└■ Mailnews August Edition No.175  2013/08/12
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┃1.Prefatory note by Board of directors of Japan Geoscience Union
┃      ・About representative election
┃2.Public Announcement of Representative Election of Japan Geoscience Union
┃3.Latest news
┃   ・Public comments are wanted
┃4.From committees
┃ ・Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad
┃5.What’s new
└■ 1.Prefatory note about representative election
                       Board of directors of Japan Geoscience Union
└■ 2.Public announcement of Representative Election

Representative election of Japan Geoscience Union

The term of representatives elected in 2012 is to expire on March 31, 2013.
The 3rd representative election is announced on August 2.
Anyone who has made membership subscription to Japan Geocience Union is
eligible to be a representative candidate.

Representatives become executive board members, and can be section presidents
 of Japan Geoscience Union.  They pass resolutions regarding executive
 official elections, confirmation of project master plans and other operation
 policies together with society members at or ordinary and extraordinary general staff meetings.

We sincerely hope our members will run for the election and vote for candidates.
Details are shown below.
Please be sure to be in time for submitting the form by the due date.

August 2, 2013
     Board of Elections of Japan Geoscience Union
     Chairman: Michinari Sunamura
     Members: Akira Sessai Yukimatsu
              Kenji Kawamura
              Hiroyuki Tsubomoto
              Masataka Shinohara
              Morihisa Hamada

■Representative election procedure■

Members who have finished membership subscription by October 25, 2013
are eligible to vote.
Members can cast votes for at most 5 representatives in their electoral zone.

Members who have finished membership subscription by August 1, 2013 can
 be a candidate of the representative.

The term is 2 years starting from April 1, 2014.

4.How to be a candidate
To stand as a candidate, the candidate have to be recommended by at least one JpGU member.
To recommend someone, the consent by the candidate is necessary.
Please be sure to send the necessary form by the due date.

5.How to announce candidacy
Please fill in the necessary form on the following URL by September 12, 2013.

6.Number of representatives
The number of representatives is defined to double the number of society members
 on the day before the official public announcement, August 1, 2013.
The number of representatives is from 80 to 200.
After the election, 30 representatives are divided into six electoral zones, each at least
 with five representatives.  The rest of them are to be prorated into six electoral zones
according to the number of regular members on the day before the official public announcement or
August 1, 2013.

Number of the representatives of each electoral zone is shown below.
Apace and planetary sciences:15
Atmospheric and Hydrospheric:19
Human geosciences:13
Solid Earth sciences:30
Education and outreach:11   Total:98


August 2, Friday, 2013: Official announcement of Representative election
August 13, Tuesday, 2013: Declaration of candidacy starts
September 12, Thursday, 2013: Declaration of candidacy finishes
September 26, Thursday, 2013: Casting ballots starts
October 25, Friday, 2013: Casting ballots finishes
Nobember 1, Friday, 2013: Ballot counting and reporting the result

8.How to vote
Each regular member can vote for up to five candidates of his/her electoral zone
 by October 25, Wednesday, 2013 on our website.

From and regulations

1. Candidacy Notification Form:
Input field PDF file:

2. Candidacy Recommendation Form :
Input field PDF file:

※Please note that we only accept candidacy and recommendation through dedicated forms.

Regulations of Board of Elections:
Regulations of Representative election:
Detailed regulations of Representative election:

└■ 3.Latest news

(1) Pbulic comments are wanted.
Please see the following URL.
(Only Japanese is available.)
Datge: July 19, Friday, 2013 ~August 16, Friday at 17:00JST, 2013

└■ 4.From Committees

(1) Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad

Japanese students got silver and bronze medals.

 The 10th International Geography Olympiad or iGeo2013 Kyoto, was held
from July 30 to August 5 at Kyoto city in Japan.
126 high school students from 32 countries and territories participated
in this olympiad.  4 high school students of Japan Team challenged
this competition.
Mr. Kishin Kato graduated from Nara Women’s University Secondary School got the silver medal and
Ms. Misa Hiraga, 3rd year student of Oin Gakuin High School got the bronze
 medal.  This Olympiad has become the 1st one for Japanese students
got multiple medals.
The 11th olympiad is to be held next summer at Cracow in Poland.
Application for preliminary selection in Japan starts this October.

For further details, see the following URL.

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 4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
 2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
 113-0032, Japan   
 Phone: +81-6914-2080 Fax: +81-3-6914-2088