└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News January Edition No.222 January 13, 2015
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.Prefatory note by Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU
┃2.JpGU Meeting 2015 information
┃ ・Abstract submission and pre-registration started
┃ ・Rental rooms
┃ ・Exhibitors are wanted. Only a few left!
┃3.Annual due payment for 2015【Important】
┃4.Information from PEPS
┃ ・Newly released articles on PEPS
┃ ・Article Collection Launched
┃ ・New webpage [Gallery View of All Articles] is now available.
┃ ・Now we are open for SPEPS
┃5.What’s new
┃ ・Public advertisement (The University of Tokyo)
└■ 1.Prefatory note by Toshitaka Tsuda, President of JpGU

└■ 2.JpGU Meeting 2015 information

 (1) Abstract submission and pre-registration started on January 8, 2015!

 Abstract submission deadline (Early bird):February 3, Tuesday at 23:59JST or 14:59UTC *Note 1
 Abstract submission deadline (Final)     :February 18, Wednesday at 12:00JST or 3:00UTC
 Pre-registration deadline (Discounted rate):May 12, Tuesday at 17:00JST or 8:00UTC
 Membership subscription system is temporarily adjourned for maintenance*Note 2
             :From May 12, Tuesday at 17:00 to June 30, Tuesday (planned)

Please see the following URLs

★JpGU Meeting 2015:


*Note1:Advance rate is adopted only when payment is completed by the due date.
Normal rate is automatically adopted after the due date.

*Note2:Please be in a hurry to update your personal information before the due date.

(2) Open and free convocation for JpGU participants

 Rooms available at convention site is open to organizers of
 convocations which is open to the participants of JpGU Meeting 2015 free of charge.
Please feel free to contact us by February 23 from the dedicated form shown below.
All applications are not accepted. It is discussed and decided at the board meeting.

★Dedicated site in Japanese)

(3) Exhibitors are wanted. Only a few left!

Please see the following URL.
★For Exhibitors

└■ 3.Annual due payment for 2015【Important】

 Annual due payment for 2015 (from April, 2015 to March, 2016) is available
now. Discounted rate is not adopted without annual due payment.
Membership privilages are given soon after the annual due payment is confirmed
 even before April 1.

★Membership log-in:

★Information for membership subscription

※ Without notice of withdrawal by the end of March, JpGU membership is automatically
 continued and annual due payment is charged.

└■ 4. Information from PEPS

(1) Newly released articles on PEPS

PEPS has added six new articles as follows.

★ Research Article [Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences]
Installing artificial macropores in degraded soils to enhance vertical
infiltration and increase soil carbon content
Yasushi Mori, Atsushi Fujihara and Kazuto Yamagishi

★ Review Article [Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences]
Modeling in Earth system science up to and beyond IPCC AR5
Tomohiro Hajima, Michio Kawamiya, Michio Watanabe, Etsushi Kato, Kaoru
Tachiiri, Masahiro Sugiyama, Shingo Watanabe Hideki Okajima and Akinori Ito

★ Research Article [Solid earth sciences]
Natural moissanite (SiC) – a low temperature mineral formed from highly
fractionated ultra-reducing COH-fluids
Max W Schmidt, Changgui Gao, Anastasia Golubkova, Arno Rohrbach and
James AD Connolly

★ Research Article [Solid earth sciences]
Contrasting partition behavior of F and Cl during hydrous mantle
melting: implications for Cl/F signature in arc magmas
Célia Dalou, Kenneth T Koga, Marion Le Voyer and Nobumichi Shimizu

★ Research Article [Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences]
The role of snowmelt runoff on the ocean environment and scallop
production in Funka Bay, Japan
Satoshi Nakada, Katsuhisa Baba, Masatoshi Sato, Masafumi Natsuike,
Yoichi Ishikawa, Toshiyuki Awaji, Koji Koyamada and Sei-Ichi Saitoh

★ Research Article [Human geosciences]
Distribution of U and REE on colloids in granitic groundwater and
quality-controlled sampling at the Mizunami underground research laboratory
Takashi Munemoto, Kazuaki Ohmori and Teruki Iwatsuki

(2) Article Collection Launched

PEPS has launched a new Article Collection titled
“Understanding of the Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System
– SCOSTEP’s International Program (2009 – 2013)”.

At the moment the collection contains only two articles, however we will
be adding more over the coming months. Anyone interested in this topic
is encouraged to view the collection at

(3) New webpage [Gallery View of All Articles] is now available.
In order to make it easier to browse through the papers published in PEPS
we have created a new webpage where all of our papers are presented in a
gallery view format, starting with the most recently published. Each
gallery item contains the title of the paper, the authors names and a
compressed extract of an important graph or diagram from the paper.
Clicking on an item displays the paper abstract, gives a more detailed
view of the diagram and provides a link to view the full paper. The new
webpage is available in English at with a copy in Japanese at We hope that you find
this new page useful.

(4) Now we are open for SPEPS
PEPS Editorial Office has started SPEPS
(SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)
and calls for articles dealing with the following two themes with
submission deadline.

★ Multidisciplinary Researches on Deep Interiors of the Earth and Planets
★ Land-Ocean Linkages under the Influence of the Asian Monsoon

For further information please access:

└■ 5. What’s new

(1) Public advertisement (The University of Tokyo)

The Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science,
the University of Tokyo invites applications for a position as
a full professor in the area of Earth and Planetary System Science.


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