└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews February Edition, No.224 February 10, 2015
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.Prefatory note
┃           by Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU
┃2.Information of JpGU Meeting 2015 【Important】
┃ ・Abstract submission is to be accepted ―8 more days(by February 18th, at 12:00)―
┃ ・Pre-registration
┃ ・25th Anniversary Symposium “U-01 Geoscience Ahead”
┃ ・Asking for the questionnaire on Internationalization of JpGU Meetings【Reposting】
┃ ・Party
┃ ・Child care
┃ ・Schedule
┃ ・Workshops during JpGU Meeting
┃ ・High school sessions are accepted
┃3.Annual due payments【Important】
┃4.Information from PEPS
┃ ・Most Accessed Articles 2014
┃ ・We are open for SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)
┃5.Information from Science Council of Japan
┃ ・Only in Japanese
┃6.From Committees
┃ ・Educational Affairs Committee【Asking for questionnaires】
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃7.What’s new


└■ 1.Prefatory note

              Toshitaka Tsuda, JpGU President

└■ 2.Information of JpGU Meeting【Important】

(1) Abstract submission is being accepted -8 more days(by February 18th, at 12:00)―

Please be in a hurry to make abstract submissions.

【Final deadline】 February 18th, Wednesday, at 12:00 noon JST
★Without payment, abstracts are automatically cancelled.

Information of abstract submission

Log-in page
JpGU Meeting top page:

(2) Pre-registration

★Abstract submission and JpGU registration is different.
Please be sure to make JpGU Meeting registration before participating in JpGU Meeting.
Ful-conference (Advance) 16,000JPY(On-site)  22,000JPY
One-day (Advance) 10,000JPY (On-site) 15,000JPY

Elementary, junior and senior high students, Graduate student【Member】
Ful-conference (Advance) 8,000JPY (On-site) 12,000JPY
One-day (Advance) 5,000JPY (On-site) 8,000JPY

★Non-member fee is adopted for JpGU Meeting member.
Please become a JpGU member.
Ful-conference (Advance) 24,000JPY (On-site) 27,000JPY
One-day (Advance) 20,000JPY (On-site) 22,000JPY

Elementary, junior and senior high students, Graduate student【Non-member】
Ful-conference (Advance) 15,000JPY (On-site)  17,000JPY
One-day (Advance) 12,000JPY (On-site) 15,000JPY

★Public (Open to public) session is free of charge.
★Undergraduate students and aged 70 or over is free of charge to all sessions.

(3) 25th Symposium “U-01 Geoscience Ahead”

“Geo-science Ahead” is to be held on May 26th.
President from partnership societies and young reserachers recommended from each section
 will make speeches there.
We’re waiting for your participation.

U-01 Geoscience Ahead
Date:May 26th, Tuesday
Venue:International Conference Room

Margaret Leinen, President of AGU
Yun-Tai Chen, President of AOGS
Hans Thybo, President of EGU
Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU
Kanako Seki(Space and Planetary Sciences Section)
Masahiro Watanabe(Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section)
Hiroya Yamano(Human Geosciences Section)
Satoshi Ide(Solid Earth Sciences Section)
Yuichiro Ueno(Biogeosciences Section)

(4) Asking for the questionnaire on Internationalization of JpGU Meetings【Reposting】

Please ask the questionnaire from the following URL.


(5) Party

Party is planned to be held on May 27th, Wednesday.
Application starts at the end of February.  Please wait for a while.

(6) Child care

Please see the following URL for Child care.
(Only in Japanese)

※Please apply for the child care 3 weeks before the meeting.
※For further details, please contact the facility by yourself.

(7) Recent schedule

February 18th Abstract submission final deadline
February 23rd Deadline of gatherings except for science sessions
March 12th  Session layout is fixed
In the middle of March  Start recruiting part timers
In the middle of March  Start application for gatherings
March 25th  Adoption of abstracts, Date and time are to be announced (Contributors, Authors, Presenters and Chairs)
March 30th  JpGU Meeting program is released on the web
May 12th  Pre-registration at the discounted rate is close
May 14th  Abstract PDFs are to be released
May 24th-28th  JpGU Meeting 2015

★Meeting of representatives of society members: May 27th, Wednesday 13:00-14:00 : Rm #302
★General Meeting of Delegate: May 27th, Wednesday Time will be announced soon. Rm #IC

(8) Workshops during JpGU Meeting

Please apply from the following URL.
For further details, see Japanege version of our mailnews #224.

Rental rooms are to be accepted after the session layout is fixed.

★Application for gatherings except for science sessions
Only in Japanese

(9) Application for High school poster presentations

Application deadline for O-04, Poster presentations by High School Students, is April 10th.

Please apply from here.

└■ 3.Annual due payment【Important】

Annual due payment for 2015 (April 2014-March 2016)is being accepted.
Member rate is not adopted if annual due payment is not completed.

★JpGU log-in page:

※Without notice for Withdrawal, JpGU membership is automatically continued.
Please be sure to send “Notice for Withdrawal” if you don’t want to continue our membership.
└■ 4. Information from PEPS

(1) Most Accessed Articles 2014

Our first paper was published in April 2014 and by the end of the year
we had published 25 scientific articles, four of which were marked by Springer
as highly-accessed articles as follows.

★ Review [Solid earth sciences]
Water-melt interaction in hydrous magmatic systems at high temperature and pressure
Bjorn Mysen

★ Review [Solid earth sciences]
Earthquake faulting in subduction zones: insights from fault rocks in accretionary prisms
Kohtaro Ujiie, Gaku Kimura

★ Review [Biogeosciences]
Theoretical constraints of physical and chemical properties of hydrothermal fluids on variations in chemolithotrophic microbial communities in seafloor hydrothermal systems
Kentaro Nakamura, Ken Takai

★ Review [Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences]
The Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model: description and development
Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita, Hisashi Yashiro, Hiroaki Miura, Chihiro Kodama, Tatsuya Seiki, Akira T Noda, Yohei Yamada, Daisuke Goto, Masahiro Sawada, Takemasa Miyoshi, Yosuke Niwa, Masayuki Hara, Tomoki Ohno, Shin-ichi Iga, Takashi Arakawa, Takahiro Inoue, Hiroyasu Kubokawa

(2) We are open for SPEPS (SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)

PEPS Editorial Office calls for articles dealing with the following two themes with
submission deadline.

★ Multidisciplinary Researches on Deep Interiors of the Earth and Planets
★ Land-Ocean Linkages under the Influence of the Asian Monsoon

For further information please access:

└■ 5.Information from Science Council of Japan

(1)Forum organized by SCJ
Only in Japanese
Please see Japanese version of our mailnews No.224, #5.
Date:March 4th, Wednesday 10:00-17:30(planned)
Place:SCJ Hall
Free of charge
Maxmimum number: 300
Simultaneous interpretation is provided.
Please directly contact

└■ 6.From committees

(1) Educational Affairs Committee
Only in Japanese
Please see Japanese version of our mailnews No.224, #6 (1).

(2) Japan Geoscience Olympiad Committee

Preliminary selection of the 7th Japan Earth Science Olympiad was held on December 21st, 2014.]
Applicants were 2296 and participants were 1868.  63 high achievers from junior high school 3-nensei to high school 2 nensei
are taking part in the main selection at Tsukuba City from March 15th to 17th.

Please apply for the support money for International Earth Science Olympiad held in Mie from the following URL. (Only in Japanese)

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