└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News November Edition No.217 November 10, 2014

≪ Contents ≫
┃1.JpGU Meeting 2015 information
┃ ・Session proposal is closed
┃ ・Exhibitors are wanted
┃2.Nomination for the Nishida Prize
┃3.Nomination for JpGU fellowship Program
┃4.Information from PEPS
┃ ・Newly released articles on PEPS
┃ ・Now we are open for SPEPS
┃5.Information from Science Council of Japan
┃ ・Asking for public comments for new Basic Plan for Space Policy
┃ ・Abstract submission for XIX INQUA 2015 at Nagoya
┃6.From Committees
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃7.Mail news were not properly delivered
┃8.What’s new

└■ 1.JpGU Meeting 2015 information

(1) Session proposal for JpGU Meeting 2015 was closed

                      Yohei Suzuki, Program Committee Chair    

Thank you for proposing sessions for JpGU Meeting 2015.
The total number of session is 195 and among them, 59 sessions are
Sessions are to be released on our website on December 19th, 2014.

(2) Exhibitors are wanted

【For exhibitors】


└■ 2.Nomination for the Nishida Prize

Japan Geoscience Union has created the “Nishida Prize for Promotion of Geoscience”
to honor internationally recognized mid-level researchers under the age of 45.
The prize is named for member Prof. Atsuhiro Nishida (fellow),
who provided a proposal and a donation in support.
We’re now accepting recommendation from the candidate him or herself, as well as
 those from others (who shall have held JpGU membership.)

Deadline for recommendation:December 15th, Monday, 2014

└■ 3.Nomination for JpGU fellowship Program
The Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) is now accepting recommendations for candidates
for the 2015 JpGU Fellowship Program.
Fellowship Program confer fellowship honors upon individuals who have rendered
conspicuous contributions to the field of geoscience of Japan.

Please send the documents by the due date.
Deadline for recommendation:no later than December 31st, Wednesday, 2014
JpGU fellows 2014:

└■ 4. Information from PEPS

(1) Newly released articles on PEPS

PEPS has added three new articles as follows.

★ Research Article [Solid earth sciences]
Hydrothermal system in the Tatun Volcano Group, northern Taiwan,
inferred from crustal resistivity structure by audio-magnetotellurics
Shogo Komori, Mitsuru Utsugi, Tsuneomi Kagiyama, Hiroyuki Inoue,
Chang-Hwa Chen, Hsieh-Tang Chiang, Benjamin Fong Chao,
Ryokei Yoshimura and Wataru Kanda

★ Research Article [Solid earth sciences]
Short-term slow slip events along the Ryukyu trench, southwestern
Japan, observed by continuous GNSS
Takuya Nishimura

★ Review Article [Atmospheric and hydrospheric sciences]
The Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Atmospheric Model: Description and
Masaki Satoh, Hirofumi Tomita, Hisashi Yashiro, Hiroaki Miura,
Chihiro Kodama, Tatsuya Seiki, Akira T Noda, Yohei Yamada,
Daisuke Goto, Masahiro Sawada, Takemasa Miyoshi, Yosuke Niwa,
Masayuki Hara, Tomoki Ohno, Shin-ichi Iga, Takashi Arakawa,
Takahiro Inoue and Hiroyasu Kubokawa

(2) Now we are open for SPEPS
PEPS Editorial Office has started SPEPS
(SPecial call for Excellent Papers on hot topicS)
and calls for articles dealing with the following two themes with submission deadline.

★ Multidisciplinary Researches on Deep Interiors of the Earth and Planets
★ Land-Ocean Linkages under the Influence of the Asian Monsoon

For further information please access:

└■ 5.Information from Science Council of Japan

(1) Asking for public comments for new Basic Plan for Space Policy

Deadline of public comments【November 21st】
Only in Japanese
New”Basic Plan for Space Policy”(preliminary report)
Only in Japanese
     Shuhei Okubo,    
       Earth planetary science Committee Chair of Science Council of Japan

(2) Abstract submission for XIX INQUA 2015 at Nagoya
Once every four years, Quaternary researchers from all over the world meet
 at the INQUA Congress to exchange the latest research results and develop
agendas for the years to come. In 2015, the Congress will take place in Nagoya, Japan

This congress is to be held from July 27th to August 2nd at the Nagoya Congress Center.
More than 1,000 participants are expected to participate in this congress.

The Congress program will address the themes of the Commissions during 6 days of
oral and poster sessions, plenary presentations, and side meetings. The scientific program
will be garnished with social events at scenic spots, and of course, in the tradition of
INQUA Congresses, with attractive field trips before, during, and after the Congress week.


Abstract submission deadline:December 20th, 2014
Early registration deadline:February 28th, 2015

Contact: Office)

└■ 6.From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

Preliminary selection for the 7th Japan Earth Science Olympiad is November 15th, Saturday.
Please be in a hurry if you plan to apply for it.( )

└■ 7.Mail news were not properly delivered

Mail news No.213, 214, 215 and 216 were not properly delivered to some JpGU members.
We’re now checking the reason of this problem.
All mailnews are shown below.
We’re sorry for these inconveniences.