***Japan Geoscience Union Mailnews June Issue
No.368 June 10, 2022***
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| 1. Preface by Yukihiro Takahashi, President of JpGU
| (Available in Japanese)
| 2. JpGU Meeting 2022 Report
| -> Meeting Overview
| -> Please give us your feedback of JpGU 2022
| -> Contents we provide after the 2022 meeting
| -> Certificates
| -> Lost and Found
| 3. Information from PEPS
| -> PEPS Awarded Papers 2022
| -> Latest Articles
| 4. What’s New
| -> Event Information
| -> Applications
| -> Career Opportunity
#1. Preface by Yukihiro Takahashi, President of JpGU

At the recent general meeting of the representatives of the Japan
Geoscience Union (JpGU) 20 directors were elected for the 9th term
of office. At the subsequent board meeting I was appointed as the new
JpGU president. It is a great honor for me to lead the JpGU, which
consists of more than 10,000 members, and at the same time, I feel a
great responsibility. During my tenure I would like to promote effective
and efficient management of the organization and ask for the cooperation
of the directors, the representatives, and all members.

The 2022 Meeting of JpGU was held from the end of May to the beginning
of June incorporating a combination of both hybrid and online-only
sessions; this was after a two-year period when we were only able to
hold the meeting on online. I was pleased that many people visited
the venue for the first in-person and they were able to meet after
a long period of self-restraint due to the Covid pandemic. Although
there were some minor technical difficulties at the beginning of the
hybrid period, the total number of participants was about 7000, which
exceeded our expectations, and the initial impressions are that the
event was a great success. In cooperation with the rest of the leadership
of the JpGU, I will carefully examine the feedback from attendants
including the questionnaire. We will use this information to help
consider how best to overcome any problems raised and provide a more
satisfying experience for next years’ meeting. I would like to express
my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the meeting: the conveners,
the presenters, and the participants. In particular, I would like to
take this opportunity to thank Prof. Koji Wada, the meeting committee
chair, those involved in the management and the secretariat, who have
held weekly meetings starting straight after the end of the 2021 meeting
and whose efforts and ingenuity have been instrumental in the success
of the 2022 meeting.

During my tenure as president, I aim to nurture a forward-looking and
positive JpGU, which will continue to follow the path set by the former
president Prof. Eiichi Tajika and include tackling such important issues
as financial stability, expansion and development of the secretariat,
promotion of diversity, and geoethics. I consider that fiscal stabilization
is a particularly urgent issue, and we in the JpGu leadership will
consider a wide variety of options to help tackle this problem. I also
consider that raising awareness of the importance of SDGs should be
reflected in activities of JpGU and I would like to emphasize these
issues as one of our priorities as we look to establish and promote
international cooperative relationships, including with developing

JpGU is an organization established to promote and support the Earth
and Planetary Science Community with particular focus on its members
including students. In order for individuals to prosper and shine,
I ask for the cooperation of all members in bringing together the
collective wisdom of the community to forge new ways to develop our
field, to create a vibrant community that is not restricted by the
boundaries of conventional fields and regions. I conclude these
greetings by asking once more for your active support and cooperation
to help develop JpGU and earth and planetary sciences.

#2. JpGU Meeting 2022 Report

(1) Meeting Overview
We’d like to thank all attendees for participating in JpGU Meeting
Here is the flash report of this year’s meeting.

Period: May 22 (Sun) – June 3 (Fri), 2022
*Hybrid phase: May 22 (Sun) – 27 (Fri)
*Online poster session phase: May 29 (Sun) – June 3 (Fri)
Meeting format: Hybrid (in-person and online)
Local venue: International Conference Hall and Exhibition Hall 8,
Makuhari Messe, Chiba
Meeting chair: Sachiko HAYASHIDA (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
Program committee chair: Masaki ISHIWATARI (Hokkaido University)
Host: Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)
Sponsorship: 32 organizations
The Astronomical Society of Japan, Japan Society of Civil Engineers,
Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering, The Japanese Geotechnical
Society, Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering, The Japan
Society of High Pressure Science and Technology, The Japanese Coral
Reef Society
Supporting Members:
Japan Local Convention Association Office, Forte, Aso UNESCO Global
Geopark, Crimson Interactive Japan, World Creations Inc., Japan Geoparks
Network (JGN), American Journal Experts, Cactus Communications,
Chiba Convention Bureau, Reseablic Inc., TECH OCEAN

(a) Sessions
* Total Number of convened sessions: 224 (220 in 2021, 275 in 2020, 240 in 2019)
U: Union 10 (E: 5, J: 5)
O: Public 8 (E: 0, J: 8)
P: Space and Planetary Sciences 20 (E: 13, J: 7)
A: Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences 43 (E: 24, J: 19)
H: Human Geosciences 28 (E: 8, J: 20)
S: Solid Earth Sciences 57 (E: 17, J: 40)
B: Biogeosciences 5 (E: 2, J: 3)
G: General (Education and Outreach) 5 (E: 0, J: 5)
M: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary 48 (E: 15, J: 33)

Number of Abstracts: 3808 (3679 in 2021, 5419 in 2020, 5028 in 2019)
Oral: 2083 (2009 in 2021, 2742 in 2020, 2624 in 2019)
Poster*: 1725 (1670 in 2021, 2677 in 2020, 2404 in 2019)
*Including 80 poster presentations by high school students

(b) Number of Participants

[Total Number of Participants: 6789]
Itemized breakdown:
Regular: 3179, K-12 teachers: 29, Graduate students: 1335, Senior: 80,
Undergraduate students: 948, High school session presenters: 273,
Public session: 599, Press: 57, Guests/ Exhibitors/ Staff: 253

*Total Number of in-person Participants: 3152
Itemized breakdown:
Regular: 1485, K-12 teachers: 17, Graduate students: 739, Senior: 31,
Undergraduate students: 298, High school session presenters: 139,
Public session: 248, Press: 15, Guests/ Exhibitors/ Staff: 181

(2) Please give us your feedback of JpGU 2022
We would like to hear your opinions on JpGU 2022 to improve our
future meetings. We would also like to hear from those who did not
attend the meeting. Please send your feedback by 23:59 (JST) on
Thursday, June 30.

[Post-meeting survey]

(3) Contents we provide after the 2022 meeting

[About Meeting participation site (Confit)]

*Meeting Participation Site (Confit)

You will be able to log in to Confit for one year after the meeting
and view the presentation materials (abstract PDF, e-posters,
and additional materials). On-demand videos will be posted until
August 31.
Please note that we will delete all the presentation materials except
for abstract PDF when we remove the login function after one year.

[On-demand webcast of Union sessions & events]

On-demand webcast of some Union sessions and events will be
available on the meeting participation site (Confit) for a limited
time. The contents will be available sequentially from the sessions/
events that are ready.

++Now available contents++
-Award Ceremony

++Coming soon++
– Union sessions:
U-01 [E] Contribution to SDGs by Earth and Planetary Science
U-02 [E] Projection and detection of global environmental change
U-03 [E] Progress towards Gender Equity in Geosciences
U-04 [E] What is the true value of Knowledge Creation? The
role-sharing between us and Funding Agencies.
– Lunchtime special lectures
– Exhibitors seminar
– Exhibitors Pop-Up etc.

[To attendees who joined the Exhibitors Quiz Rally]

Thank you for the many entries.
After scoring and drawing, the winners will receive the prize later.
Please look forward to it!

(4) Certificates

Certificates are issued for those who request them from the designated
form to be open soon. The details will be announced on the meeting
website and on Confit when they become ready.
Application starts: June 14 (Tue) *tentative schedule

(5) Lost and Found

JpGU is keeping belongings left in the local venue.

If you have lost your belonging, please contact along
with the detailed information (item, color, date and place of loss,
etc.,) of the item.

We’ll send it to you by cash on delivery once we have confirmed that
it is your belonging.
Items are to be disposed of after Friday, July 1, 2022.

#3. Information from PEPS

(1) PEPS Awarded Papers 2022
We are pleased to announce that the papers published on PEPS have
qualified for the PEPS Award 2022.

@ Tan Suet May Amelia et al.: Marine microplastics as vectors of major
ocean pollutants and its hazards to the marine ecosystem and humans.

@ Yuki Haneda et al.: A full sequence of the Matuyama-Brunhes
geomagnetic reversal in the Chiba composite section, Central Japan.

@ William F. McDonough et al.: Terrestrial planet compositions
controlled by accretion disk magnetic field.

@ Naga Oshima et al.: Global and Arctic effective radiative forcing
of anthropogenic gases and aerosols in MRI-ESM2.0.

@ Mangalathayil Ali Abdu: Day-to-day and short-term variabilities
in the equatorial plasma bubble/spread F irregularity seeding and

@ Hodaka Kawahata et al.: Perspective on the response of marine
calcifiers to global warming and ocean acidification – Behavior of
corals and foraminifera in a high CO2 world “hot house”.

(2) Latest Articles

@Jiyoung Oh et al.: Impact of stratospheric ozone on the subseasonal
prediction in the southern hemisphere spring.

@ Tira Tadapansawut et al.: Complex rupture process on the conjugate
fault system of the 2014 Mw 6.2 Thailand earthquake.

@ Kazuhiko Ishii et al.: A possible mechanism for spontaneous cyclic
back-arc spreading.

@ Yangting Lin: Enstatite chondrites: condensation and metamorphism
under extremely reducing conditions and contributions to the Earth.

@ Tetsuya Shinozaki et al.: Identifying tsunami traces beyond sandy
tsunami deposits using terrigenous biomarkers: a case study of the
2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami in a coastal pine forest, northern Japan.

@ Shailendra Pratap et al.: The response of the hydrological cycle to
temperature changes in recent and distant climatic history.

#4. What’s New

(1) Event Information
*Events may be canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.
Please check the event website for the latest information.

GeoSciEd IX 2022
Date: Aug 21 – 25, 2022

(2) Career Opportunity

The University of Tokyo, Faculty Position in Solid Earth Science
[Application deadline: JUN/15/2022]

Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researcher in Environmental Geochemical
Cycle Research Group, Earth Surface System Research Center, JAMSTEC
[Application deadline: JUN/15/2022]

Public call for postdoc fellow positions
[Application deadline: JUL/01/2022]

Tenured associate professor position of Institute for Planetary Materials
[Application deadline: JUL/01/2022]

Recruitment of Postdoctoral Researcher in Earth Surface System Research
[Application deadline: JUL/08/2022]

Associate Professor Position Announcement Department of Earth Resources
Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University
[Application deadline: JUL/15/2022]

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute(JASRI)Research Scientist
[Application deadline: JUL/20/2022]

The University of Tokyo Faculty Position in Earth and Planetary System Science |
One position at the Assistant Professor level |
Formation and evolution of planetary systems
[Application deadline: JUL/25/2022]

The University of Tokyo Faculty Position in Earth and Planetary System Science |
One position at the Assistant Professor level | Dynamics of the Earth system
[Application deadline: JUL/25/2022]

Assistant Professor Position in the Center for Advanced Marine Core
Research, Kochi University
[Application deadline: JUL/29/2022]

Recruitment of Senior Researcher or Researcher (Ⅱ) in Volcanoes and
Earth’s Interior Research Center (VERC), JAMSTEC
[Application deadline: OCT/31/2022]

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