*** Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews July Edition,
                                           No.239 July 10, 2015 ***

<< Contents >>
|  1. Prefatory note (Only in Japanese)
|            by Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU
|  2. Session proporal for JpGU Meeting 2016
|  3. Elections of Representatives and Candidates for Directors
|  4. Student Outstanding Presentation Awardees
|  5. Asking for donation to Japan Geoscience Union
|  6. Information from PEPS
|   -> New SPEPS (Call for Papaers) Opened
|   -> Publications of SPEPS papers started
|   -> Newly released articles on PEPS
|   -> PEPS Editors’ Blog information
|  7. JpGU Office Staff is wanted
|  8. JpGU Booth at AOGS 2015 and INQUA NAGOYA
|  9. From committees
|   -> Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
|  10. What’s new


#1. Prefatory note  by Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU


#2. Session proporal for JpGU Meeting 2016

  JpGU Meeting 2016 is from May 22nd, Sunday to 26th, Thursday for 5 days at
Makuhari Messe next year.
Various joint sessions with AGU are to be planned at the initiative of five sections.
Session proposals by individual JpGU members are welcome.
Session proposal for JpGU 2016 starts on September 1st, Monday.

->Recent schedule (Tentative)
JpGU Meeting 2016 website opens: September 1st, Monday, 2015
Session proposal: September 1st, Monday – October 15th, Thursday, 2015
Release sessions on the web: December 21st, Monday, 2015
Abstract submission: January 7th, Thursday, – February 18th, Thursday, 2016


#3. Elections of Representatives and Candidates for directors

150 delegates of Japan Geoscience Union consist of 100 representatives and 50 member societies, totally .
Among them, next members of board of directors and section presidents are elected.

Elections of representatives and candidates for directors are to be conducted
 from the beginning of August in 2015 to February in 2016.
JpGU members are eligible to be a voter and a candidate for a representative.

For further details, it will be announced on our website and by mailnews
at the beginning of August.

Please see the statute of JpGU in English, Section 5 Board of Directors

Only a JpGU member on the day before the public announcement of the representative
 election is eligible to be a candidate or a voter.
It is July 14th, Tuesday this time.
Please be sure to confirm your annual due payment of 2015.
Please note that membership must be confirmed at the board of directors.
Next Borad of directors meeting is on July 18th.
You can’t update your section and electoral division during the election period.

Recent schedule
Formal schedule is to be announced in the middle of July.
(1) Representative election (Public announcement – nomination – voting): At the beginning of August – At the beginning of November
(2) Section president election (Public announcement – nomination – voting): At the beginning of November – In the middle of December
(3) Election of Candidates for directors (Public announcement – nomination – voting): At the beginning of January – In the middle of February


#4 Student Outstanding Presentation Awardees at JpGU Meeting 2015

->Space and planetary Sciences section
Izumi Satio, Kazunari Ito, Claudia Martinez Calderon, Yuko Kubota, Shinsuke Kato, Tatsuyuki Arai,
Shogo Isayama, Hirotoshi Uchino, Septi Perwitasari, Haruhisa Iijima, Ryota Fukai, Takahiro Oishi,
Masao Yamaguchi, Masayoshi Kozai

->Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences section
Tatsuhiro Mori, Yuko Yamagata, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Mitsunori Ishikawa, Hidetaka Kobayashi, Shunsuke Kurokawa,

->Human Geosciences section
Hikarai Mukumoto, Yao Jiang, Nozomi Hatano, Yasuto Hirata, Akinori Karasuda, Nioofar Hji Mirza Aghasi,
Keitaro Yamada

->Solid Earth Sciences section
Tianhonzhe Sun, Rentaro Shimizu, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Fumiko Higashino, Kosuke Yabe, Keiko Matsumoto,
Kaori Seki, Mayumi Mijin, Yo Knno, Masanao Ohsumi, Shu-Kuan Wong, Yu Iriyama, Hatsuki Yamauchi,
 Takaomi Kawano, Yohei Igami, Izumi Takeguchi Kosuke Ishige, Takayuki Nakatani, Takayoshi Nagaya,
 Yoshihiro Nakamura, Kohei Tominaga, Takafumi Harada, Atsushi Yasumoto, Yu Kitahara, Mari Ohtani,
Suguru Yabe, Takeshi Akuhara, Loic Viens

->Biogeoscienes section
Hikaru Furukawa, Takayuki Tashiro, Mizumo Bessho, Mariko Harada

Award certificates and commemorative gifts are to be deliverd soon.


#5. Asking for donation to Japan Geoscience Union

Japan Geoscience Union started to recruit donation to help promote non-profitable
 activities of JpGU.

Receipts available for income tax reports are issued.
JpGU will be given tax incentives if we meet specific requirements, and donators can
enjoy more preferential treatments for tax deduction.

If you need the documents for donation, please let us know.
We’ll be waiting for your donation.


#6. Information from PEPS

(1) New SPEPS (Call for Papers) Opened
We have opened a new SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot
We seek excellent manuscripts on
“High-Pressure Earth and Planetary Science in the last and next decade”.

The submission deadline is November 30, 2015.
For details, please see the webpage:

(2) Publications of SPEPS papers started

The publications of papers submitted for the following SPEPS have started.

1. Multidisciplinary Researches on Deep Interiors of the Earth and Planets

2. Land-Ocean Linkages under the Influence of the Asian Monsoon

We appreciate that many authors were interested in these SPEPS themes and
submitted their excellent papers.
More articles will be added to these topical publications for the coming several months.

(3) Newly released articles on PEPS

PEPS has published new articles as follows.

* Review [Space and planetary sciences]
Short-term variability of the Sun-Earth system:
an overview of progress made during the CAWSES-II period
Nat Gopalswamy, Bruce Tsurutani and Yihua Yan

* Research [Human geosciences]
Rainfall intensity-duration conditions for mass movements in Taiwan
Chi-Wen Chen, Hitoshi Saito and Takashi Oguchi

* Research [Solid earth sciences]
Stratification of Earth’s outermost core inferred from SmKS array data
Satoshi Kaneshima and Takanori Matsuzawa

* Research [Solid earth sciences]
Historical and paleo-tsunami deposits during the last 4000 years
and their correlations with historical tsunami events in Koyadori
on the Sanriku Coast, northeastern Japan
Daisuke Ishimura and Takahiro Miyauchi

* Review [Interdisciplinary research]
The Pliocene to Recent History of the Kuroshio and Tsushima Currents:
a multi-proxy approach
Stephen Gallagher, Akihisa Kitamura, Yasufumi Iryu, Takuya Itaki,
Itaru Koizumi and Peter Hoiles

* Research [Space and planetary sciences]
Towards scaling laws for subduction initiation on terrestrial planets:
constraints from two-dimensional steady-state convection simulations
Teresa Wong and Viatcheslav S Solomatov

(4) PEPS Editors’ Blog information

In addition to the PEPS official facebook and Twitter pages,
we have PEPS Editors’ Blog where Editors post their articles
by rotation regarding their editorial works, experiences, useful information
for authors or other inside stories, in Japanese, in English or
sometimes both.

* PEPS Editors’ Blog:

[New Blog Posts]

* “Some Thoughts on Review Articles” posted by
Dr. Kevin Hamilton (A member of Editorial Advisory Board,
Editor of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section,
Retired professor and Director, International Pacific Research Center,
University of Hawaii)

* “The publication process ? perspectives of an editor” posted by
Dr. Bjorn O. Mysen (Editor of Solid earth sciences Section,
Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA)


#7. JpGU Office staff is wanted
For further details, see the following URL. (Only in Japanese)


#8.JpGU Booth at AOGS2015 and INQUA NAGOYA

JpGU is going to make booth exhibitions at AOGS Singapore and INQUA Nagoya.
AOGS 2015: August 2nd – 7th

XIX INQUA NAGOYA: July 26th – August 2nd

Please drop in on our booths if you participate in those meetings.


#9. From Committees

(1)Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
 ‘Future Earth School’ for junior and senior high school students aspiring for
 International Earth Science Olympiad are to be held from July 19th at Campus Information
Center Tokyo.
For further details, see the following URL.

Please diffuse this information to the person to those involved.



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