*** Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews October Edition,
                                           No.249 October 13, 2015 ***

<< Contents >>
|  1.Information of JpGU Meeting 2016
|   -> Session proposals to be closed soon
|      (Deadline: October 15, Two more days!)
|   -> Schedule of JpGU Meeting 2016
|   -> Start recruiting exhibitors
|  2.International session and Joint sessions with AGU
|  3.Representative election
|  4.2016 JpGU Fellowship Program
|  5.Information from PEPS
|   ->Special International Sessions contributing to Progress in Earth
|     and Planetary Science (PEPS) are wanted for JpGU Meeting 2016
|   ->New menu available on PEPS website
|   ->SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)
|   ->Newly released articles on PEPS
|   ->PEPS Official Facebook, Twitter and Editors’ Blog
|  6.From Committees
|   ->Earth Science Olympiad Committee
|  7.What’s new(Only in Japanese)


#1. Information of JpGU Meeting 2016

(1) Session proposals to be closed soon
(Deadline: October 15, Two more days!)

Session proposals for JpGU Meeting 2016 is to be closed soon.
Deadline is October 15th, Thursday at 17:00JST.
For further details, see our website.

<Recruiting period>
September 1st, 2015, Tuesday – October 15th, Thursday at 17:00JST
Visit the following URL.

Proposed sessions are shown below.
Login with your ID->Session proposal->Sessions proposed in JpGU Meeting 2016
Please note that the sessions shown here are not fixed yet.

(2) Schedule of JpGU Meeting 2016

Session proposal deadline ————–> Oct. 15th, Thursday at 17:00JST
Session is released on the web ———> Dec. 21st, Monday
Abstract submission and
JpGU Meeting registration start ——–> Jan.  7th, Thursday, 2016
Advance abstract submission deadline —> Feb.  3rd, Wednesday at 24:00JST
Final abstract submission deadline —–> Feb. 18th, Thursday at 12:00JST
Release program on the web ————-> Mar. 10th, Thursday
Early bird meeting registration closes -> May  10th, Tuesday at 17:00JST
Abstract PDFs are released on the web –> May  12th, Wednesday

(3) Start recruiting exhibitors

We start recruiting exhibitors on November 4th, Wednesday.


#2. International session and Joint sessions with AGU
                by JpGU meeting 2016 Program Chair, Tadao Nishiyama

By now 79 sessions including 27 international session are proposed.
We also are planning joint sessions with AGU. We’re waiting for your
session proposals.

We’re waiting for your active session proposals to promote
internationalization of JpGU.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact


#3. JpGU Representative election

(1)Asking you to vote for representative election

Voting for the representative election started on September 29th.

Representatives become executive board members, and can be selected
as presidents of
Japan Geoscience Union. They pass resolutions regarding executive
official elections,
confirmation of project master plans and other operation policies
together with society
members at ordinary and extraordinary general staff meetings.
Members who have finished membership subscription by August 3th, 2015
are eligible to vote.

->How to vote
Members can cast votes for at most a half of quorum for representatives
in their electoral division.
Elected representatives or staff, together with society members,
are to elect board members, confirm project programs and resolve various
matters, concerning the management of this union in the regular or
extraordinary general meetings of members.
General meeting of members is the supreme decision-making body of this union.
Please note that the representatives of Human geosciences section win
by default as the number of the candidates is the same as that of representatives.  
Please vote for the person who is appropriate for representative of JpGU,
regardless of gender residense, or organization.

October 13th, 2015

Board of Election of Japan Geoscience Union
  Chairman: Morihisa Hamada
  Members : Akira Sessai Yukimatu
            Takuya Hasegawa
            Tsuyoshi Iizuka
            Hidetsugu Yoshida
            Yoko Kebukawa


 Turnout as of October 13th is as follows.

 Electoral Zones              (Numbers / Candidates / Memebers / Voting rate)
 Space and Planetary Sciences                 (16 / 18 / 1,222 / 8.8%)
 Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences        (19 / 30 / 1,614 / 7.1%)
 Human Geosciences                         (14 / 15 /   982 / 3.4%)
 Solid Earth Sciences                        (31 / 51 / 2,903 / 5.1%)
 Biogeoscience                                ( 9 / 14 /   525 / 5.1%)
 General Geoscience                        (11 / 13 /   678 / 1.6%)
 Total                                        (100 / 141 / 7,924 / 5.6%)
For further details, see the following URL.

                      October 13th, 2015
                      Board of Election of Japan Geoscience Union

(3)Recent schedule

Representative election
  September 29th, Tuesday: Start voting
  October 28th, Wednesday: Close voting
  November 2nd, Monday: Vote counting and reporting election outcome

Section president election
  November 2nd, Monday: Public announcement
  November 5th, Thursday: Start accepting candidates
  November16th, Monday: Close accepting candidates
  November 25th, Wednesday: Start voting
  December 8th, Tuesday: Close voting
  December 14th, Monday: Vote counting and reporting election outcome

[List of candidates]

[How to vote]
Please vote from the following URL.


#4. 2016 JpGU Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program confers fellowship honors upon individuals who
have made contributions to the field of geoscience research in Japan
by making significant discoveries breakthroughs or paradigm shift,
or contributing to the development of Japanese geoscience and the
dissemination of geoscientific knowledge.

Please see the details shown below and send the documents necessary
for the nomination by the deadline.

Nomination deadline:December 31st, Thursday, 2015
Reference: 2015 JpGU Fellowship


#5. Information from PEPS

(1) Special International Sessions contributing to Progress in Earth
and Planetary Science (PEPS) are wanted for JpGU Meeting 2016

Now that the session proposal for JpGU Meeting 2016 has started, we,
Journal Planning Committee is to accept application for Special
International Session about Multidisciplinary research field as a part of
global communication enhancement.
Financial support for accommodation and transportation are to be provided
to the participants from abroad who make presentations at this special session.
Several participants in a session including these invited presenters
from abroad, conveners, and other Japanese presenters are required
to submit their manuscripts to our international journal PEPS on the basis of
their presentations. They are expected to submit their manuscripts within
6 months after the JpGU Meeting 2016.
This preferential treatment will not only implement fruitful sessions in
the JpGU Meeting but also improve the high level of PEPS quality.

* Requirements for proposing Special International Sessions
? The session must be held at JpGU Meeting 2016.
? Several manuscripts based on the session presentations have to be
submitted to PEPS within 6 months after the session. (The proponents shall
obtain the relevant authors’ agreement in advance regarding this requirement.)
? Financial support to utmost two participants from abroad are available
per session.

* Several proposals are to be adopted as Special International Sessions.

* Please provide the following information (No specific format is required):
? A document outlining the contents of your proposed session
(Our Steering and Planning Committee will discuss your proposal so it would
be useful if you would indicate aspects of your session that will most appeal to us.)
? If possible, please provide a separate document providing a detailed
description of the session.
? A written request detailing the budget necessary to hold your proposed session.
? A list of presenters and authors including their proposed topics, titles,
affiliations and e-mail addresses.

* Where to submit
PEPS Editorial Office, Japan Geoscience Union <>

* Deadline
23th October, 2015 at 17:00JST

* The Journal Planning Committee will examine every proposal for the Special
International Sessions whether or not to approve its request for financial support.
For detailed information of our journal PEPS please access:

(2) New menu available on PEPS website
On our PEPS website (, a new menu bar
“Highlighted Articles” has been added to access the pages highlighting PEPS articles
in the following attractive points of view:
* Most-viewed articles
* Most-cited articles
* JpGU Meeting 2014 Session convener-recommended articles
* JpGU Meeting 2013 Session convener-recommended articles

(3) SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)
We call for papers on “High-Pressure Earth and Planetary Science in the
last and next decade”.
The submission deadline is November 30, 2015.
For details, please see the webpage:

(4) Newly released articles on PEPS
PEPS has published new articles as follows.

* Review [Solid earth sciences]
Towards more realistic core-mantle boundary heat flux patterns: a source
of diversity in planetary dynamos
Hagay Amit, Gael Choblet, Peter Olson, Julien Monteux, Frederic Deschamps,
Benoit Langlais and Gabriel Tobie

* Research [Solid earth sciences]
Geographical distribution of shear wave anisotropy within marine sediments
in the northwestern Pacific
Takashi Tonegawa, Yoshio Fukao, Gou Fujie, Shunsuke Takemura,
Tsutomu Takahashi and Shuichi Kodaira

* Review [Space and planetary sciences]
Advancing the understanding of the Sun?Earth interaction?the Climate
and Weather of the Sun?Earth System (CAWSES) II program
Toshitaka Tsuda, Marianna Shepherd and Nat Gopalswamy

* Review [Solid earth sciences]
Liquid sodium models of the Earth’s core
Matthew M. Adams, Douglas R. Stone, Daniel S. Zimmerman and Daniel P. Lathrop

(5) PEPS Official Facebook, Twitter and Editors’ Blog
* Facebook:
* Twitter:
* PEPS Editors’ Blog:


#6. From Committees

(1) Earth Science Olympiad Committee

->Flash report of International Earth Science Olympiad in Brazil

The 9th International Earth Science Olympiad was held at Pocos de
Caldas in Brazil and 85 high school students from 22 countries
participated in this event and team Japan won one gold medal,
one silver medal and two bronze medals.

For further details, see the following URL.

->The 10th International Earth Science Olympiad planned to be held
in Mie, Japan next August

Thanks to your cooperation, we could hit our fund-raising target.
We still need the additional fund for participants from developing countries.
We’re waiting for our further support.


#7. What’s new

Only in Japanese.


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