***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews April Issue
No.307 April 11, 2018***
<< Contents >>
| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. The JpGU Meeting 2018 Information [Important]
| -> Final Program Information
| -> Register Early and Save your Money!
| -> What to Do to Cancel Your Presentation
| -> Child Care Service
| -> Rental Rooms for Business Meeting
| -> Support Documents for VISA Application Deadline Approaching [April 24]
| -> Poster Print Service
| -> Call for Student Part-time Worker
| -> VISA and Letters Issue
| -> Housing
| -> Important Dates
| -> JpGU 2018 Exhibitors
| -> Call for Exhibitors
| 3. Meeting Event Information
| -> Lunchtime Special Lecture
| -> Party
| -> International Mixer Luncheon
| -> “Oshaberi” bar (Pop-Up talks)
| -> Chiba Special Field Trips
| -> Geotours
| -> GEOFUT 18
| -> Seminars for Meeting Participants
| -> Photo Contest
| 4. JpGU Fellow and “Miyake Prize” Awardee
| 5. From Committees
| -> Global Strategy Committee
| -> Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool
| -> Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
| -> Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad
| 6. Information from PEPS
| -> The first “Paper with full data attached” published
| -> PEPS paper awarded by The Seismological Society of Japan
| -> New editors
| -> Latest Information of PEPS
| 7. What’s new
| (Available in Japanese)
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU

(Available in Japanese)

#2. The JpGU Meeting 2018 Information [Important]
(1) Final Program Information
The program is finalized and the Meeting Program Portal is now
available at .
My Schedule function is available by logging-in with your JpGU ID
and password.

=> Abstract PDF : May 11.
=> Mobile App : mid-May.

(2) Register Early and Save your Money!
Register Early and Save your Money!
All attendees are required to make an online Meeting registration in
order to attend our meeting. If you wish to receive a discounted rate,
please finish your registration during the Early Registration period.

Early Meeting Registration Deadline: May 8, at 11:59pm JST

*Abstract submission and abstract submission fee does not register
you for the meeting.

[Fee Table]

[Discount Information]
-Discounted rates are only applicable for JpGU Members and our partner
Union Members (AGU/ EGU and AOGS). Please note that Nonmembers do
not receive any discount.

-Senior Discount
The registration fee for seniors of JpGU Members is free of charge.
Seniors who wish to receive this rate are kindly requested to change
their membership categories to “Senior” by themselves.
Please note that this discount is not applicable for AGU senior members.

(3) What to Do to Cancel Your Presentation
If you are unable to present at the meeting, use the Communication portal
to inform your session convener(s) of your cancellation. This portal can
also be used to inform change of presenter, inform the updates on your
abstract and any other communication to the convener.

Please note that this system is for communication and announcement use
only. We cannot make any change to the online program and printed materials.

The Communication portal is planned to be open on April 20.

(4) Child Care Service
JpGU will provide child care services during the meeting.

Please see the following URL for further details.
Registration is required for this service.

(5) Rental Rooms for Business Meeting
JpGU offers rental rooms for business meetings during the meeting.
We will provide these room on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Details are available at

(6) Support Documents for VISA Application Deadline Approaching [April 24]
JpGU is now providing a charged service to issue supporting documents
for VISA application for international attendees who need them.

The application deadline is approaching on April 24.
We cannot accept applications after this date. Please make sure to
finish a required procedure by the deadline.

Lear more about VISA Supporting Documents at

We are experiencing difficulties in receiving and sending emails to
If you have requested a invitation letter, acceptance letter or
supporting documents but have not receive any contact from us,
please inform us through

(7) Poster Print Service
JpGU has partnered with Kinko’s to provide a poster print service at the venue.

The application should be submitted from Kinko’s online system.
(All instructions are in Japanese.)

We provide language assistance to those who need it.
Please refer to our website for further information about assistance
for international presenters.

(8) Call for Student Part-time Worker
We will start calling for part-time student workers during the
meeting on April 13 at 5:00pm JST.

We have variety of jobs that you may enjoy.
Seats will be taken on first-come-first-serve basis.
Details are coming soon.

(9) Housing
Nippon Travel Agency has opened the website for local accommodations
for JpGU Meeting attendees.
See the details and book now!


Please note that the fee provided by the agency may not be the cheapest.
You may find a cheaper offer on the online booking website.

(10) Important Dates
Early Registration Deadline ———–> May 8 (TUE) at 11:59pm JST
Abstract PDF Release —————–> May 11 (FRI)
JpGU Meeting 2018 ——————-> May 20 (SUN)- 24 (THU)

(11) JpGU 2018 Exhibitors
JpGU introduces Exhibitors for JpGU 2018 Meeting on our website.
Please visit our booths and explore the latest information!

You can enjoy various “Exhibitors’ Short Seminar” on the Mini Stage
at the venue, which include introduction of projects, hands-on
training of the tools, information for students. Please get in touch
with the hot and useful information!

(12) Call for Exhibitors
JpGU Meeting is calling for applications to Exhibition. As the
largest meeting on geoscience in Japan, the JpGU Meeting not only
attracts many more exhibitors year by year, but Exhibition becomes
much more popular to participants including students. Please note
that we have already accepted a certain number of applications, so
that we will not be able to accept applications once all the places
are taken.
We would appreciate it if you could be a part of JpGU 2018 Meeting to
promote your products, projects and services, and to expand your
network? We are looking forward to receiving your application.

#3. Meeting Event Information
The meeting event information is posted online and more
information is coming up!
Check it out and sign up NOW!

(1) Lunchtime Special Lecture
World class researchers deliver lectures during the lunchtime!
This year’s lectures are Nishida Prize recipients.
Bring your lunch and enjoy the lectures.

Date and Time: May 20 – May 24, 12:30pm-1:40pm
Room: 103, 1F International Conference Hall

(2) Party
We welcome any registered attendees to join us at JpGU Party 2018!

Date and Time: May 22 from 19:00
Location: Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall A05~A07
Online Advance Rate (Deadline: May 19 at 3:00pm JST):
-Regular: 4,320 JPY/ tax included
-Student: 1,980 JPY/ tax included
Pre-registration: My Account Log in Page (
Normal Rate (May 20- May 22)
-Regular: 5,000 JPY/ tax included
-Student: 2,500 JPY/ tax included
We are waiting for your participation.

(3) International Mixer Luncheon
To enhance the exchange of early career scientists from all over the
world, International Mixer Luncheon will be held during our meeting.

Date and Time: May 21, 12:30pm-13:30pm
Place: A06, Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall
Fee: Free of charge *Free Lunch
Total Number: 100 students and early career scientist
Deadline: No deadline but the application will be closed as soon as the
number of applicants reaches the capacity.
Registration: Required (to be open in mid-April)

(4) “Oshaberi” bar (Pop-Up talks)
Pop-up talks is an exciting free talk presentation by students and
early career scientists under 35 years old.
Each talk will last 5 minutes and the presentation topic can be anything
related to science (e.g. Research, lifestyle, career etc.)
Presenters will also be given an original t-shirt!

Date: May 21 (MON) and 23 (WED)
Time: 5:15pm-5:45pm
Place: Mini Stage, International Exhibition Hall
Application: to be open soon

(5) Chiba Special Field Trip

Sign-up now to take part on the very rare field trips to explore the
first Japanese GSSP candidate “Chiba Section” and its adjacent
sequences, Chibanian or a retired Antarctic research vessel
“Japanese icebreaker SHIRASE” and visiting Planetary Exploration
Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology.
Both courses will be guided in English by the experts!

Date: May 25
-UMI Course: Special Tour to SHIRASE and PERC 3500 JPY/ person
-YAMA Course: Field Trip for Chibanian 4500 JPY/ person

(6) Geotours
Do you like Japan?
Do you want to experience Japanese culture and visit geo-sites at one
Then, why don’t you join the very attractive “Geotours” supported
by Japanese Geoparks Network?

now for details.

(7) GEOFUT 18
The GEOFUT 18 is going to be held on May 20 at ZOZOPARK.
We closed the application for participants but welcome spectators.

(8) Seminars for Meeting Participants
We introduce special seminars only for meeting participants.
Registered meeting participants can attend them free of charge.
Don’t miss this great opportunity!

“Becoming a Better Reviewer: Insights for Enhancing Your Peer Review
Effectiveness “
Date and Time: May 21st (Mon) 12:30p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Supported by FORTE

“Workshop on paper submission(Title TBD)”
Date and Time: May 22nd (Tue)12:30p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Supported by Wiley

“Convince readers by appropriately qualifying assertions:
an essential skill for successful research writing”
Date and Time: May 23rd (Wed)112:30p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Supported by ELSS, Inc.

Please visit “Seminar” page for more details

(9) Photo Contest
Again, we are going to hold a Photo Contest during the
meeting. The awarded photo will be the poster of the 2019 JpGU
Meeting. The photo can be anything related to geoscience.
Get your photo ready to be a contestant!!

Application is planned to be open in the end of April.

#4. JpGU Fellow and “Miyake Prize” Awardee

JpGU announces new JpGU Fellow and Japan Geoscience Union Scientific
Award “Miyake Prize” Awardee. For further details, visit our website.
Award ceremonies are to be held on May 22nd.
We’re waiting for your participation.

*2018 JpGU Fellow (Alphabetical order / titles omitted)

Akaogi Masaki, Atreya Sushil K., Fukunishi Hiroshi,
Hirasawa Takeo, Kashiwaya Kenji, Mitsuyasu Hisashi,
Miyazaki Tsuyoshi, Nagahara Hiroko, Sato Haruo,
Seno Tetsuzo, Suzuki Takasuke, Takahashi Eiichi,

For further details,

*2018 Japan Geoscience Union Scientific Award “Miyake Prize” Awardee
(title omitted)

Eiji Ohtani

For further details,

#5. From Committees
(1) Global Strategy Committee

JpGU is making our exhibit at the EGU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna.
We hope to see you at the #X209booth at Hall X2 on the basement floor.

Period: April 8-13
Booth Number: #X209

(2) Committee for Diversity Management and Talent Pool

The Committee continuously requests for cooperation for a 5-10 minute
survey regarding harassment. We welcome any researchers who can
answer to the Japanese survey.

(3) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

The 10th Japan Earth Science Olympiad was held from March 11- 13 at
Tsukuba, Ibaraki.
Gold, silver and bronze prize were awarded to 10 participants/ prize.
The Japan Geoscience Union Prize was awarded to the top female

On March 13 and 14, the 10 gold prize awardees competed to earn a
place for the 12th International Science Olympiad and 4 of them will
compete in Thailand on August 8- 17.

(4) Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad
The 3rd selection for the 12th International Geography Olympiad (iGeo)
was held on March 11 in Kobe. The Japan Committee for International
Geography Olympiad selected 4 candidates to compete in Quebec, Canada
on July 31- August 6.
[iGeo website]

#6. Information from PEPS

(1) The first “Paper with full data attached” published

We have published the first paper in our new category “Paper with
full data attached”.

High-resolution and high-precision correlation of dark and light layers
in the Quaternary hemipelagic sediments of the Japan Sea recovered
during IODP Expedition 346 Tada et al.

(2) PEPS paper awarded by The Seismological Society of Japan

We are pleased to announce that the following PEPS article won the
Best Paper Award of the Seismological Society of Japan.

Research [Solid earth sciences]
Determination of temporal changes in seismic velocity caused by
volcanic activity in and around Hakone volcano, central Japan, using
ambient seismic noise records
Yohei Yukutake, Tomotake Ueno and Kazuki Miyaoka

(3) New editors

We are pleased to announce that new editors have joined our editorial

– Till J. J. Hanebuth, Coastal Carolina University, USA
– Akira Oka, The University of Tokyo, Japan
– Yoshiki Saito, Shimane University, Japan

Please see below for more about the PEPS editorial board members:

(4) Latest Information of PEPS

Graphical updates of PEPS are available at:

#7. What’s new
(1) Event Information
(Available in Japanese)

Japan Geoscience Union (
4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0032, Japan
Phone: +81-3-6914-2080
Fax: +81-3-6914-2088

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