***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews June Issue
No.296 June 12, 2017***
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| 1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. The JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017 Report
| -> Overview
| -> Poster presentations by High School students
| -> Result of Joint Meeting Special Photo Contest
| -> From OSPA Committee
| -> Abstract PDF
| -> Lost and Found
| -> Certificates
| 3. 2018 JpGU Meeting Information
| 4. Election
| 5. Information from PEPS
| -> Call for recommendations of excellent presentations from session conveners of JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017
| -> Latest Information of PEPS
| 6. What’s new
| -> Event Information
|[Ad]★ Nature Astronomy –
| Authors Interview; Dr. Yasuhito Sekine & Dr. Hidenori Genda★
#1. Preface by Hodaka Kawahata, President of JpGU
(Available in Japanese)

#2. The JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017 Report

(1) Overview
Thank you for participating in JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017.
It was a great success thanks to all your cooperation.
Here is the flash report of the meeting.

Period: May 20(SAT)-25(THU), 2017 for 6 days
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall, International Exhibition Hall 7
Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall
Host: Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU), American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Sponsorship: 46 organizations
The Astronomical Society of Japan, The Japanese Coral Reef Society,
Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering, The Japan Landslide Society,
The Japanese Geotechnical Society, Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering,
The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology,
Japan Society of Civil Engineers

(A) Sessions

* Number of Sessions: 253 (194 in 2016, 189 in 2015, 193 in 2014)
U: Union 6 (EE:3,EJ:2,JJ:1)
O: Public 6 (EE:0,EJ:0,JJ:6)
P: Space and Planetary Sciences 23 (EE:12,EJ:5,JJ:6)
A: Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences 53 (EE:24,EJ:10,JJ:19)
H: Human Geosciences 36 (EE:16,EJ:4,JJ:16)
S: Solid Earth Sciences 74 (EE:34,EJ:14,JJ:26)
B: Biogeociences 10 (EE:4,EJ:3,JJ:3)
G: General and Outreach 4 (EE:0,EJ:1,JJ:3)
M: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary 41 (EE:14,EJ:7,JJ:20)

Number of Abstracts: 5645 (4515 in 2016, 4037 in 2015, 3806 in 2014)
Oral: 2867 (2435 in 2016, 2545 in 2015, 2428 in 2014)
Poster: 2778 (2080 in 2016, 1492 in 2015, 1378 in 2014)
*Including 80 poster presentations by high school students

(B) Number of Participants

Total Number of Participants: 8450
(7240 in 2016, 6689 in 2015, 7046 in 2014, 6824 in 2013)
-Participants of Scientific Session: 6645
Regular: 4221, School Teacher: 41, Graduate Student: 1480, Senior: 159,
Undergraduate Student: 700, High School Student: 44

-Family: 62

-Outreach and Education and Public: 1176
Public Session: 406
High School Session: 323
Geopark: 319
Outreach Event for Junior High School Student: 55
Outreach Event for High School Student: 73

-Exhibitor: 409

-Guest: 9

-Press: 89

-Volunteer: 48

-Staff: 12


-Exhibition booth: 74 (68 in 2016, 65 in 2015, 80 in 2014)
*2014 includes University information panels.
-University information panel: 11 (10 in 2016, 11 in 2015)
-Publishers (Related goods): 30 (26 in 2016, 26 in 2015, 27 in 2014)
-Pamphlet Stand: 9 (5 in 2016, 7 in 2015, 7 in 2014)
-Society Area: 13 (11 in 2016, 10 in 2015, 10 in 2014)
-Special Exhibition: 5

(2) Poster presentations by High School Students
Poster presentation by high school students was held on Sunday, May 21.
80 presentations were made and schools shown below were awarded for their
excellent works.

(A) Most Outstanding Presentation Award (1 School)
-Sapporo Nihon University Senior High School

(B) Outstanding Presentation Award (4 Schools)
-Osaka Prefectural Otemae Senior High School (part-time course)/
Osaka Prefectural Kasugaoka Senior High School (part-time course)
-Okayama Prefectural Tsuyama High School
-Shizuoka Prefectural Banda Minami High School
-Tottori Prefectural Tottori Higashi High School

(C) Incentive Award (7 Schools)

See the URL below for information. (Available in Japanese)

*Honorable mentions will be informed soon.

(3) Result of Joint Meeting Special Photo Contest
The Joint Meeting Special Photo Contest was held during the meeting
receiving 14 entries.
The winner was the piece No.2 “Looking down the Hell”.
This winning photo will be used for a promotion of the 2018 JpGU

Thank you for participating in and supporting the contest.

(4) From OSPA Committee
The result of OSPA is planned to be reported in the next Mailnews
(July Issue) or as an Extra Issue if is ahead of schedule.
Please wait for a while.

Thank you for your participation.
We also would like to express our gratitude for all judges for
their cooperation.

(5) Abstract PDF
Abstract PDF is available to download from the following URL.

(6) Lost and Found
JpGU keeps all the belongings left in the conference site.

If you have lost your belonging, please contact along with the
detailed information (item, color, date and place of loss, etc.,)
of the item.

We’ll send it to you by cash on delivery.
Items are to be disposed of after June 30.

(7) Certificates
JpGU issues certificate of attendance and certificate of presentation to
those who need them. The certificate will be sent in PDF via email.

**Application Deadline: June 30 (FRI)

Detail & Application

#3. JpGU Meeting 2018 Information

The 2018 JpGU Meeting is scheduled for 5 days, from May 20 (SUN)
– 24 (THU), 2018. Session proposal is open on September 1, 2017.
We are waiting for your proposals.

[ The 2018 JpGU Meeting Information]

Date: May 20 (SUN) to 24 (THU), 2018
Place: Makuhari Messe (International Conference Hall,
International Exhibition Hall 8, Tokyo Bay Makiuhari Hall)

2018 JpGU Meeting Chair: President of Japan Association for Quaternary Research
Program Committee Chair: Atsushi HIGUCHI (Chiba University)

#4. Representative election

Term of office of representatives who are elected in 2016 expire at
March 31st 2018, and the next representative election will be
announced on the beginning of August.
A number of representatives is 150 from this election.

Only those who are a JpGU member on the day before the public
announcement of the representative election and make payment for
annual fee is eligible to be a candidate, to be a nominator and to
To be a JpGU member, approval of board of directors is required
after the application through online system.
Meeting of directors will be held at July 21st, and 20nd 5:00pm(JST)
is the deadline for membership application through online system
before the meeting of directors.
Please apply for JpGU membership by the deadline.

Please check your payment status through online system, and if you
have not made payment for member fee for 2017 and before, please
make payment in advance.

#5. Information from PEPS

(1) Call for recommendations of excellent presentations from session
conveners of JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017

We would like to ask each session convener to indicate one or two
presentations from your session that are of particular scientific merit,
and which contain material that has not yet been published or submitted
to another journal.

Recommendation due date: June 30
Please see the following webpage for details.

You may read PEPS articles that were invited on the basis of recommendations
by session conveners of the past JpGU Meetings.

(2) Latest Information of PEPS

Graphical updates of PEPS are available at:

#6. What’s new

(1) Event Information

IGCP630 Annual Symposium (2017)
“Permian-Triassic climatic & environmental extremes and biotic responses”
Date: June 14 (WED)-16(FRI), 2017
Venue: Tohoku University, Miyagi

National Institute for Environmental Studies Symposium 2017
Date: June 16 (FRI) / June 23 (FRI)
Place: Shiga/ Tokyo
(Available in Japanese)

The 4th Kyoto University- Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium
Date: July 1 (SAT) and 2 (SUN), 2017
Venue: Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University, Kyoto

Misasa International Workshop
“Earthquake hazards and tectonics in southwest Japan”
Date: July 15 (SAT) – 18 (TUE), 2017
Venue: Blanc Art Misasa, Tottori

IAG-IASPEI Joint Scientific Assembly 2017
Date: July 30th- Aug 4, 2017
Place: Kobe International Conference Center, Hyogo

The Good Hope IAPSO-IAMAS-IAGA Assembly in Cape Town
Date: August 27 (SUN) – September 1 (FRI), 2017
Venue: The Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa

The 8th International DOAS Workshop
Date: September 4 (MON) – 6 (WED), 2017
Venue: Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, Kanagawa

Nature Astronomy Authors Interview;
Dr. Yasuhito Sekine & Dr. Hidenori Genda
■ Access here to read the interview.
(Available in Japanese)
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