Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.14 March 10, 2008.

 Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2008 (JpGU Meeting 2008)

 Important Dates

 for the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2008 (25-30
May in Makuhari. Chiba)

Reception Party
Start 10 Jan 2008
Deadline 11 Apr 2008  at 12:00 Noon JST
The content  is fixed 14 Mar 2008
Information of announcement
19 Mar 2008

was closed. Thank you for a lots of 
Editing procedures are underway.
We can show details in the next Mail News.

Reception Party will be held on May 28, Wednesday from
18:30 to 20:30 at the restaurant on the 1st floor after the council
Fee in advance is 1500 yen for undergraduates and 4000
yen for the general.
On site fee is 2000 yen for undergraduates and 5000 yen
for the general.
You can only apply for it in advance on the
pre-registration site.

Advertisements for
JpGU Meeting 2008 program are wanted!
4500 programs has been distributed on JpGU Meeting 2007.
This programs is A3 size dual page print. (like newspapers)
Please utilize them for the advertising measures for the earth science
related researchers.

Companies exhibiting in JpGU


 What’s New !

(1)SELENE (KAGUYA) got Aviation Week Laureate Award for space!
SELENE (KAGUYA) project (JAXA) got aviation
week laureate award for space on March 4.
It may be first time o receive such award by Japanese mission.
Aviation Week is the famous publisher of the aerospace magazine of the
United States.
Congratulations on all the people involved in SELENE (KAGUYA).

(2) Japan Earth Science Olympiad

2nd International Earth Science Olympiad are to be held from August 31 to
September 7
in the Philippines.

Japan are going to dispatch 4 high school students there.
Application for the first selection was closed on February 29th.
357 students of 44 junior and senior high schools from 25 prefectures
!st selection: March 16, 2008 at each school 20 students are to be
2nd selection: May 31, 2008 at Tokyo University 4 students are to be
Japan Earth Science Committee has been formally set up.

The content of the Nature Geoscience February edition was open to
the public.
It can be seeing from here in detail.

You can register the Nature Geoscienc
E-mail alert here.

 ## Please choose 【 Geoscience
delivery version 】 on the registration screen.


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