└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.192 January Edition January 10, 2014
┃1.Prefatory note
┃ ・For further development in 2014
┃2.JpGU Meeting 2014 Information
┃ ・Abstract submission and pre-registration started
┃ ・Premium Book Market 【New project】
┃ ・Meetings during JpGU Meeting 2014
┃ ・Accommodation
┃3.Annual due payment for 2014【Important】
┃4.From Committees
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃ ・Career Supporting Committee
┃5.What’s new
└■ 1.Prefatory note

For further development in 2014
               Toshitaka Tsuda, JpGU President

└■ 2.JpGU Meeting 2014 Information

(1) Abstract submission and pre-registration started.

Abstract submission and pre-registration started on January 8th, Wednesday.

 Deadline for Advance submission (discounted rate):February 3rd, Sunday at 23:59JST or 14:59UTC. *Note 1
 Deadline for normal submission (normal rate):February 12th, Wednesday at 12:00JST or 3:00UTC
 Deadline for pre-registration (discounted rate): April 16th, Wednesday at 17:00JST or 8:00UTC

 JpGU membership subscription system is planned to be temporalily adjourned for data maintenance
 from April 16th at 17:00 to June 30th, Monday. *Note2

★JpGU Meeting 2014:
★Sessions in JpGU Meeting 2014:

*Note 1:
Please be sure to complete your payment by the due date.
When we can’t confirm your payment by February 3rd, normal rate is automatically adopted.

*Note 2:
Please be sure to update your personal information before April 16th at 17:00JST.
Our system is temporalily adjourned from April 17th.

(2) Premium Book Market【New project】

We’re holding Premium Book Market.
JpGU staff sells your valuable books at the venue.
90% of sales proceeds goes to those who provide books.
10% of them goes to JpGU.  JpGU utilizes unsold books.
Please fix prices by yourself and send them to the convention site.
For further details, see the following URL.(Only in Japanese)
 Premium Book Market:
  Application form for Premium Book Market:

※Deadline for pre-application: February 10th, Monday, 2014
※Application is to be started at the beginning of March, 2014

(3) Meetings during JpGU Meeting 2014

 JpGU provides conference rooms for meetings open to all participants and free of charge.
Please apply from the following designated application site shown below by February 17th, 2014.

 Application for other meetings and gatherings are to be accepted after program is fixed at the
 beginning of March.  Please note that not every meeting or gathering are accepted.

★Dedicated site for meeting application (Only in Japanese)

(4) Accommodation

 JpGU Meeting 2014 are held during Golden Week.
Due to this reason, JpGU Office expects difficulty to reserve hotel rooms.
Pelase be in a hurry to reserve ones.
Please utilize the information shown below.

★Hotels(Around the venue)


└■ 3.Annual due payment for 2014【Important】

 Please update your personal information and make annual due payment for 2014
(From April 2014 to March 2015).
Without annual due payment, member rate is not adopted.
If you’re a non-member, please become a member on this occasion.
You can enjoy preferable treatments even before April, 2014.

★URL to update:

★Membership subscription:

※JpGU member in 2013 is automatically renewed after April 1st.
Please be sure to take procedure to withdraw JpGU by the end of March, if you don’t want to.

★How to withdraw:
└■ 4.From Committees

(1) Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

 The prelimary selection of 6th Earth Planetary Science Olympiad
 was held on December 15th, Sunday, 2013 at 68 sites around Japan
(University:34,High school:33,Museum:1).
Applicants are 1689. Among them,1462 participated and about 60 students from 3rd year
 junior high school to 2nd year high school are selected.
They’re going to attend the main selection called ‘Grand-prix Chikyu-ni-Wakuwaku’
 held at Tsukuba-city from March 23rd to 25th.

 Application for ‘Top Lecture’ to be held on March 23rd in the afternoon started.
For further details, see the following URL.(Only in Japanese)

(2) Career Supporting Committee

 Information of Innovation school at AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
-Open recruitment for AIST in 2014
For further details, see the following URL. (Only in Japanese)

Application deadline: Due NLT January 16th, Thursday at 17:00JST, 2014

Innovation School Secretariat at AIST