Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.126  November 4, 2011

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Result of Representative Election of Japan
Geoscience Union

2. Announcement of Section
President Election


1. Result of
Representative Election of Japan Geoscience Union


Result of
Representative Election of Japan Geoscience Union is
released on the following URL.

(Only Japanese is available.)

Thank you for your


2. Announcement of
Section President Election


elect are eligible to be section presidents either by their
own announcemnt or by recommendation. Members of Japan
Geoscience union are eligible to recommend someone and cast
votes.  We ask you an active participation.

Public announcement           
November 4, Friday, 2011

Start accepting candidates   
November 7, Monday, 2011

Close accepting candidates   
November 18, Friday, 2011

Start to vote                      
November 28, Monday, 2011

Close to cote                      
December 19, Monday, 2011

Ballot counting and announcing the result 
December 22, Thursday, 2011


For further details, see
the following URL.


  *Roles of Section
 Long-term science
visions of each section are discussed at the union science
board making up of 5 section presidents, panel of experts
looking down upon earth planetary science and executive
board members.
They eventually become science visions of
Japan Geoscience Union as a whole.
Themes beyond
sections such as environmental problems are discussed at the
focus groups launched by the union science board.
and Planetary Sciences, Atmospheric, Ocean, and
Envionmental, Human Geosciences, Solid Earth and
Giogeosciences section presidents make up the Union Science
Board and promote scientific activities under the long-term
visions together with president and vice presidents of Japan
Geoscience union.


November 4,

Board of Election
of Japan Geoscience Union
Chairman: Hiroyuki Tsubomoto
Members: Mie Ichihara
Masataka Shinohara

Masahiro Takagi
Shogo Tachibana



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