Japan Geoscience Union Mail News
No.24 Sep 18, 2008.


Information of JpGU Meeting 2009

Dear Colleagues,

JPGU (Japan Geoscience Union) is planning to make international
sessions in the 2009 JPGU annual meeting to be held on May 16-21,2009, Makuhari. Our program committee invites you to submit session
proposals for the international sessions of the meeting.
The session
proposal form and guideline for the proposal is given in the following

The deadline for the proposal
is October 24,2008.
We encourage you to provide many excellent session proposals on wide
disciplines in the Earth and planetary sciences.
I am looking forwards to having a proposal from you.
Sincerely yours,

Gaku Kimura
President of JPGU

(1)JpGU Meeting 2009
Date :  From  Saturday 16 May to Thursday 21 May 2009.
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Convention Hall


(2) Call for session proposals !
Session Proposal are welcomed from 16  September to 24 October 2008.

Please see the following website for further information.

(3) Poster design for JpGU Meeting 2009
is wanted now!
Deadline is Wednesday 15 October 2008.

Please see the details on the followin


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