Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.109 April 11, 2011

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1. Important information of JpGU Meeting 2011

 ・Urgent session "the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of
Tohoku Earthquake

Meeting 2011 Program has been released.

・Reception system is drastically modified.

 ・Accommodation around Makuhari Messe

・ Special lectures

・ Part times are wanted.

・ Application for the meeting rooms are now being
   ・ Introduction of Exhibitors
2. From committees
 ・ Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
   ・ Committee for International Affairs
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Important information of
JpGU Meeting 2011


April 6
: Program is released on the web

11 : Application of lunch boxes for your meeting (by May 9)

May 9 : 
Pre-registration deadline

May 13
: Program and abstracts are released on the web

May 22
to 27: JpGU Meeting 2011

May 23 : Union Science Board Meeting

May 25 : Society Council Meeting and Party

May 26 : General Staff Meeting

session "the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake"
Poster presentations related to "the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of
Tohoku Earthquake"

on May
26 and 27 are wanted now.

email to the
following information.

Name, Affiliation, and ID of JpGU(Inevitable)

Abstract title (Default title is available)

3) Name
of the presenter (Contributor and co-authors) They can be revised later.

deadline : April 24 at 12:00 JST

*Abstract submission :
April 25 to 30 (Only those who emailed us by April 24 at 12:00 JST)

For further information
see the following URL.


waiting for your active contribution.

(2)JpGU Meeting 2011 Program has been released.

JpGU Meeting 2011 Program was released.

Abstract PFDs are to be released on May 13.


system is drastically modified. [Important]
JpGU Meeting registraion is inevitable to participate in JpGU Meeting

Please be sure to check if
you’ve completed JpGU Meeting registration or not from the

following URL:


*We won’t send materials
and hand them to you on-site.
Pre-registration period has been extended for a month, by May 9.

Please be sure to make
pre-registration from the following URL.

*Confirmation email

Confirmation email is
delivered to your email address.
The PDF file with the bar-code is important.
Please be sure to print out the PDF file and bring it to Makuhari Messe.

Without this file, it’ll
take a long time to enter the conference hall.

*Reception on the day
Scanners are set at the registration counters.
If you simply scan the bar-code, you’ll receive your name badge, receipt
and programs.


(4)Accomodation around
Makuhari Messe

You can reserve a hotel
room from the following email address.

For further details,
please directly email to Mr. Kato.


(5)Special lectures

World class researchers
are to give lectures during lunch time at International Conference Hall

from Monday to Friday.

Lunch boxes are sold in
front of the International Conference Hall.

May 23, Monday:
Atmospheric, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences
  Dr. Mark Pelling (King’s College London)
 "Resilience theory and its internal contradiction"
May 24, Tuesday: Biogeosciences
  Dr. Naohiko Okouchi (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and
 "Principles of Geobiology"
May 25, Wednesday : Human Geosciences
  Dr. Yoshinori Yasuda (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
 "An Age of the Civilization of Life
May 26, Thursday : Solid Earth Sciences
  Dr. Kei Hirose (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 "Earth’s deep interior: insight from ultrahigh-pressure experiments"
May 27, Friday : Space and Planetary Sciences

  Dr. Takashi Tanaka
(Emeritus professor of Kyusyu University)
 "Space plasma simulation"

(6) Part-timers are
Please help us organizing JpGU Meeting 2011.

For further details, see
the following URL: (only Japanese is available)


(7)Application for the
meeting rooms are now being accepted.
Rooms for rent are available during the meeting.

For further details, see
the following URL:(only Japanese is available)


(8) Introduction of

■Atmosphere and Ocean
Research Institute, The University of Tokyo


■Research Institute for
Humanity and Nature

■Spring-8 G-COE
「地球深部地質学」Ehime University, The University of Tokyo,
    The State University of New York at Stony Brook)

■National Research
Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, NIED

2. From Committees

(1)Japan Earth Science Olympiad Committee
Grand prix "Chikyu-ni-wakuwaku" planned to be held from March 24 to 26
at Tsukuba City was cancelled due to

Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster.  Final selection for
International Earth Science Olympiad held in Italy is
to be held at the University of Tokyo on June 11 and 12.
(2)Committee for International Affairs
 From the Geological Society of America

We invite all geoscientists interested in the FRAGILE
EARTH conference to Munich in early September 2011
(4-7,9, 2011).  There will be a special session on megathrusts, tsunamis
and geological structures. 
Please visit our website at www.geomunich Anke Friedrich,
Organizing Chair Lnu Munich

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