Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.131  February 10, 2012

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   1. Information of
JpGU Meeting 2012 [Important]

submission is to be closed soon. (February 17 at

・Recent schedule


・Rental spaces for workshops and meetings

are wanted!
2. Monetary
donation to students of the area devastated by the
Great East Japan Earthquake

Annual due payment [Important]

From Committees

・Publicity and Outreach Committee

・Career Supporting Committee / Gender Equality
・Japan Earth Planetary Science Olympiad Committee

   5. What’s new



1. Information of JpGU Meeting 2012[Important]

7 more days to the deadline :
February 17, Friday at 12:00 JST

be in a hurry to make an abstract submission.

★Please note
that if you don’t complete payment of your abstract
submission, it is automatically withdrawn.



★JpGU Meeting
2012 TOP

(2)Recent schedule


Abstract Submission (normal
rate) closes : Friday, February 17th
 at 12:00
or 14:59 UTC

Rental space
for workshops and meetings
 during JpGU
Meeting closes: Friday,
February 17th at 12:00 JST or 14:59 UTC.

・ Session layout is completed on
March 13, 2012

Ask for Part timers during JpGU
Meeting 2012 starts in the middle of March

Pay-by-the-hour rooms for
Gatherings during JpGU Meeting starts at the end of

・ Anouncement of the adoption and
presentation day and time (To contributors, authors
presenter and chairs)

・ JpGU Meeting 2012 program is

Pre-registration (discounted
 closes:  Monday, May 7th at 17:00

or 8:00 UTC

・JpGU Meeting 2012 program is
released on the web.

・ JpGU Meeting 2012  May 20-25

Scientific Society Chair Meeting  (May 23,

Party ( May 23 at 19:00-)

General Staff Meeting  (May 24, daytime)

(3) Party information

Date: May 23, Wednesday from 19:00
to 20:30

Place: Restaurant in International
Conference Hall

Fee: (Advance) General: 4,000JPY,
Students: 1,500JPY

(On-site)   General: 5,000JPY, Students:

※Party tickets can be purchased from
our website.

★Log-in page

(4)Rental space
for workshops and meetings
 during JpGU

Spaces are to be rent to the
non-profit meetings.

Please be sure to confirm that not
every meeting is accepted.

Special form (Only
Japanese):deadline is February 17, Friday

(5)Exhibitors are wanted!

JpGU Meetings provide a forum for the exchange of
information about earth planetary science related
research projects and for companies to introduce new
earth planetary science related equipments.  It
also provides an opportunity for both exchange of
personnel and hiring of new staff.
We welcome
particitation from all members of the global earth
planetary science related community.

For further details, see the
following URL.


2. Monetary donation to students of the area devastated by
the Great East Japan Earthquake

Masatune Hatakeyama, Director in Chage, Educational
Affairs Committee Chair

We took up monetary donation after the Great East Japan

We’ve already supported one junior high school.

After asking each school one by one, we received
requests from 14 shcools.
Our monetary donation is
about 2 million yen but those requests amount up to 9
million yen.

We strongly ask you to donate spare or abandoned
experimental equipments.

If you have some, please contact

3. Annual due payment for 2012[Important]
 Annual due payment for
2012 is available now.  Please be sure to update your information
and make an annual due payment. If you don’t cancel your
membership by the end of March, it is automatically
extended and annual due is charged. Please be sure to
withdraw your membership by the end of March, if

※JpGU Membership Subscription and update are to be adjourned
for maintenance from Monday May 7th 17:00JST to Saturday
June 30th.(Planned)

Please update your personal information and pay your annual

Ex)If you are a graduate student by the end of March and
become regular after April 1, your payment will be like the

     Annual due for 2011: 1,000JPY

     Annual due for 2012: 2,000JPY 



4. From Committees

and Outreach Committee

 Japan Geoscience Union
are going to host the event called "Let’s ask graduate and
undergraduate students about earth planetary sciences." 
Voluntary students are wanted now.  For further
details, see the following URL. (Only Japanese is

Support Committee and Gender Equality Committee
This year
again, we are going to conduct questionnaires on occupation,
age and gender.  We ask you all, not only members under
limited-time contracts but every member to participate in
this questionnaire.

The result is to be released on our web and
JGL soon.


Only Japanese is available.

Earth Planetary Science Olympiad Committee
The 4th Earth
Planetary Science Oympiad preliminary selection or the 6th
International Earth Planetary Science Olympiad was held
at 52 sites last December.
30 students were selected in the middle of January and
challenge the final selection called Grand-Prix
Chikyu-ni-Wakuwaku held at Tsukuba City from March 25th to
27th. Please note that everyone can attend  "Top
Lecture" free of charge.  For further details, please
see the following URL.




5. What’s New

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