└■Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.164 April Edition April 10, 2013
≪ Content ≫
┃1.JpGU Meeting 2013 Information【Important】
┃ ・Recent Schedule
┃ ・JpGU Meeting program is released on the web.
┃ ・Pre-registration is to be closed on May 7th.
┃ ・Introduction of lunch time “Special Lecture.”
┃ ・JpGU Meeting 2013 App starts on May 10th.
┃ ・Tokyo Sightseeing Tour!
┃ ・Ice Breaker Reception!
┃ ・Child care
┃ ・Introduction of Exhibitors
┃ ・Exhibitors are wanted!
┃2.From Committees

┃ ・Publicity and Outreach Committee
┃ ・Gender equality Committee
┃ ・Career path Committee and Gender equality Committee
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃5.What’s new
┃ ・Event
┃ ・Recruitment
┃ ・Open recruitment/Job offer 

└■ 1.JpGU Meeting 2013 Information【Important】

(1) Recent Schedule
April 10th: JpGU Meeting program schedule is released.
May 7th: Pre-regiatration at the discounted price closes.
※After this date, our membership subscription system is temporalily halted by June 30th.
  Please be sure to update your personal information and make JpGU Meeting registration by this date.
May 10th: Abstracts are released on the web and JpGU Meeting App starts.
From May 19th to 24th: JpGU Meeting 2013
    ※Society Council Meeting(May 22nd, 13:00-14:00),General meeting of members(May 22nd, 19:00-20:00)

(2) JpGU Meeting program is released on the web
List based on the session category準備中)
List based on the time schedule準備中)
Each abstract is to be released on the web on May 10th.

★Pre-registration deadline:May 7th, Tuesday at 17:00 JST.

(3)Pre-registration is to be closed on May 7th
★★★Have you finished JpGU Meeting registration?★★★
Please be sure to complete JpGU Meeting registration by May 7th to reduce congestion at the reception.
Pre-registration deadline:May 7th, Tuesday at 17:00 JST.
Please go to the following URL.
If necessary, please login our system and make pre-registration.

(4)Introduction of lunch time “Special Lecture
World class researchers give special lectures for young student and researchers from Monday to Friday at lunch time.
 Lunch boxes are sold in front of the lecture room.

May 20th, Monday:Space and Planetary Sciences Section
“Can Superflares Occur on Our Sun ?” by Dr. Kazunari SHIBATA, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
May 21st, Tuesday:Biogeosciences
“Life born and grown by the Earth” by Dr. Takeshi KAKEGAWA, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
May 22nd, Wednesday:Solid Earth Sciences
“HIME-diamond: A major spin-off from high-pressure mineral physics” by Dr. Tetsuo IRIFUNE, Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University
May 23rd, Thursday:Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences
“Space-Based View of a Changing Climate and its Implications” by Dr. Jack KAYE, Earth Science Division, NASA Headquarters
May 24th, Friday:Human Geosciences
“Understanding and Solution of a Problem in Human Geoscience – A Report from Fukushima -” by Dr. Akihiko KONDOH, Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba University

(5)JpGU Meeting 2013 App for iPhone and Android starts on May 10th.
JpGU Meeting App starts this year.
Please see the following URL for further details.
※Please contact for the banner Advert on our website.

(6)Tokyo Sightseeing Tour!
You can enjoy a day trip from Makuhari Messe to TOKYO SKYTREE, Tokyo’s new sightseeing spot and Senso-ji temple district
and Nakamise Dori in the Shitamachi area at the foot of TOKYO SKYTREE.
English-speaking tour guide accompanies you.

We’re waiting for your participation.

Date: May 20th, Monday
Participation fee:7,700JPY
Schedule: 10:00 Departing Makuhari Messe —>TOKYO SKYTREE including stroll around Tokyo Solamachi
         —> Senso-ji temple district and Nakamise Dori(1 hour) —> 15:30 Arriving at Makuhari Messe
Acceptance:From February 20th, Wednesday to April 15th, Monday
 February 15th, Friday
When you can’t apply from this URL, please directly contact

(6)Ice Breaker Reception!

Please drop in by the reception corner on the 1st evening of JpGU Meeting.

Date:May 19th, Sunday at 18:00-20:00 (planned)
Site:2nd floor of International Conference Hall in Makuhari Messe
Participation fee:500JPY
Website for Ice Breaker is to be released soon!
※Application is NOT necessary. Please come to the site on the day.

(8)Child Care
For further details, see the following URL.
※Please be sure to apply three weeks before the day you use.
※When your children are elementary school students or older, please directly contact Little Garden WBG.

(6) Introduction of Exhibitors

Please see the following URL and utilize these booths effectively.

└■ 3.From Committees

(1) Publicity and Outreach Committee

The event named “Ask graduate and undergraduate students about earth planetary science”
are held at JpGU Meeting 2013 on May 19th, Sunday from 15:00 to 17:00.
Graduate and undergraduate students to voluntary participate in this event is wanted.
Let’s talk freely with high school students about our reseraches and school life.
For further details, see the following URL.

(2) Career path Committee, Genger equality Committee

Please cooperate for the questionnaire held by Career path Committee.

・The 3rd Career path questionnaire
Only in Japanese

・Results of the 1st and 2nd questionnaires
Only in Japanese

(4) Japan Earth Seience Olympiad Committee

The final selection of the 5th Japan Earth Science Olympiad called Grand Prix
Chikyu-Ni-Wakuwaku was held in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture from March 24th to 26th.
Among 56 Junior high school 3 nensei and high school 1 and 2 nensei students and 4 junior high school 1 and 2 nensei students’ challengers
challenged this selection and 10 students were given highest awards and participating the final selection for the 7th International Earth Science
Olympiad held in India.
Ibaraki Prefectural governor’s award, Chiba city Mayor’s award, President’s Award by Tsukuba Science Exposition Memorial Foundation and
Geological Survey of Japan or AIST’s award were also given.

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