└■ Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.178 September Edition 10th September, 2013
≪ Contents ≫
┃1.Prefatory Note
┃  ・25th Anniversary Projects   Toshitaka Tsuda, president of JpGU
┃2.Representative Election
┃3. JpGU Meeting 2014 Information
┃  ・Schedule
┃  ・Session proposal started
┃  ・Membership subscription Update
┃4.Preferential treatments to International sessions

┃      ・ Special International Sessions related to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science are wanted
┃5.Video delivery of ‘Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science’ session
┃6.From committees
┃  ・Publicity and Outreach Committee
┃  ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃  ・Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad
┃7.What’s new
└■ 1.Prefatory Note

’25th Anniversary Projects’

             Toshitaka Tsuda, president of JpGU
 Only in Japanese.
 Please check the Japanese mailnews.

└■ 2.Representative Election

Deadline of accepting candidacy for the representative election is coming soon.
Please be in a hurry to announce your candidacy and recommend someone for the position.
For further details, see the following URL.


Public announcement of representative election: 2nd August, Friday
Start accepting candidates: 13th August, Tuesday
Finish accepting candidates: 12th September, Thursday
Start voting :      26th September, Thursday
Finish voting :     25th October, Friday
Vote counting and reporting election outcome :  1st November, Friday

■How to announce candidacy and recommend someone( Deadline:12th September )

Regular member of Japan Geoscience Uion is eligible to be a candidate and voter.

◎Regular members:
【From membership subscription page】
Please login with your ID and password.
Please be sure to comfirm you’re a JpGU member and fill in the designated form.

【From membership subscription page】
Please make a membership subscription from the following URL.
After becoming a JpGU member, anyone can become a candidate.

【Membership subscription page】
【Necessary fields in the designated forms】
└■ 3.JpGU Meeting 2014 Information

(1) Schedule of JpGU Meeting 2014

 Period:28th April, Monday ~ 2nd May, Friday, 2014
 Venue::Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center, Kanagawa Prefecture

Session proposal:2nd September~24th October, 2013
Advance abstract submission:8th January ~ 3rd February, 2014
Normal abstract submission:4th February ~ 12th February, 2014
Pre-registration:8th January ~ 16th April, 2014

【JpRU Meeting 2014】

(2) Session proposal started

【Period】2nd September, Monday ~ 24th October, Thursday
【Session proposal】

*International session proposal

You can convene session as international.

(3) Membership subscription update

Please be in a hurry to update your membership to deliver important information about
JpGU Meeting 2014.

└■ 4.Preferential treatments to International sessions


Special International Sessions related to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science are wanted


Now that session proposal for JpGU 2014 has started, we, Journal Planning Committee is

to accept application for Special International Session about Multidisciplinary research field.

Financial support for your accomodation and transportation are to be provided to
the participants from abroad who make presentations at this special session.
Terms and conditions of this financial support is to submit the abstracts in the
 session to the new journal, Progress in Earth and Planetary Science.

About four abstract submissions including those of conveners, presenters and foreign invited speakers
 are necessary to be submitted to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science.

We provide this support to collect high-quality abstracts for our journal.

★Terms and conditions of applications
・To make presentations at JpGU Meeting 2014 in international sessions
・Abstracts presented there have to be submitted to Progress in Earth and Planetary Science in 2014
or at the beginning of 2014.
・Financial support to atmost four participants from abroad are available.

※Several sessions are to be adopted as this special international session.

★Documents submitted (free description)
・Contents of your session
 (If possible, attach the detailed description of the session)
・Budget necessary for participating in JpGU Meeting 2014
・List of authors, presenters and titles

★Where to sbumit
 Japan Geocience Union, Secretariat of JpGU

24th October, 2013 at 17:00JST

※Journal Plannning Committee will deliberate on this matter.

For further details, see the following URL.
(Now only in Japanese.)

└■ 5.Video delivery of ‘Recent Advances in Earth and Planetary Science’ session

 We’ve decided to deliver video clips of ‘Recent Advanced in Earth Planetary Science’ Session
 held on 19th May, Sunday at Makuhari Messe, International Conference Hall.
Publicity and Outreach Committee is planning to enrich video library from now on.

★Sessions to be delivered
・JpGU Meeting 2013 Top Seminar:
Prof. Saku Tsundta’Solar activity and Earth climate’–FYdfg

・JpGU Meeting 2013 Top Seminar:
Prof. Ken Takai ‘A story for birth of life in this planet: is is true or not? ‘

・JpGU Meeting 2013 Top Seminar:
Nozomu Takeuchi ‘Darkening Greenland Icesheet – Microbes melting the ice’

└■ 6.From Committees

(1)Publicity and Outreach Committee

The JpGU 3rd Fall Open Lecture is to be held on 2nd November, Saturday, 2013.
Everybody can participate in it free of charge.

■JpGU Meeting 2013 Fall Open Lecture
Date:2nd November, Saturday, 2013 14:00~17:00 (at 13:30 Doors opens)
Venue:Koshiba Hall (2nd floor of School of Science 1st on the 2nd floor,
Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo
  (7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Sponsored by Japan Geoscience Union
For further details, please wait for a while.

(2)Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

・The 7th International Earth Science Olympiad are to be held at Mysore in India
 from 11th to 19th in September.  
The team Japan consists of 4 high school students, 2 mentors and 7 observers.
They had a concentration camp at JAMSTEC and Kanagawa Prefectural Muesum of
Natural History from 19th through 23rd in August.

・The first liaison conference of Internatiolnal Geography Olympiad to be held in Mie in
 2016 was held at Mie prefectural government office in the presence of related officials
on 28th August.