***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews December Issue
No.318 Dec 10, 2018***
<< Contents >>
| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. Notification of JpGU Members Website Scheduled Maintenance
| 3. The JpGU Meeting 2019 Information
| -> Meeting Outline
| -> Abstract Submissions Soon Be Open (from January 8)
| -> Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)
| -> Travel Support for Students
| -> Business Meeting & Student Working Program (part time job)
| -> About JpGU Membership
| -> Call for Exhibitors
| 4. The 3rd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary
| (Deadline approaching)
| 5. 2019 JpGU Fellowship Program(Deadline approaching)
| 6. From Committees
| -> Global Strategy Committee
| -> Publicity and Outreach Committee
| 7. Information from PEPS
| -> APC (Article Processing Charge) to be changed
| -> Latest Articles
| 8. What’s new
| -> Event Information
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. Notification of JpGU Members Website Scheduled Maintenance

Due to a preparation for meeting registration and abstract submission,
the JpGU members website will temporary be closed and all services
associated with it will be unavailable from December 17- January 8, 2019.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.
#3. The JpGU Meeting 2019 Information

(1) Meeting Outline
Name:JpGU Meeting 2019
Period:May 26(SUN)-30(THU), 2019
Venue:Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, International
Exhibition Hall/ Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall

*The session details for the 2019 meeting has been updated.

[Session List & Details]

[Session Schedule]

[Union Sessions]
Starting with the JpGU-AGU Great Debate, Union sessions are one
of our pick-up sessions at the 2019 meeting.

U-01 May 26(SUN)
[E] JpGU-AGU-EGU Great Debate: Impact of research assessment and going forward
U-02 May 26(SUN)
[E] Advancing workplace: progress, challenges and strategies for improvement
U-03 May 28(TUE)
[J] Future of Scientific Publishing in Geosciences
U-04 May 29(WED)
[J] Capture the fast process in Earth and planetary science
U-05 May 27(MON)
[J] Large-scale Research Projects: Master Plan 2020 and its beyond
U-06 May 30(THU)
[J] Japan’s contribution to IUGG celebrating 100th anniversary
U-07 May 29(WED)
[J] How JpGU will manage environment and disaster from the impacts of
unforeseen geo-hazards
U-08 May 30(THU)
[J] Opinions and recommendations from meeting participants to the
future of the Japan Geoscience Union  

[Public Sessions]
Public sessions are hosted for the benefit of the public attendees.
Attendees can attend public sessions free of charge.

O-01 May 26 (SUN)
[J] Exploring Buratamori – How to make science accessible
O-02 May 26 (SUN)
[J] Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science
O-03 May 26 (SUN)
[J] Poster presentations by senior high school students
O-04 May 26 (SUN)
[J] New earth and planetary science education created by hybrid
community between society and JpGU
O-05 May 26 (SUN)
[J] English improvement tips for Japanese scientists
O-06 May 26 (SUN)
[J] How to cope with intensifyng storm and flood disasters
O-07 May 26 (SUN)
[J] Kitchen Earth Science: Let’s stimulate your brain by hands-on
O-08 May 26 (SUN)
[J] How to make the image of the earth’s phenomenon to the general
people in the Geopark

(2) Abstract Submissions Soon Be Open (from January 8)
We are pleased to announce that the Abstract Submission and the
Meeting Registration will soon be opening on January 8, 2019.

[Important Dates]
Abstract submission: January 8 – February 19 at 5:00 pm JST
Early Abstract Submission Deadline: February 4, at 11:59 pm JST
Final Abstract Submission Deadline: February 19 at 5:00 pm JST

Meeting Registration: January 8 – May 30, 2019
Early Registration Deadline: May 8 at 11:59 pm JST
*Registration after this date is categorized as “normal
registration” and the standard fee (no discount) will be applied.

[Abstract Submission Fee]
Early submission: 3,000JPY / abstract (3,240JPY including tax)
Normal submission: 4,000JPY / abstract (4,320JPY including tax)

[Registration Fee]

JpGU Member and members of our Partner Unions (AGU, EGU and AOGS)
receive a discount on the registration fee.


The rate varies depending on your status (regular/ K-12
school teacher/ graduate student/ under graduate student/ Senior),
period of registration(early-bird or normal),and membership category
(JpGU member/ 2019 Nonmember) .

-2019 Nonmember is an ID for a 2019 meeting participation.
-Undergraduate students can attend the meeting free of charge.

–NEW for 2019–
◎ Senior of all membership category including JpGU Members will be
required a registration fee from 2019 meeting.
Details on this are available at:

(3) Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)
Each year, JpGU awards students who deliver outstanding
presentations during the meeting.(OSPA)

[Entry Information]
Period: January 8 – February 19, 2019 at 5:00pm JST
Please log in to your JpGU account and submit your entry from
the designed page.
Details: requirements and other details will be open by the
end of December.

[Call for OSPA Judges]
Volunteer judges are an integral part of the judging process of
OSPA. Please sign up to be a judge for 2019 OSPA!
Details are to be updated online soon.

(4) Travel Support for Students
JpGU offers financial support for students in order to attend the
2019 meeting.

Eligible applicants:
-Applicant must be a student (high school to graduate school) at the
time of application.
-Applicant must be the first author and the presenter(posters included).
Will be required to provide detailed personal information to JpGU at the
time of application.

*Students in minority groups in nationality and gender will be
given priorities.

[Important Dates]
-Entry period: January 8 – February 21, 2019
-Announcement of Recipients: March 13

Abstract submissions after the confirmation of the recipients are not

(5) Business Meeting & Student Working Program (part time job)
We will start accepting the applications after the program schedule
is finalized, around the end of March.

(6) About JpGU Membership
The 2019 JpGU fiscal year starts on January 8, 2019.
Please note that any membership payments received before or on
January 7, will be applied towards 2018 membership year and annual due
for the 2019 year will also be charged.

(7) Call for Exhibitors

At the JpGU Meeting, the largest meeting of Geoscience in Japan, the
number of exhibitors has been increasing.
Exhibition is very popular with not only exhibitors but also participants.
The number of booths is increased from the last year. Please be a
part of JpGU 2019 Meeting to promote your products, projects and
services, and to expand your communication network.

We welcome exhibitors who bring and announce information on job
searching for students.

We will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken, and
right now half of them have already been taken.

The booth booking system will temporary close due to a scheduled
maintenance during the period of December 17 – middle of January 2019.
We will let you know as soon as it reopens.

We are waiting for your application.

Details are available at:

#4. The 3rd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary
(Deadline approaching)

Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) is now accepting recommendations for
candidates for the 3rd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and

JpGU has created the “Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geo- and Planetary”
to honor internationally recognized mid-career researchers under the
age of 45 in 2014.

Application deadline:December 15 Saturday, 2018
Reference: The Nishida Prize Recipients List

#5. 2019 JpGU Fellowship Program(Deadline approaching)

The Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) is now accepting recommendations
for candidates for the 2019 JpGU Fellowship Program.
Nominees should be individuals who have contributed to the field of
geoscience by making significant discoveries or breakthroughs, instigating
a paradigm shift in our understanding, or making other significant
contributions to the development and dissemination of geoscientific
knowledge in Japan.

Nomination deadline: December 31 Monday, 2018
Reference: JpGU Fellowship Recipients List

#6. From Committee

(1) Global Strategy Committee

Japan Geoscience Union is exhibiting at 2018 AGU Fall Meeting
in Washington D.C., which is about to start today.

We will provide the 2019 JpGU Meeting session list, joint session
information and other meeting information related to JpGU-AGU Joint
Meeting 2020. Please drop in on JpGU booth!

Period: December 10-14
Booth Number: #1347

◎To Joint Session Conveners of JpGU 2019:
We have some sheets of Joint Session brochures that can be used for
a promotion of your session. If you want them, please stop by to the
JpGU Booth.

Sessions co-sponsored with JpGU at AGU Fall Meeting 2018 are
available at:

(2) Publicity and Outreach Committee
JpGU will tie-in with the University of Tokyo on 27 December to hold
Seminar for High School Students.

Name:2018 Winter Seminar for High School Students
Host:Japan Geoscience Union
Co-Organizer: Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Date and Time:December 27(THU) 13:00-16:00 *Door Opens: 12:30
Venue:Koshiba Hall, Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo
Capacity:170 people
Fee:Free of Charge

#7. Information from PEPS

(1) APC (Article Processing Charge) to be changed
Thank you very much for your contribution and cooperation to PEPS.

We would like to once again inform you that the APC will be changed
from January 2019 due to the renewal of contract with the publisher

(New APC):
@Non-Member: 1,300EUR
@JpGU Member/Review Article/Paper with full data attached article:
1,040EUR ( 20% discount)

The new APC will be applied from January contribution.
Please take notice of the date of submission if you are preparing to
submit manuscripts to PEPS.

(2) Latest Articles
The following articles were published. You can download and read
interesting articles from the PEPS web site at:

< Space and planetary sciences >
@ Julie Brisset et al.:
Regolith behavior under asteroid-level gravity conditions: low-velocity
impact experiments.
@ Svetlana Kostic et al.:
Water on Mars: Do submarine cyclic steps exist on the red planet?

< Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences >
@ Masahiro Tanoue et al.:
Seasonal variation in isotopic composition and origins of precipitation
over Bangladesh.

< Solid earth sciences >
@ Gaku Kimura et al.:
Punctuated Growth of an Accretionary Prism and the Onset of a Seismogenic
Megathrust in the Nankai Trough.
@ Thomas Wiersberg et al.:
Mantle-derived fluids in the Nankai Trough Kumano forarc basin.

< Biogeosciences >
@ Shinsuke Kawagucci et al.:
Cool and alkaline serpentinite formation fluid regime with scarce
microbial habitability and possible abiotic synthesis beneath the
South Chamorro Seamount.

< Interdisciplinary research >
@ Patricia Vazque et al.:
Influence of substrate and temperature on the crystallization of KNO3
droplets studied by infrared thermography.

#8. What’s New

(1) Event Information

Misasa International Symposium 2018
MISASA Ⅶ -Sample-returns and Astrobiology-
Date: Dec 20 (THU) – 21 (FRI), 2018
Venue: Yonago Convention Center, Tottori

The Meteorogical Society of Japan Seminar
Meteorological Education for School Teachers
Date: Jan 6 (SUN), 2019 13:30-17:30
Place: Den-en Chofu Gakuen, Tokyo
(Available in Japanese)

(2) Career Opportunity

The University of Hong Kong Post-doctoral Fellow
(Application Deadline: Feb 28)

Japan Geoscience Union Office (
4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
Phone: +81-3-6914-2080 Fax: +81-3-6914-2088

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