└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.193
     Extraordinary Edition January 28, 2014

┃1. One more week to go by the deadline of advance abstract submission!
┃2. Accommocation during JpGU Meeting 2014
┃3. Premium Book Market
└■ 1. One more week to go by the deadline of abstract submission!

Advance abstract submission deadline is February 3rd, Monday at 24:00JST or 15:00UTC.

* Advance abstract submission deadline:
  February 3rd, Monday at 24:00JST or 15:00UTC (3,000JPY/1pc)

 Final abstract submission deadline:
  February 12th, Wednesday at 12:00JST or 3:00UTC(4,000JPY/1pc)

 # Image file upload is 500JPY/pc.
 # Please be sure to complete the payment by February 3rd.
   If not, it is automatically updated to the normal rate.

 # You can freely update your data anytime by the final deadline.
 # No refund is available.


Session list of JpGU Meeting 2014

==Pre-registration and party application are also available.==

* Pre-registration and Party application:
  Deadline is April 16th, Wednesday at 17:00JST or 8:00UTC.



* JpGU Meeting 2014

We’re waiting for your participation.

└■ 2. Accommodation during JpGU Meeting 2014

Please be in a hurry to reserve your hotel room.
Due to the so called Golden Week period in Japan, it seems difficult
to reserve hotel rooms around Pacifico Yokohama.

You can find one on the following URL.

└■ 3. Premium Book Market

We’re holding Premium Book Market.
JpGU staff sells your valuable books at the venue.
90% of sales proceeds goes to those who provide books.
10% of them goes to JpGU.  JpGU utilizes unsold books.
Please fix prices by yourself and send them to the convention site.
For further details, see the following URL.(Only in Japanese)

 Premium Book Market:

  Application form for Premium Book Market:

 # Deadline for pre-application: February 10th, Monday, 2014
 # Application is to be started at the beginning of March, 2014