make a prior registration
or do not have the printed e-ticket. The table, power outlet and wired
LAN are provided.
– No supporting for ID and password search available.
>> JpGU ID and password can be retrieved by the attendees themselves
using the designated system.
>> If not able to retrieve the credentials, representative service
staff will support your registration or to generate your e-ticket at
the designated counter (5,000 JPY charged service).

Attendees are strongly advised to finish a meeting registration before
attending the meeting to prevent a waste of time and/ or money.

More details are available at

Act for Partial Revision of the Installment Sales Act

**The service is subject to change without notice when the legal
requirements change or for other reasons.

Masato Nakamura, Finance Committee

Happy New Year, everyone. I wish you all the best in your research
this year.

Well, on New Year’s Day, I think we have all given wonderful presents
to children, nieces and nephews. That’s right. This is New Year’s gifts
of money (OTOSHIDAMA in Japanese). I think it’s a very wonderful
Japanese culture.
Doesn’t this story make you feel like giving another OTOSHIDAMA to
JpGU? I guarantee you will be immersed in fresh feeling on the new

We have been requesting the 3000 yen donation since last year and
our goal is 500 people donations by the end of March 2019. Now we
expect another 140 in this three months to achieve the goal.
We are really almost reaching the goal. Once this is achieved, JpGU
will be able to move on to a very favorable tax position for accepting
donations. Now that the Heisei era is over, I would like to ask you
all to help the advance of JpGU.
The donations are used for financial support to encourage young
people to participate in the JpGU meetings. This is the wish of the
finance committee chairman at the end of this fiscal year.

#6. From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
The 11th Japan Earth Science Olympiad preliminary selection (13th
International Earth Science Olympiad preliminary selection at the same
time) was held at 70 sites all around Japan on December 16, 2018.

60 top students out of 1,600 candidates (1,952 applicants) are going
to challenge the final selection held on March 10 to 12, 2019 in
Tsukuba city.

(2) Educational Affairs Committee

The website (URL: http ://www has been opened.

The purpose of this website is to share the information on various
activities related to education and educational issues released by
various academic societies on the mathematics and the sciences,
and the academic societies joining the JpGU.
Information of education related events, and the records of public
sessions at JpGU meeting and other activities in the past have been
posted, as well as the education related information released by other
organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
Science and Technology and the Science Council of Japan.

If you have any information on educational related events etc. that
you would like to post on this website, please contact the person in
charge of Educational Affairs Committee Web at the JpGU office.

#7. Information from PEPS

(1) APC (Article Processing Charge) has been changed
Thank you very much for your contribution and cooperation to PEPS.
We would like to inform you that the APC has been changed from 9th
January 2019.
(New APC):
 @Non-Member: 1,300EUR
@JpGU Member/Review Article/Paper with full data attached article:
1,040EUR ( 20% discount)
 @Invited article: Fully covered by JpGU

(2) Latest Articles
The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

< Space and planetary sciences >
@ Paolo Viaggi et al.:
δ18O and SST signal decomposition and dynamic of the Pliocene-Pleistocene
climate system: new insights on orbital nonlinear behavior vs. long-term
@ Koji Wada et al.:
Asteroid Ryugu before the Hayabusa2 encounter.
@ Charles L Rino et al.:
Dynamic spectral characteristics of high-resolution simulated equatorial
plasma bubbles

< Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences >
@ Daisuke Matsuoka et al.:
Deep learning approach for detecting tropical cyclones and their
precursors in the simulation by a cloud-resolving global nonhydrostatic
atmospheric model.
@ Shuhei Masuda et al.:
Deep-float salinity data synthesis for deep ocean state estimation:
method and impact

< Human geosciences>
@ Masato Sato et al.:
A laboratory experiment on salt weathering by humidity change: salt
damage induced by deliquescence and hydration.
@ Yuichi S. Hayakawa et al.: Preface to the special issue “High-definition
topographic and geophysical data in geosciences”.

< Solid earth sciences >
@ Miyuu Uemura et al.:
Spatio-temporal changes in the seismic velocity induced by the 2011
Tohoku-Oki earthquake and slow slip event revealed from seismic
interferometry, using ocean bottom seismometer’s records.

< Biogeosciences >
@ Motoko Igisu et al.:
FTIR microspectroscopy of carbonaceous matter in ~ 3.5 Ga seafloor
hydrothermal deposits in the North Pole area, Western Australia.

< Interdisciplinary research >
@ Dick Kroon et al.: A two million year record of low-latitude aridity
linked to continental weathering from the Maldives.

#8. What’s New

(1) Career Opportunity

The University of Hong Kong Post-doctoral Fellow
(Application Deadline: Feb 28)

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