Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.121 October 11, 2011

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for Voting for representative election of JpGU
(Deadline is October 28, 2011)

proposal is wanted! (Deadline is October 21, 2011,
10 more days!)

  3. Latest news

・Science Council of Japan

 The 22nd term has started!

4.From Committees
・Publicity and Outreach

・Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee

5.What’s new



1. Ask for Voting for Representative election of JpGU
for voting for representative election of JpGU is closed on
October 28, 2011. 


 pass resolutions regarding executive official elections,
confirmation of project master plans and other operation policies
together with society
members at ordinary and extraordinary general staff meetings.

Please be active to vote for 5 candidates of your electoral

The number of the candidates of the electoral zone, General
(Education and Outreach) is the same as the quorum. 
They automatically get elected after the election is over.

October 11,  2011                                               

 Board of
Election of Japan Geoscience Union

Hiroyuki Tsubomoto
Mie Ichihara


Masahiro Takagi


Shogo Tachibana

August 3, Wednesday, 2011 Official public announcement of Representative
August 15, Monday, 2011 Declaration of candidacy starts
September 15, Thursday, 2011 Declaration of candidacy finishes
September 29, Thursday, 2011 Casting ballots starts
October 28, Friday, 2011 Casting ballot finishes
November 4, Friday, 2011 Ballot counting and reporting the result


<How to vote>

Please login from the membership subscription
page by October 28, 2011.

check your status from the following URL:

If you
don’t remember your ID or password, please do not hesitate to ask us.

. Session proposal
is wanted!

proposal is closed on October 21, Friday.

Only 10 days are left.  Please be in a
hurry and propose a session from the following URL.

<Session proposal> September 1, Wednesday
-October 21, Friday, 2011


Latest news

Council of Japan 
22nd term has started!

hNew members has been appointed at the General Assembly on
October 3, and Prof. Takashi Ohnishi was elected as

Earth planetary science committee members are as follows.

Hiroko Nagahara (Chair), Hiroshi Kitazato (Vice chair),
Teruyuki Nakajima (Secretary), Yukio Himiyama (Secretary),
Teruko Usui (Member), Syuhei Ohkubo (Member), Jyunichiro
Kawaguchi (Member), Tetsuzo Yasunari (Member), Mitsuo
Yamakawa (Member)

4. From Committees

and Outreach Committee

Japan Geoscience Union is going to organize the semeners to
the public on November 5, Saturday at the University of

Please be active to participate in it.

Date: November 5, Saurday, from 14:00 to 17:00 (Doors open
at 13:30)

Venue: The University of Tokyo, Yayoi Campus, Yayoi Hall

      1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 

Host: Japan Geoscience Union

For furthre details, please see the folowing URL in

(2)Japan Earth
Science Olympiad Committee

The 5th International Earth Science Olympiad
was held in Modena in Italy.

This Olympiad was the 1st one held in Europe,
and 104 students and 102 mentors and obserbers, total about
200 participants around the world gathered there and was the
largest ever Olympiad. The team Japan got one gold, two
silver and 1 bronze medals.  Students from Asian
countries like Korea, Taiwan, Tahailand and the Philippines
did really good.

Japan Earth Science Olympiad became a member
of Japan Science Olympiad Committee on October 4, 2011.



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