└■ Mail news No.195 February Edition, February 10th, 2014
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】
┃ ・Two more days to the final deadline of abstract submission(February 12th, 12:00JST or 3:00UTC)
┃ ・Pre-registration
┃ ・Party cruise
┃ ・Accomodation during JpGU Meeting
┃ ・Child care
┃ ・Recent schedule
┃ ・Rental room during JpGU meeting
┃ ・Poster presentations by high school students
┃2.Annual due payment【Important】

┃3.From AOGS2014
┃4.From Committees
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃5.What’s new


└■ 1.JpGU Meeting 2014 information【Important】

(1) Two more days to the final deadline of abstract submission(February 12th, 12:00JST or 3:00UTC)

Please be in a hurry to make your abstract submission to prevent trouble caused by
 the heavy access to our system.

【Final submission deadline】 February 12th, Wednesday at 12:00 noon JST or 3:00UTC

★Please note that subissions are automatically withdrawn without the payment.

★Please directly access to the following URL to prevent access trouble caused by the
 heavy access to JpGU Meeting website.

Abstract submission
JpGU Login
JpGU Meeting:

(2) Pre-registration

Please make pre-registration to ease congestion.
★Discounted rate is adopted for the pre-registered participants.
★Please note abstract submission and meeting registration is different.
Meeting registration is inevitable to participate in JpGU Meeting 2014.

General【JpGU member】
Full conference Pre-registration: 16,000JPY (On-site registration: 22,000JPY)
One-day Pre-registration:10,000JPY (On-site registration: 15,000JPY)
Elementary, junior and senior high school teachers / Graduate students【JpGU member】
Full conference Pre-registration:  8,000JPY (On-site registration: 12,000JPY)
One-day Pre-registration:  5,000JPY (On-site registration:  8,000JPY)

★Non member fee is shown below.
Full conference Pre-registration: 24,000JPY (On-site registration: 27,000JPY)
One-day Pre-registration: 20,000JPY (On-site registration: 22,000JPY)
Elementary, junior and senior high school teachers / Graduate students【Non-member】
Full conference Pre-registration: 15,000JPY (On-site registration: 17,000JPY)
One-day Pre-registration: 12,000JPY (On-site registration: 15,000JPY)

★Participation only to public session is free of charge.
★Undergraduate students and participants aged 70 or over are free of charge.

(3) Party Cruise

Please apply to the party cruise from our login screen.

Date: May 1st, Thursday from 19:45 to 21:30.
Venue: Cruise ship
Boarding:Pier PUKARI adjacent to the convention site
Maximum capacity: 120 (Application will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches the limit.)
Fee: Advance application: General, elementary, junior and high school teachers, aged 70 and over: 4200JPY
                  Graduate and undergraduate students: 2800JPY


Member login

(4) Accomodation during JpGU Meeting

As our meeting schedule is overwrapping so called Golden Week in Japan, it must be difficult
to reserve a hotel room during this meeting.
Please be in a hurry to reserve a hotel room.

★JpGU Meeting Accomodation

★Hotel reservation

(5) Child care

Child care is available at the convention site.

We baby-sit during your session including each 30 minutes before and after that.
It costs 300JPY per hour.

It will be announced on our website as soon as detailed are decided.
If you have any questions, please contact

(6) Recent schedule

February 12th  Abstract submission deadline
February 17th Deadline of application to reserve conference rooms to the gatherings.
March 5th   Session layout is fixed
At the beginning of March  Start recruiting part-timers
At the beginning of March  Application to rental rooms starts
March 17th   Adoption of abstracts,Notification of date and time (to Contributors, Authors, Presenters and Chairs)
March 18th   JpGU Meeting Program release
April 16th   Pre-registration at the discounted rate closes
April 18th   Abstract PDF release on our web
April 28th to May 2nd  JpGU Meeting 2013

★Presidential Assembly of the Member Societies of JpGU  May 1st 13:00-14:00JST
★General staff meeting  May 1st 16:15-17:15JST

(7) Gatherings during JpGU Meeting are wanted

Please apply from the following URL by February 17th.
Not every gathering are adopted.

★Dedicated URL

(8) Poster presentation by high shcool students are accepted now.

Deadline is April 9th.

Login from the following URL.

└■ 2.Annual due payment【Important】

Please update your membership subscription and make payment for annual due of 2014.
Member fee is not adopted when annual due for 2014 is not paid.
Please enjoy membership priveleges.

★Annual due payment and membership update:

★Becoming a JpGU member:

※Membership is automatically renewed without notifying us your will of withdrawal by the
 end of March.

★How to withdraw from JpGU membership :

└■ 3.From AOGS2014


Abstract submission closes on February 11th.



└■ 4.From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

At the preliminary selection of the 6th Japan Earth Science Olympiad last December, 83 students
 are selected. 1689 students applied and 1462 participated in the selection.
Among them 69 students from junior high school 3rd year to high school 2ne year participate in
the final selection held in Tsukuba-city from March 23rd to 25h.