└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News
          Extraordinary Edition No.225 February 12, 2015
≪ Contents ≫
┃1. The deadline for abstract submission is 6 days away!
┃2. To all who have submitted abstract
┃3. [13ht Feb.] Symposium (Japanese only)
└■ 1. The deadline for abstract submission is 6 days away!

Abstract submission deadline is February 18th, 12:00 JST.

As the deadline is nearing, system will be crowded.
Please be beforehand with your submission.
└■ 2. To all who have submitted abstract

Thank you for your abstract submission to JpGU Meeting 2015.
Please check the following four points after logging in from the
following URL by yourself.
Please click your submission number. Then PDF is shown there.
Pleae be sure to check the layout of your submission.

1)Is the presenter chosen adequately?
An asterisk(*) is attached to the No. of the presenter.

2)Are names written properly ?
Family names are capitalized; private names are small letter with
capitalized initial letter.
Special requests on description, for example, some letters in your
family name to be small letter, or your middle name to be capitalized,
should be posted on this from.
Those are modified when program are opened to public.

3)Are there any Typographical errors, omissions or Garbled characters ?

Some special characters are sometimes garbled.
Please be sure to check your abstract especially when you copied and
pasted your abstract from the word file.

4)Is all co-authors registered ?

Please be sure all co-authors are shown correctly.
(Letters of family name are automadicaly capitalized.)

***No further revision is allowed after February 18th, 12:00 JST. in any
reason. Please check all by yourself.

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