*** Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews Extraordinary Edition,
No.228 March 17, 2015 ***

<< Contents >>
| 1. JpGU Meeting 2015 information [Importamt]
| -> Session layout is fixed
| -> To all who have submitted abstract
| -> Start recruiting part timers
| -> Recent schedule
| 2. Temporal adjournment of membership subscription system [Important]
| 3. Invitation to an international mixer luncheon


#1. JpGU Meeting 2015 information [Importamt]

(1) Session layout is fixed.

Please see the following URL.

Presentation order and date are now being fixed by each convener.
Please wait for a while.

[Time table]
Oral (1 slot : 105 minutes : 7 presentations)
AM1 09:00-10:45
AM2 11:00-12:45
PM1 14:15-16:00
PM2 16:15-18:00
Poster Core Time

Meeting Information is also shown here.

(2) To all who have submitted abstract

Thank you for your abstract submission to JpGU Meeting 2015.
Please check your abstract after logging in from the following
URL by yourself.
Please click your submission number. Then PDF is shown there.

* Are names written properly ?
Family names are capitalized; private names are small letter with
capitalized initial letter.
Special requests on description, for example, some letters in your
family name to be small letter, or your middle name to be capitalized,
should be posted on this from.
Those are modified when program are opened to public.

(3) Start recruiting part timers [March 16th]

For further details, see the following URL.
(Only in Japanese)

(4) Recent schedule

March 12th: Session layout is released on the web
March 25th: Adoption of abstracts, Notification of date and time
(to Contributors, Authors, Presenters and Chairs)
March 30th: JpGU Meeting program is released on the web (planned)
May 12th: Pre-registration at the discounted price is closed
*Our membership subscription is temporarily adjourned by June 30th.
May 18th: Abstract PDFs are released on the web

May 24th-28th: JpGU Meeting 2015


#2. Temporal adjournment of membership subscription system [Important]

After the astract submission deadline of May 12th, Tuesday at 17:00,
membership subscription system is temporarily adjourned due to the
maintenance. Please be sure to update your data and by the due date.

[System Adjournment]
From May 12th, Tuesday at 17:00 to June 30th, Tuesday


#3. Invitation to an international mixer luncheon

It is open to all participants of the 2015 JpGU Meeting with an
interest in the international agenda of our science.

International Mixer Luncheon
Date: May 25 (Mon)
Time: 1-2PM
Place: To be announced.
Application form:
Fixed number: 120
( Application is to be closed when it reaches the fixed number.)

This in an opportunity for students and researchers from overseas
to meet informally and network both amongst themselves and with
participants resident in Japan.

JpGU will provide free lunch and some drinks at this forum,
and we hope you take this opportunity to get to know more of your
colleagues from around the globe and expand your research connections.
This gathering is an opportunity to foster international links and
JpGU is also keen to hear your frank opinions to help in improving
the services that our society offers. We will therefore ask attendees
to fill in a questionnaire during the mixer.

You kind cooperation will be appreciated.


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