*** Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews June Edition,
No.237 June 10, 2015 ***

<< Contents >>
| 1.[Important] JpGU Meeting 2015 flash report
| -> Overview
| -> Poster presentation by High school students
| -> Personal belongings left behind
| -> Abstract PDFs
| -> Author index
| 2. JpGU Meeting 2016
| 3. Temporal adjournment of membership subscription system (by the end
of June)
| 4. Representative election
| 5. Information from PEPS
| -> Thank you for stopping by PEPS booth in JpGU Meeting 2015
| -> PEPS Editors’ Blog launched
| -> New SPEPS (Call for Papers) Opened
| -> Newly released articles on PEPS
| 6. From committees
| -> Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
| 7. What’s new (Only in Japanese)

#1. [Important] JpGU Meeting 2015 flash report

(1) Overview

Thank you for participating in JpGU Meeting 2015.
It ended without any trouble thanks to your cooperation.
Organized by Japan Geoscience Union
Backed up by 45 organizations
Organized in cooperation with Japanese Coral Reef Society, The Japan
Society of High
Pressure Science and Technology and The Astronomical Society of Japan

(A) Sessions

* Number of sessions: 189 (193 in 2014, 180 in 2013, 177 in 2012)
U: Union 7 (*2)
O: Public 5 (*0)
P: Space and Planetary Sciences 23 (*12)
A: Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences 22 (*9)
H: Human Geosciences 24 (*8)
S: Solid Earth Sciences 62 (*16) including urgent session
B: Biogeociences 10 (*2)
G: General and Outreach 5 (*1)
M: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary 31 (*5)

Number of abstracts: 4037 (3806 in 2014, 3980 in 2013, 3876 in 2012)
Oral: 2545 (2428 in 2014, 2226 in 2013, 1975 in 2012)
Poster: 1492 (1378 in 2014, 1754 in 2013, 1901 in 2012)
*Including 77 poster presentations by high school students

(B)Number of participants

Number of participants: 6689 (7046 in 2014, 6824 in 2013, 7318 in 2012)

-Pre-registration: 4106
Full conference: 3437, One day: 669
General: 2820, Elementary, junior and senior high school teacher: 35,
Graduate student: 1074, Aged 70 and over: 75
Undergraduate student: 91, High school student: 11

-On site registration: 1165
Full conference: 582, One day: 583
General: 507, Elementary, junior and senior high school teacher: 8,
Graduate student: 144, Aged 70 and over: 56,
Undergraduate student: 434, High school student: 16

-Accompanied participant: 26

-Participant for free: 1392
General: 203, Elementary, junior and high school teacher: 33,
Graduate student: 4, Aged 70 and over: 4
Undergraduate student and younger: 227, Poster presentation by high
school students: 177, Geopark: 121
Press: 84, Meeting: 96, Exhibitor: 355, Outreach event for junior
high school students: 88


-Exhibition booth: 65 (80 in 2014, 63 in 2013, 43 in 2012)
*80 in 2014 includes University information panels.
-University information panel: 11(11 in 2013, 13 in 2012)
-Publishers (Related goods): 26 (27 in 2014, 25 in 2013, 8 in 2012)
-Pamphlet Desk: 7 booth (7 in 2014, 10 in 2013, 8 in 2012)
-Society Area: 10 (10 in 2014, 9 in 2013, 10 in 2012)

-Meetings during JpGU Meeting 2015: 96 (Society related: 46, JpGU
related: 23, General: 27)
-Part timers: 317 in total

*(*)Number of international sessions: 55 (43 in 2014, 42 in 2013, 41 in

(2) Poster presentation by high school students

Poster presentation by high school students was held on May 24th, Sunday.
77 presentations were made and schools shown below were awarded.

(A)Most outstanding presentation award (1)
“Temporal variation of groundwater level and estimation of recharge area
in and around Otomeyama park, Shinjuku ward”
Kaijo Junior & Senior High School

(B)Outstanding presentation award (3)
“The influence that aerosol exerts on the night sky brightness” Kaijyo
Junior High School
“The Origin of the Magnetite in Garnet Sand Found at Enshunada Samezima
Coast” Iwata-Minami high school
“The origin of circular structures found in rhyolite samples from
Kakogawa City” Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Higashi High School

(C)Encouragement award (12)
For further details, see the following URL. (Only in Japanese)
Honorable mentions are informed later.

(3)Personal belongings left behind

We’re keepint belongings left behind at the conference site.
Please let us know the information of your lost belongings, if necessary.
We’ll send one to you after we confirm the features by cash on delivery.

We’re disposing of them after June 30.

Beige hat, black vest, purple cardigan, handkerchief, notebook and
documents, PC connector,
mouse, pens, Suica, Headphone, skyblue polka dot porch, Lazer pointer,

(4) Abstract PDFs

Please donwload abstract PDFs from the following URL.

(5) Author index

Please see the following URL for author’s information.
Authors and presenters are also searched from My Schedule.

#2. JpGU Meeting 2016

JpGU Meeting 2016 is planned to be held from May 22, Sunday to 26, Thursday
for 5 days at Makuhari Messe, International Conference Hall.

#3.Temporal adjournment of membership subscription system (by the end of

JpGU membership subscription system is temporarily adjourned due to the
data maintenance.

When it is resumed, we’ll announce by the mailnews and on our website.

#4. Representative election

Representatives’s term of office elected in 2014 expires on March 31st
in 2015.
Next election will make known at the beginning of August.
Candidate and recommender should be a JpGU Member when it is announced.
Please be sure to check your JpGU membership.
If you’re not a member, be in a hurry to become a member as soon as our
membership subscription is resumed.

#5.Information from PEPS

(1) Thank you for stopping by PEPS booth in JpGU Meeting 2015
We would like to thank everyone who visited our PEPS booth
at the JpGU Meeting 2015 in Makuhari Messe.
It was a pleasure to meet you all, and we hope that your visit gave you
a better understanding of our activities and efforts to promote
the further development of PEPS as an Open Access E-Journal
both in Japan and worldwide.

We have posted some photographs of PEPS booth on our official facebook
and Twitter webpages below.


The PEPS leaflet distributed in JpGU Meeting 2015 is also available
on PEPS Website at:

(2) PEPS Editors’ Blog launched

In addition to the PEPS official facebook and Twitter pages above,
we have launched PEPS Editors’ Blog where Editors post their articles
by rotation regarding their editorial works, experiences, useful information
for authors or other inside stories, in Japanese, in English or
sometimes both.

* PEPS Editors’ Blog:

(3) New SPEPS (Call for Papers) Opened
We have opened a new SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot
We seek excellent manuscripts on
“High-Pressure Earth and Planetary Science in the last and next decade”.

The submission deadline is November 30, 2015.
For details, please see the webpage:

(4) Newly released articles on PEPS

PEPS has published new articles as follows.

* Research [Solid earth sciences]
Heterogeneous interplate coupling along the Nankai Trough, Japan,
detected by GPS-acoustic seafloor geodetic observation
Yusuke Yokota, Tadashi Ishikawa, Mariko Sato, Shun-ichi Watanabe,
Hiroaki Saito, Naoto Ujihara, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Shin-ichi Toyama,
Masayuki Fujita, Tetsuichiro Yabuki, Masashi Mochizuki and Akira Asada

* Research [Space and planetary sciences]
Investigating the particle precipitation of a moving cusp aurora
using simultaneous observations from the ground and space
Satoshi Taguchi, Keisuke Hosokawa and Yasunobu Ogawa

* Review [Space and planetary sciences]
eScience and Informatics for International Science Programs
Peter Fox and Janet Kozyra

#6. From committees

(1)Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
Thank you for supporting 2016 International Earth Science Olympiad at
Mie Prefecture.
We hit 90% of our target figure.
Thank you for your cooperation.
We’re still waiting for your support by the end of June.

#7. What’s new

Only in Japanese.

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