Japan Geoscience Union Mail News No.103 March 13, 2011

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1 Important Information about "The Great Tohoku
Kanto Earthquake"


Important Information
about "The Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake"


To members and individual

Gaku Kimura, President of Japan Geoscience Union

Jun Matsumoto, Chair of Environment and Disaster Countermeasures


 We really express
our heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolence to those who experienced
this devastated disaster caused by the big earthquake and tunami on
March 11.
We, the council members and secretariat staff, are now collecting
information and worrying about the safety of our members especially near
the devastated areas. 
Please let us know your safety to the special email address below after
your safety is ensured. (Only
for offering information)


Please give us the
following information.

1. Damage of members and
related society members

2. Damage of related
affiliation and universities

3. What earth planetary
science related societies and affiliation are doing now

4. Information made by
scientific research


Offered information is to
be up on our website accordingly.

★Special URL for the Great
Tohoku Kanto Earthquake


We, the members of Japan
Geoscience Union really hope the members of the devastated areas to get
over this disaster as soon as possible.

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