└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail news June Edition, No.208 June 10, 2014
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.JpGU Meeting 2014 report
┃ ・Student Outstanding Presentation Award winners
┃ ・Lost property at JpGU Meeting 2014
┃ ・Membership subscription system has been resumed
┃ ・JpGU Meeting 2015
┃2.Information from PEPS
┃3.From committees
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃4.What’s new
└■ 1.JpGU Meetin 2014 report

(1) Student Outstanding Presentation Award winners

Student Outstanding Presentation Award winners are shown on the following URL.
For further details, see the following URL.

■Space and Planetary Sciences Section(13)
Tsuneyuki Iikuni / Fumihiro Ito / Takafumi Kaneko / Hiroki Kono / Kyohei Koyama
Tatsuhiko Saito / Wataru Sakashita / Akira Nitta / Yumi Bamba / Shoya Matsuda
Junya Matsuno / Naoki Matsumoto / Takashi Yokoyama

■Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences Section (6)
Hayato Ikeda / Sho Ohata / Ryosuke Shibuya / Yuki Takano
Fumiya Yanaka / Maho Nakagawa

■Human Geosciences Section (6)
JIANG, Yao / ZAHRA, Tuba / Tomoya Abe / Yushin Iizawa
Yu Endo / Yasuto Miyake

■Solid Earth Sciences Section (22)
STRATI, Virginia / XU, Fang / Saori Amano / Yu Iriyama / Takuya Iwasato
Junichiro Ota / Chihiro Kinoshita / Hisahiko Kubo / Kaori Seki
Yoshihiro Nakamura / Ryosuke Nagasawa / Hiromasa Niinomi / Ryuichi Nishiyama
Masashi Tanaka / Norishige Hatakeyama / Fumiko Higashino / Masakazu Fujii
Jun Hosoi / Fumiya Maeda / Kazutaka Yasukawa / Suguru Yabe / Kenta Yoshida

■Biogeosciences Section (3)
Kentaro Izumi / Haruka Takagi / Tomoko Bell

(2) Lost property at JpGU Meeting 2014

Please contact our office, if you’re looking for belongings lost during JpGU 2014.
We’re going to dispose of items that are not asked for by June 30th, 2014.

■List of lost property■

AC Adaptor(Mac)/ Suica / Unipod / Eco bag / Folding umbrella /
Folding umbrella bag / Cardigan / Umbrella / Cuff button / shoes / Cream /
Cell phone / Stole / Towel / Notebook / Pencil case / Ball point pen /
Mini-display port-VGA convert adopter / Laser pointer

(3)Membership subscription system has been resumed

JpGU Membership subscription system adjourned for the maintenance has been resumed.
Please update your personal information if there are any corrections or alterations.

(4) JpGU Meeting 2015

JpGU Meeting 2015 are planned to be held from May 24th, Sunday to 29th, Friday, 2015
at International Conference Hall at Makuhari Messe, NOT Pacifico Yokohama.
└■ 2.Information from PEPS

“Progress in Earth and Planetary Science”was released on April 22nd, Tuesday, 2014.
Accepted papers are steadily increasing in our website.
PEPS is open access e-journal and readers can freely browse PEPS website.

Articles posted now are following ten.
◎:Review ●:Research

1) Editorial
Preface to the First volume of PEPS / Toshitaka Tsuda

2) Editorial
Invitation to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science / Yasufumi Iryu

3) Editorial
Invitation to ”Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (PEPS)” by
Japan Geoscience Union / Hodaka Kawahata

4)◎ Water-melt interaction in hydrous magmatic systems at high
temperature and pressure / Bjorn O Mysen

5)◎ Theoretical constraints of physical and chemical properties of
hydrothermal fluids on variations in chemolithotrophic microbial
communities in seafloor hydrothermal systems / Kentaro Nakamura and Ken Takai

6)● Mechanism of longstanding Cenozoic basin formation in central
Hokkaido: an integrated basin study on an oblique convergent margin
/ Yasuto Itoh, Osamu Takano, Shigekazu Kusumoto and Machiko Tamaki

7)◎ Earthquake faulting in subduction zones: insights from fault
rocks in accretionary prisms / Kohtaro Ujiie and Gaku Kimura

8)● Coseismic visibility of a small fragile patch involved in the
rupture of a large patch – implications from fully dynamic rate-state
earthquake sequence simulations producing variable manners of
earthquake initiation / Hiroyuki Noda, Masao Nakatani and Takane Hori

9)● Direct comparison of site-specific and basin-scale denudation
rate estimation by in situ cosmogenic nuclides: an example from the
Abukuma Mountains, Japan / Atsunori Nakamura, Yusuke Yokoyama, Kazuyo Shiroya, Yosuke Miyairi and
Hiroyuki Matsuzaki

10)● Lg wave propagation in the area around Japan: observations
and simulations / Takashi Furumura, Tae-Kyung Hong and Brian LN Kennett

★Highlight articles is released on PEPS website soon!

PEPS editorial office is promoting the publication of review
articles that provide an opportunity for scientists to read organized
descriptions and summaries of the latest systematic developments. The intention
is that the review articles in PEPS will fill the gap between
a scientific paper and a book and so be a useful educational resource
for the worldwide geoscience community, for instance by forming the
basis for university seminars. To encourage the students or young
scientists in Japan to read the latest articles in PEPS, we are now
preparing a highlight written in Japanese for each article. These
highlights will be shortly available in our PEPS website

★Ranked in the top 100 popular articles in the SpringerOpen website

Page views to PEPS articles are steadily increasing. Specifically, #5
Article written by Nakamura and Takai has been ranked in the top 100
highly-accessed articles not only in PEPS but also in a large number of journals
published on SpringerOpen last month.

Hodaka Kawahata
Vice president of JpGU, Board member for the journal publicatgion
Steering and Planning Committee Chair

Yasufumi Iryu
General Chief Editor of “Progress in Earth and Planetary Science”

└■ 3.From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

Mascot character design for IESO2016 held in Japan is wanted.
Only junior high school and high school students can apply for this.

If you’re interested in donating to IESO2016 held in Japan,
please contact