Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.123
 October 20, 2011


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.Ask for Voting for representative election of JpGU
(Deadline is October 28, 2011)

1. Ask for Voting for
Representative election of JpGU

for voting for representative election of JpGU is closed on
October 28, 2011 is closing soon.


pass resolutions regarding executive official elections,
confirmation of project master plans and other operation
policies together with society members at ordinary and
extraordinary general staff meetings.

Please be active to vote for 5 candidates of your electoral

Please see the following

Voting rate as of October
20 at 15:00 is 9.4% on average.

14.2% of Biogeosciences
section is the maximum. 

 (Only Japanese is available.)

Please note that the number of the
candidates of the electoral zone, General (Education and
Outreach) is the same as the quorum. They automatically get
elected after the election is over.


October 20,

Board of Election
of Japan Geoscience Union
Chairman: Hiroyuki Tsubomoto
Members: Mie Ichihara
Masataka Shinohara

Masahiro Takagi
Shogo Tachibana


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