└■Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.159 February Edition February 12, 2013
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┃1.JpGU Meeting 2013 Information【Important】
┃ ・Abstract submission deadlilne ―Three more days(Deadline February 15, at 12:00)―
┃ ・[The 1st New project] Tokyo Sightseeing Tour!
┃ ・[The 2nd New project] Ice Breaker Reception!
┃ ・Recent schedule
┃ ・Pay-by-the-hour rooms during JpGU Meeting 2013
┃ ・Exhibitors are wanted!
┃2.Annual due payment【Important】
┃3.From Committees
┃ ・Publicity and Outreach Committee
┃ ・Gender equality Committee
┃ ・Career path Committee and Gender equality Committee
┃ ・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
┃ ・Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad
┃4.JpGU Office staff is being recruited.
┃5.What’s new
┃ ・Event
┃ ・Recruitment
┃ ・Open recruitment/Job offer 

└■ 1.JpGU Meeting 2013 Information【Important】

(1) Abstract submission deadlilne ―Three more days(Deadline February 15, at 12:00)―

Have you completed your abstract submission?
Please be in a hurry to prevent trouble due to access concentration.

【Final deadline】February 15th, Friday at 12:00 noon JST or 3:00UTC. 

★Abstract submission is automatically withdrawn without payment.

★How to submit your abstract
★JpGU Meeting 2013

(2) [The 1st New Project] Tokyo Sightseeing Tour!

You can enjoy a day trip from Makuhari Messe to TOKYO SKYTREE, Tokyo’s new sightseeing spot and Senso-ji temple district
and Nakamise Dori in the Shitamachi area at the foot of TOKYO SKYTREE.
English-speaking tour guide accompany you.

We’re waiting for your participation.

Date: May 20th, Monday
Participation fee:7,700JPY
Schedule: 10:00 Departing Makuhari Messe —>TOKYO SKYTREE including stroll around Tokyo Solamachi
         —> Senso-ji temple district and Nakamise Dori(1 hour) —> 15:30 Arriving at Makuhari Messe
Acceptance:From February 20th, Wednesday to April 15th, Monday
Details:Released on our Events site on February 15th, Friday

(3) [The 2nd New Project] Ice Breaker Reception!

Please drop in by the reception corner on the 1st evening of JpGU Meeting.

Date:May 19th, Sunday Evening
Site:International Conference Hall in Makuhari Messe
Participation fee:500JPY

※Application is NOT necessary. Please come to the site on the day.
※Details are shown on our website soon.

(4) Recent schedule

February 15th: Abstract submission deadline, Project meeting application deadline
March 13th: Session layout is fixed.
In the middle of March: Ask for part timers during JpGU Meeting 2013 starts.
At the end of March: Starts accepting Pay-by-the-hour rooms during JpGU Meeting 2013.
March 28th: Adoption of abstracts, notification of presentation date and time (to contributors, authors, presenters and chairs)
April 10th: JpGU Meeting program schedule is released.
May 7th: Pre-regiatration closes.
May 10th: Abstracts are released on the web.
From May 19th to 24th: JpGU Meeting 2013
    ※Society Council Meeting(May 22nd, 12:30-13:30 Rm:302),General meeting of members on the same day

(5) Rental space for workshops and meetings during JpGU Meeting

Please use the dedicated form to apply by February 17th.
This is restricted to open and free workshops for all participants.
Not every workshops are allowed to have meetings.

Pay-by-the-hour-rooms are accepted after session layout is fixed at the end of March.

★Dedicated form(Deadline:February 15th):
(Only Japanese is available.)

(6) Exhibitors are wanted!

Please see the following URL and utilize these booths effectively.

★To exhibitors:

└■ 2.Annual due payments【Important】

Annual due payment for 2013 is being accepted now.
If you’d like to withdraw the membership, please be sure to submit Notice of
 Withdrawal by the end of March.  Without this notice, your membership is
 automatically extended and annual due payment for 2013 is charged.

※Our system is temporarily adjourned from May 7th, Tuesday to June 30th, Sunday for data maintenance.

※Update of membership category and annual due payment
Ex) Annual due payment for 2012: Graduate student : 1000JPY
    That for 2013: Update membership category to regular and pay 2,000JPY for 2013

★Various procedures (Annual due payment, update, withdrawal):

└■ 3.From Committees

(1) Publicity and Outreach Committee

The event named “Ask graduate and undergraduate students about earth planetary science”
are held at JpGU Meeting 2013.
Graduate and undergraduate students to voluntary participate in this event is wanted.
Let’s talk freely with high school students about our reseraches and school life.
For further details, see the following URL.

(2)Gender Equality Committee

Thank you for answering the 3rd questionnaire.

The 3rd questionnaire held from November 1st to December 14th was successfully
closed and 16,314 members answered.  The result will be released on our website
around summer.

(3) Career path Committee, Genger equality Committee

Please cooperate for the questionnaire held by Career path Committee.

・The 3rd Career path questionnaire
Only in Japanese

・Results of the 1st and 2nd questionnaires
Only in Japanese

(4) Japan Earth Seience Olympiad Committee

The 5th preliminary selection of Japan Earth Science Olympiad was held on
December 16th, 2013.  1101 students applied  and 812 of them challenged this selection.
About 60 students from 3rd-year junior high school students to 3rd-year high
 school students are participating the final selection called Grand Prix
Chikyu-Ni-Wakuwaku held in Tsukuba City.

10 students are to be selected for the International Earth Science Olympiad held in
 India this May.Participants to the final selection is 60 not 30 from this time.

(5)Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad

About Japan International Geography Olympiad selection 2013 or the 10th InternationalGeography
Olympiad(iGeo 2013 Kyoto)

・First selection was given on January 12th, Saturday.

Multimedia questions(60minutes):Multiple choice questions using pictures, maps or graphs
867 students applied and 782 challenged.
115 students are selected to the secondary selection.

・The secondary selection is given on March 10th, Sunday at the 12 sites around Japan.
About 4 students are selected for the participants for International Geography Olympiad.
Awarding ceremony is to be held on March 29th or 30th at Kumagaya Campus of Rissyo University.

・iGeo2013 Kyoto
International Geography Olympiad is to be held from July 31st to August 5th at Kyoto.

└■ 4.JpGU Office staff is being recruited

★Clerical business with high communication ability is necessary.
Those who is good at English is welcome!

February 22nd, Friday

【Place of business】
Gakkai Center Bldg., 4F
2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

For further details, see the following URL.

 Japan Geoscience Union (
 4F Gakkai Center Bldg.
 2-4-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
 113-0032, Japan   
 Phone: +81-6914-2080 Fax: +81-3-6914-2088