└■ March Edition No.197 March 10th, 2014(2014/3/10)
┃1.Prefatory Note
┃             Prof. Toshiaka Tsuda, President of JpGU

┃2.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】
┃ ・Session layout was released
┃ ・Recent schedule
┃ ・Advance JpGU Meeting registration
┃ ・Lunch Time Special Lectures
┃ ・NASA Hyperwall Presentation ~in commemoration of successful launch of GPM Core Observatory~
┃ ・New challenge, “Stamp Rally”
┃ ・Child Care
┃ ・Presentation by High School Students is being accepted.
┃3.Annual due payment【Important】
┃4.AOGS 2014 at Sapporo : Recruiting student volunteer staff
┃5. Forum named “Open access policy and Japan” by Science Council of Japan
┃6.Recruitment for J-RAPID
┃7.What’s new

└■ 1.Prefatory Note

            by Prof. Toshitaka Tuda, President of JpGU
└■ 2.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】

(1) Session layout was released

Session layout was released on March 5th.
Invitation letter to each contributor is to be sent on March 17th.

(2) Recent schedule

In the middle of March: Start recruiting part timers.
In the middle of March: Rental room application starts.
March 17th: Adoption, date and time are notified to contributors, authors, presenters and chairs.
March 18th: Program and schedule is to be released.(planned)
April 16th: Advance registration at the discounted rate is to be closed.
     ※Our membership subscription system is temporarily adjourned from April 17th to June 30th.
April 18th: Abstract PDF is to be released on the web.
April 29th to May 2nd: JpGU Meeting 2014

 Member societies Meeting (May 1st 13:00-14:00)
 General Staff Meeting (May 1st 16:15-17:15)
 Ceremony to commemorate the 25th anniversary(May 1st 17:15-18:05)
 Cruise party (May 1st 19:30-21:30)

(3) Advance JpGU Meeting registration

★Deadline for advance JpGU Meeting retgistration at the discounted rate
   April 16th, Wednesday at 17:00 JST

★Detailed information

★Please login from the following URL.

(4) Lunch Time Special Lecture

Lunch time special lectures are to be held during lunch time this year, the same
 as last year.
Please come to the 5th floor to enjoy wonderful presentations by world-class researchers
 everyday at lunch time from 13:00 to 13:40.
Lunch boxes are sold in front of the presentaton room.

Space and Planetary Sciences:Daniel N. Baker (University of Colorado Boulder)

Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences:Michael Freilich (NASA)

Human Geosciences:Takashi Oguchi (Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo )

Solid Earth Sciences:Michael Garcia (University of Hawaii)

Biogeosciences:Yusuke Yokoyama (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo)

※Titles and date is to be released as soon as fixed.

(5) NASA Hyperwall Presentation ~in commemoration of successful launch of GPM Core Observatory~
            Masaki Fujimoto(JpGU International Committee Vice Chair,ISAS/JAXA)
Hyperwall presentations by both NASA and JAXA are to be held at the poster presentation room.
Please enjoy the latest research outcome of stellite observation shown on the big screen.

※Tentative schedule
    Detailed information is to be shown on our website at the end of March.
Lectures of Earth(GPM,OCO-2,ALOS),the sun,the moon,Venus and Mercury by NASA and JAXA scientists
 are planned to be given on the following Schedule.

【Introduction Talk (NASA,JAXA)】
 April 28th, Monday 18:00-19:00

【Science Talk】
 April 29th, Tuesday 14:00-16:00
 April 30th, Wednesday 11:00-12:00,17:00-18:00
 May 1st, Thursday 11:00-12:00
 May 2nd, Friday 11:00-11:45

【Farewell Talk(NASA,JAXA)】
 May 2nd, Friday 11:45-12:15

(6) New challenge, “Stamp Rally”
 “Stamp Rally” is the new challenge to increase visitors to the exhibitor booths.
Visitors collect stamps at each booth.
There’re 8 kinds of courses. Variety of presents are prepared to give out to the visitors who collect
 all stamps of each course. Let’s enjoy this “Stamp Rally.”

(7) Child care

 Child care room is prepared at Pacifico Yokohama.
Child care time is during your session and 30 minutes before and after that.(The same as poster session.)
Child care fee is 300JPY per hour.
 Details are to be released on the web soon.  If you have any further questions, pleae feel
 free to contact

(8) Presentation by High School Students is being accepted

 Presentation by High School Students, O-04 is being accepted.
Deadline is April 9th.

※Special website. Please apply from the following URL.
(Only in Japanese.)

└■ 3.Annual due payments【Important】

Please be sure to pay annual due of 2014 and update your personal information.

★Please pay your annual due and update your information fron the following URL.

★To be a member:

Membership is automatically renewed without notice.
Please be sure to send us ‘Notices for Withdrawal.’ by the end of March.
For further details, see the following URL.

└■ 4.AOGS 2014 at Sapporo : Recruiting student volunteer staff

Student volunteer staff for AOGS 2014 at Sapporo is wanted.
Registration fee waiver is given to the student volunteer staff.

Advantages for Student Volunteer staff
・Registration fee waiver for AOGS 2014
・AOGS polo shirt
・Meals (brekfast, lunch and dinner)on the day he/she’s on duty
・AOGS Membership qualification for 3 years

Reference:Registration fee of AOGS Annual Meeting
                                         By May 27th  By July 9th   After July 9th
Student registration fee for AOGS/AGU/JpGU/EGU members   SGD 290    SGD 350       SGD 385
That for other student                                   SGD 375    SGD 450       SGD 495
SGD 1 =about 80JPY (as of March 3rd)

※Back ground and qualification
1.This system is conducted by LAC and LOC together with AOGS secretariat.
2.Student volunteer staff is obliged to help organize the meeting  for more than
 2 days and a half.
3.Student volunteer staff has to converse in English.
Graduate students who belong to universities in Japan are prioritized.

※How to apply
4.Please contact, titling “AOGS2014 Student Volunteer.” 
a. Full name, Doctor or Master, school year, name of the university, department and the venue
b. Abstract submission Number, title and session
c. Which half to work as a volunteer (Former or latter half)
d. Which session you want to help

※Student Volunteer work
a) Set up:Reception,Issuing name tags,Distribution of program,Poster presentation room
b) Oral presentation room:Help chairs, check the number of the participants,Update of the program

※Reason of not be able to pay any fee to student volunteers is shown on
the following URL.