***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews Extra Issue
No.283 September 20, 2016***
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| 1. 2017 JpGU Fellowship Program
| 2. 2nd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience
#1. 2017 JpGU Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program confers fellowship honors upon individuals who
have made contributions to the field of geoscience research in Japan
by making significant discoveries breakthroughs or paradigm shift,
or contributing to the development of Japanese geoscience and the
dissemination of geoscientific knowledge.

Please see the details shown below and send the documents necessary
for the nomination by the deadline.

Nomination deadline: December 31, 2016(JST)
Reference: 2016 JpGU Fellowship

#2. 2nd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience

Japan Geoscience Union is now accepting recommendations for
candidates for the 2nd Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience.

JpGU has created the “Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience”
to honor internationally recognized mid-level researchers under
the age of 45.

The prize is named for member Prof. Atsuhiro Nishida (JpGU fellow),
who provided a proposal and a donation in support.

Recommendation deadline: December 15, 2016(JST)
Reference: 1st Nishida Prize Winners

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