└■ Mailnews April Edition No.201 April 10th, 2014
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.Prefatory note by Toshitaka Tsuda
┃2.Progress in Earth and Planetary Science start publishing
┃3.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】
┃ ・Recent schedule
┃ ・Program has been released on the web
┃ ・Notices from conveners
┃ ・Asking for pre-registration
┃ ・Reception counters at JpGU Meeting
┃ ・My schedule, interfaced with App, has started
┃ ・Part timers are wanted!
┃ ・Special lectures
┃ ・Hyper wall presentations by NASA-JAXA
┃ ・JpGU Meeting 2014 App has started!
┃ ・Child care
┃ ・Exhibitors
┃4.From Committees
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
└■ 1.Prefatory note by Prof. Toshitaka Tsuda
             Only in Japanese

└■ 2.Progress in Earth and Planetary Science start publishing

Dear JpGU members,
 We’re glad to announce that Progress in Earth and Planetary Science,
peer-reviewed open access e-journal, starts publishing on April 22nd,
We’re waiting for your review or original articles and also continuous

Hodaka Kawahata,
Vice president of Japan Geoscience Union
Board member in charge of PEPS                 
Chair of Journal Steering and Planning Committee of Progress in Earth
and Planetary Science

Toshitaka Tsuda,
President of Japan Geoscience Union

Yasufumi Iryu,
General Chief Editor

Forthcoming articles
1) Editorial
Preface to the First volume of PEPS 
Toshitaka Tsuda 

2) Editorial
Invitation to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science
Yasufumi Iryu

3) Editorial
Invitation to ”Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (PEPS)” by
Japan Geoscience Union
Hodaka Kawahata

4) Review  [Solid earth sciences]
Water-melt interaction in hydrous magmatic systems at high temperature
and pressure
Bjorn O Mysen 

5) Review  [Biogeosciences]
Theoretical constraints of physical and chemical properties of
hydrothermal fluids on variations in chemolithotrophic microbial
communities in seafloor hydrothermal systems
Kentaro Nakamura and Ken Takai 

6) Research  [Solid earth sciences]
Mechanism of longstanding Cenozoic basin formation in central Hokkaido:
an integrated basin study on an oblique convergent margin
Yasuto Itoh, Osamu Takano, Shigekazu Kusumoto and Machiko Tamaki 

└■ 3.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】

(1) Recent schedule

April 16th Deadline of Pre-registration at the discounted rate
     * Our membership subscription system is to be temporarily
           adjourned by June 30th.
April 18th Release of abstract PDFs 
April 28th ~May 2nd JpGU Meeting 2014 

 Regular board meeting: April 28th, 18:15-20:00 at Room 213
 Meeting of representatives of society members: May 1st, 13:00-14:00 at Main hall
 Regular general staff meeting: May 1st, 16:15-17:15 at Main hall
 25th anniversary ceremony: May 1st, 17:15-18:05 at Main hall
 Cruise party: May 1st, 19:30-21:30

(2) Program has been released on the web

Program (Based on the session category and date) for JpGU Meeting 2014
has been released on the web.

* Based on the session category

* Based on the date
Abstract PDFs are to be released on April 18th.

(3) Notices from conveners
Notices to each participant from conveners are shown here.

Please check this URL as needed.
(4) Asking for pre-registration

+++ Have you completed pre-registration yet? +++

Please be in a hurry to make JpGU Meeting pre-registration at the
discounted rate.

[ Deadline of pre-registration at the discounted rate ]
   April 16th, Wednesday at 17:00 JST

[ Detailed information of JpGU Meeting registration ]
Advantages of pre-registrations

–> You can smoothly receive your name tag on the day.

–> Discounted rate is adopted.
(Ex:Member / General /Full conference :22000JPY→16000JPY) 

–> Features of My Schedule are available.
(For further details, see (6) My schedule, interfaced with App, has started)

* Login page

(5) Reception counters at JpGU Meeting
Invitation email is sent to the participants who have completed
Please access the URL written there and bring the PDF with bar code
to the convention site on the day.
Name tag is automatically issued there smoothly.

(6) My schedule, interfaced with App, has started

My schedule website has started.

* TOP page
* Login

==== Features ====

* You can easily browse and search presentations at JpGU Meeting 2014.

[ Advantages to the participants! ]
  * You can register your presentation to My schedule.
  * Data in My schedule is interfaced with mobile App. You can easily
    check your schedule by your mobile devices.
  * You can send comments to your favorite presentations.

Further advantages to JpGU members
 who have completed pre-registrations!
* You can freely release your information to the participants.
* Comments and additional information can be added to this page. 
* Please utilize this page to appeal your research results.
* Linked to MyJpGU
 Each presenter’s page is linked to MyJpGU.
* You can appeal your other research results on this page.

# Information updated after April 9th is not reflected.
# This service is only available to JpGU members.


==== How to use this App ====

Please visit the following URL.
( Abstract PDFs are to be released on April 18th.)

++ Login from here after pre-registration to JpGU Meeting 2014! ++

User account is given to those who complete pre-registrations.
Visit the following URL and click “First time Login / Forgot your password?”

(7) Part timers are wanted!

Part timers are wanted.
We still are recruiting many part timers.
Please check the following URL and apply for it.

* URL for part timers (Only in Japanese)

(8) Special lectures

Everyday at lunch time, special lectures by world class researchers
are held at Room 502. Lunch boxes are sold in front of the room.

April 28th, Monday:
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences:Prof. Michael Freilich (NASA) 
[ Looking Down on the Earth: How Satellites Have Revolutionized Our
  Understanding of Our Home Planet ]

April 29th , Tuesday:
Human Geosciences:Prof. Takashi Oguchi (The university of Tokyo)
[ 地形計測の研究史と地形学の学術出版 ]

April 30th , Wednesday:
Solid Earth Sciences:Prof. Michael Garcia (University of Hawaii)

May 1st, Thursday:
Biogeosciences:Yusuke Yokohama (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
[ 温故知新:”パレオ”が明らかにする表層環境システム ]

May 2nd, Friday: 
Space and Planetary Sciences:Daniel N. Baker (University of Colorado Boulder)
[ The Impacts of Space Weather on Society and the Economy ]

(9) Hyper wall presentations by NASA-JAXA

Special website of Hyper wall presentations are released now.
Please check the following URL.


 (10) NASA Special Lecture

Special lecture for high school students presented by Prof. Michael
Freilich of NASA are held on April 29th , Japanese national holiday.
This lecture is free of charge and everybody can come and enjoy this lecture.
This is presented in English, but slides both in English and Japanese are prepared.

April 29th, Tuesday from 10:55 to 11:30
Main hall on the 1st floor of Pacifico Yokohama, Conference Center
Title: Viewing the Earth’s Climate from Space

(11)Earth Planetary Sciences Top Seminar

These lecture are free of charge.

April 29th, Tuesday 9:45-10:55
Main Hall, Pacifico Yokohama, Conference Center 1st floor

 9:45-10:20 Masanori Anakura(Advanced Industrial Science And Technology)
[ Hunting mega-quakes -What we can and cannot find out from tsunami deposit- ]

10:20-10:55 Setsuya Nakada(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)
[ Recent eruptions in Japan (review): past and future ]
 (12) JpGU Meeting 2014 App has started!

JpGU Meeting 2014 App has started again this year.
You can freely use this App on your smartphones and tablets.
(Corresponding both to iPhone and Android)

(13) Child care

Child care is available at the convention center.

Please directly contact by April 16th, if necessary.


[ List of exhibitors of JpGU Meeting 2014 ]

└■ 4.From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad CommitteeNPO

At the final selection of Japan Earth Science Olympiad held from March
23rd to 25th at Tsukuba-city, female student who topped other female
students was awarded Japan Geoscience Union Award.
For further details, see the following URL.

* Main selection of International Earth Science Olympiad held in Spain
was held from March 25th and 26th at Tsukuba University.
Four from ten high school students selected at the main selection of
Japan Earth Science Olympiad were selected.
One high school student in Mie prefecture was also selected as guest
participant, in consideration of the International Earth Science
Olympiad held in Mie in 2016.

* Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee was approved to be non-profit
organization which is given preferential tax treatments.

* Please be active to make a donation for the International Earth Science
Olympiad held in Mie in 2016.